December 26, 2008

Cherry Blossoms

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New Year’s just around the corner and I haven’t decided on my New Year’s resolution yet. Let’s list out some options, shall we?
Get all passes on term examinations
Get a minimum 2 ‘C’s and 1 ‘B’ for my a’ level
Get my car license
Get a tattoo
Starts smoking
Get hooked on drugs

I think I’d better stick to option number 3. Safest thing to do, no? Coz I couldn’t even guarantee myself that I’d get results like option 2. haha.. Anyways, I’m not a really big fan of New Year’s resolutions so to hell with that. I guess I’ll just go with the flow and we’ll see where it finally decides to take me.

However, I would like to meet and get to know more people. I guess I’m at a phase right now where I’d always browse through my contact list and end up realizing that I have no idea who I’m looking for. So yeah, its definitely time for me to socialize.

Just another few more days to go before 2009 come ringing on my doorbell. I’m anxious, excited, afraid, thrilled, upset and worried. I haven’t even completed my 2008 Maths homework yet! Ms.Tor’s gonna kill me, I can bet you that. I have this very bad feeling forming in the pit of my stomach. T.T

This reminds me… I’m gonna be 18 next year. No one will ever mock me with those stupid under-age jokes again. I’ll be free!!

December 22, 2008

Twilight critics

The movie twilight is... amazing. xD thats my 1st impression of it. But once my adrenaline rush slows down after the movie, i noticed that it has, in fact, many flaws. Eventhough it was my 1st time watching the movie, i caught a few NGs by the actors and actresses. Also, i couldn't feel the chemistry between Edward and Bella. The whole movie's just tense and awkward.

However, i think it'd improve in the following sequel, New moon, which is bound to be released in November 09. The guy who stars as Prince Caspian in Narnia is gonna be in New moon. Yay~

I think my grammar today is very broken. -.-''

Anyhoos, eventhough Twilight's premiere is like more than a week ago, they still use cinema no.1 at the mall and its still packed! =D isn't that sweet?? aww... haha... even movies like 'Yes man' by Jim carrey has moved on to smaller cinemas. (Talking crap again, sorry xP)

Hmmm... i don't really have any plans nowadays. i did go to Tutong just now though. And its damn boring. its like going to some kedai runcit. ughh =.= so i'd watch movies everyday and now, astro's my new bestfriend. =D Oyeah, i noticed that chinese movies kinda suck. haha.. esp from Taiwan.. or Malaysia.. or Singapore.. and Hongkong too. Now i'd just stick to western and Korean movies. I think its healthier for me that way. coz i won't choke.. or burst out laughing... (nothing good comes out of it, believe me -.-) or roll my eyes. My sis told me that someday my eyes are gonna malfunction and it won't roll back down coz i roll 'em too much. +.+ Ah well, only time will tell. TOUCHWOOD!! xD haha..

December 18, 2008

Yesterday’s gathering was quite fun actually. The swimming pool’s the best. xD We played so much it got really noisy and the neighbours started complaining. Haha… Anyways, the pics are at Jim’s. Its too bad that many couldn’t make it. Lemme see who goes: Zaf, Me, Fatin, Es, Lely, Ajim, Zu, Pjah, Hasnan, Amin, Syeeda, Syamsi and Farah. Hm… I think that’s about it. =D Although, If I’m not mistaken, Farah’s the only one who didn’t get wet. =.= I finally learnt how to swim too wahahaha… but if I had to swim for more than 10seconds, I’ll drown. -_-“ Not yet pro wa haha… Sigh

Syeeda gave me some spoiler in ‘Breaking Dawn’. I was devastated when she told me what’s gonna happen and I immediately regret reading ‘Twilight’. T.T Mommyyy….. Why is this happening??? I think I’ll just stick to British authors after this. Actually, If Twilight is compared to Harry Potter, I think the plot in Harry Potter is better coz obviously, J.K.Rowling planned for about a decade before actually writing the book. There’s always something interesting happening in every chapter and I can’t say that it’s the same with Twilight. I noticed that ‘the big thing’ always happens at the very end of the book and before that, just records of everyday life with Edward.

But who cares, right? Edward’s a vampire and I bet lotsa people are intrigued with that fact alone. Enough to make them read about Bella’s everyday life as long as it include Edward. Or Jacob, the werewolf. And why the hell am I contradicting myself here??? Sigh… Oh yeah, I like Jacob too. Hehehee… (evil laugh)

Taylor Lautner a.k.a. Jacob
Omygod, he's younger than me! xD

December 15, 2008

Me, Sharon, Shala and Afung went to Bandar yesterday. I’ve bought ‘Eclipse’ and I’ve just finish reading it a few mins ago. Next target: Breaking dawn…Hohohoho =D Eventhough the movie ‘Twilight’ is already out, we didn’t watch that one…=( Coz I already plan to watch it this Saturday or Sunday with Fatin and Sharon’s friend, Yus. Instead, we watched …..

Yeap. The day the earth stood still. Amazingly, Keanu Reeves still looks hot, eventhough he’s kinda old already. Haha… and he’s impressive with all the powers and super strength. Overall, I’d give it 8/10. And the week before we watched the cartoon ‘Bolt’.

As expected, the cartoon’s entertaining and funny though I gave it a solid 7/10. =D I think Wall.e is one of the sweetest cartoons I’ve ever watched… Anyhoos, I’m so looking forward to ‘Twilight’. Sigh….

By the way, I watched Robert Pattinson a.k.a Edward on TRL today. He’s so cute!!!! Incredulously shy too xD wahahahaha I can’t help screaming along with the other fans on TRL…=P the only thing is I’m a few weeks late and I’m in Brunei -_-“ But who cares??!?

Aw.... He's so hot! =D

December 13, 2008

Tagged by Shala

1. What’s the relationship between you and her/him?
My sis

2. Your 5 impressions towards her/him?
Generous, helpful sometimes (other times useless), blabbermouth -_-", annoying sometimes. What to do, my sis bah.

3. The most memorable things she/he have said to you.
Trust me, You don't wanna know.

4. The most memorable things she/he had done for you
Hit my leg with a can till my toenail broke and blood started splurting out. Some sister =.=

5. If she/he becomes your lover, you will:
You sicko

6. If she/he becomes your enemy, you will:
Sister = enemy

7. If she/he becomes your love, she/he has to improve on

8. If she/he becomes your enemy, the reason is
she's my sis. Man, these questions are repeating itself. What the hell do you want ?!

9. The most desirable thing to do on him/her is
Attack her from behind.

10. The overall impression of him/her is

11. How do you think the people around you feel about you?
Ask them.

12. The characteristic that you think you have, is
Stubborn like hell

13. On the contrary, the characteristic you hate of yourself is

14. The most ideal person that you want to be is
Robert Pattinson's Girlfriend! Muahahaha what am i thinking anyways T.T

15. For the people who care about you and like you, say something about them?
Thanx man

16. 10 people you tag:
Don't wanna tag ppl liao

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1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning

2. Each player answers the questions about themselves

3. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names

Starting time : 11.03pm

Name : Shely

Sisters : 2

Brothers : 1

Shoe size : 7

Height : 153cm

Have you ever been on a plane : Nop

Swam in the ocean : Nah

Fallen asleep at school : Only a hundred times

Broken someone’s heart : Yesh

Fell off your chair : Yah xD

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : Got lotsa better things to do than THAT!

Saved e-mails : All the time man

What is your room like : Like someone just splashed melted chocolate on the walls

What's right beside you: My baby SE =D

What is the last thing you ate : Bi Hoon soup

Ever had... Chicken pox : Yeah, when I was in primary 3. Good times, good times. =)

Sore throat : Duh~

Broken nose : Nope

Do you Believe in love at first sight : I wish I don’t but I do

Like picnics : Depends on who I was picnicking with

Who was/were... The last person you danced with : Kaeli

Last made you smile : A funny chatter =P

You last yelled at : My brother. No big, I yelled at him everyday anyways. Its our family tradition =D

Today did you... Talk to someone you like : Lemme see.. nope, don’t think so

Kissed anyone : Nope

Get sick : Nah

Talk to an ex : Nope

Miss someone : Yah, but I don’t know who =P

Who do you really hate: Duh~ as if I’d tell

Do you like your hand-writing : Sometimes only

Are your toe nails painted : Nop

Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : My sis’s

What color shirt are you wearing now : Pink

Are you a friendly person : I try to be

Do you have any pets : An old dog

Do you sleep with the TV on : When the movie’s like shit

What are you doing right now : Listening to songs

Can you handle the truth : I don’t think so. I expect it to be given to me in the first place

Are you closer to your mother or father : Daddie

Do you eat healthy : Only when I’m in healthy mode

Do you still have pictures of you & your ex : Nah… whatever for??

If you’re having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to : My diary =D

Are you loud or quiet most of the time : Most of the time… loud =P

Are you confident : Depends on what you’re talking about

5 things I was doing 10 years ago

1) Studying in primary two

2) Cheated on my spelling test and got caught by the teacher

3) Played with the girl who sat beside me too much that the teacher had to change our seats

4) Used to be best friends with this Chinese-Pilipino girl, Shelley Joyce and her mum would tapau kolomee for us xD

5) Played robots and shooting(using our lame pencil boxes) with this boy who sat beside me, Tony

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire

1) Buy houses

2) Buy cars

3) Splurge the money on luxuries for my family

4) Splurge the money on myself

5) Go operation (Wtf hahaha)

5 of my bad habits
1) Lazzyyy

2) Stubborn

3) Possesive of my things

4) Hate homeworks (I should love them. Ew!)

5) Laugh and talk too loud sometimes =X

5 places I am living

1) My home (x 5)

5 people I tag


2) Whoever who wanna do this thing.

I'm a survivor! huahahaha... =D

The activites that we did in temburong are... in a word, tough. Now that i'm in my bedroom, safe from all those brutal activites, i took a step backward and observed myself.

i noticed that i've got:
6 bruises on both my arms and legs (blueblack thingy)
4 boils
multiple muscle joints aches
unbalanced skin tone
back pain
skinned finger
a bump on my head (the result of hitting my head on things esp. water faucets and doors -.-'')

on the other hand, we did a lot of activities like swimming, kayaking (or canoeing... dunno which one =D) which roughly takes bout 2hrs, learning how to stay afloat in the river, hiking (which took us about 5hrs before reaching our camp site), camping which sucks much coz we can't bath, no clean water. plus our 'toilet' is a 4-feet hole in the ground T.T Others include the flying fox (it was awesome!) and a 3km morning jog.

Luckily, our group instructor is a really friendly and easy going guy... which makes the whole thing a lot easier for us. and the teacher who was with us is not that freakin' biatch haha... she actually made one of the students cry. See? told you she's mean. Everyone's actually thinking bout pushing her into the sea... haha.. i know. Sweet, right? =D

Overall, i can't say that i regret going coz i made a lot of 'new' friends xD not exactly newlah, but you know what i mean. =) so now, i'm looking forward to swimming later (i hope i could go!), then going bandar tomorrow... (wanna buy the twilight trilogy: eclipse muahahaha =D) and zafy's party on monday. WOHOO~

December 9, 2008

The dread

today's the day. T.T i really don't wanna go!! many of my friends told me to take some pix back but i'm not really the type to take any pics or whatever. but i'll try. T.T

wish me luck!

December 6, 2008


I was wondering when will the movie 'twilight' start showing the cinemas. Although the shops had already started to sell the dvd, I wanna watch it in the cinema xD isky wa... hee i heard that in some other country, the premiere is on March 2009. -.-''

I just realised that i'm going to temburong next tuesday. and i haven't bought most of the things yet T.T ah well... maybe tomorrow. xD Just don't let me team up with the oh-so-funny teacher and i'll be fine. i really don't know what i'll do if that happens. =.=

plus, the damn teacher told us that we'll be sleeping in the forest on the 2nd day at the last minute during the meeting. wtf man.. didn't even tell us earlier. And we'd be using sleeping bags which had been used by how many hundreds of people. dammit.

December 3, 2008

Scorching day

I just came back from school from this meeting for the fcukin' trip. Anyways, we got our shirt already... and when i see that teacher, I suddenly have the urge to stab something. Yeah, it's that exxagerated. I wonder what makes her wanna be a school teacher. She certainly does not seem to fit the job. She acted like a kid, mocking and being sarcastic. Ha-ha-ha- yah. you're so so funny.


Where can I buy this shirt???? xD

December 2, 2008

A day out with hyper girl

I woke up really early today. at 7am when i received a message from a hyper girl asking me to wake up and take a shower. I'm actually got annoyed coz someone actually dare to disturb my much needed beauty sleep after crashing at 3am yesterday.

Anyways, i got ready and she picked me up with her parents. We went to KB foodstall first. Saw a few smsaians... then baru we go kaikai... Then we saw a few basketball players who are commonly sighted at the bbl court. i didn't notice that they were actually very very tall...xD

After that we went to seria with another friend and we went to the arcade. i thought it was small but as it turns out, it wasn't that small. quite big actually. It was kinda silly coz its my first time playing the shooting thingy and all these monsters were attacking. I screamed like hell man. hahaha so ridiculous... even outsiders looked inside T.T we played the basketball thingy too... I got like 56points, hyper girl 94 points and her friend got 160+ points. -_-" i know i suck haha T.T

Then her mum come pick us with.... my long lost friend, xiao ching!!! hohoho... then we went back to hyper girl's home... i left early though xD

By the way, the girl in the yellow shirt is hyper girl =P... bully people one -_-"
And the girl she's hitting, xiao ching ^^

November 30, 2008

I remembered saying that I’m going to post the before and after pictures of my bedroom. I think it looked much better now =P



Here’s some other pictures that I took…

Me and kaeli at the party

Plaza sutera biru

There are hundreds of photos taken during the party by tons of people in facebook… So I don’t think I need to elaborate any longer. xD

Anyhoos, there’s another Temburong trip meeting next Wednesday. I now officially announce that I regret making this decision. =P haiyah, so many forms to complete, things to buy, errands to run and time to waste. See? Nothing good comes out of it. -_-“ Plus, I bet that the jungle won’t impress me. I practically live in the jungle anyway. Except for the monkeys I think… I’m kinda afraid of monkeys haha… and snakes… and crocodiles… and leeches… and frogs… and big insects… T.T God, give me strength… *breaks down and cry*

I heard that the movie ‘Quarantine’ is very scary =D I always liked zombie movies…hehee wanna watch it la… not to mention Madagascar2 too..

Ugly picture

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1. Take a recent picture of yourself or take a picture of yourself right now

2. Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture

3. Post that picture with NO editing

4. Post these instruction with your picture

5. Tag 5 people to do this

wa... by the way, that's my new pyjamas hohoho =D
Lazy to tag ppl...

November 28, 2008


I just came back from the end-of-year party. its quite fun although its kinda wierd that every game must have at least a boy and a girl. but overall, not bad.

to cut it short, me, kaeli and ame wrapped cavan in a game. kinda like the little red riding hood, except the fact that he can't walk. we didn't win though, this guy who had a sexy paper-made hat and clothes won. and we all danced, a lot.

today might as well be an ordinary day to some people. but i know that certain people might think of today as 'special' lol... and i'm here to say that i'm happy for whoever that is. and just what the hell am i talking about? crap.

sorry ah, i didn't take any photos tonight coz i really wanna enjoy myself. its not like i can post pictures anyway. i know my blog's very boring. sorry!

I guess its time to hit the bed. goodnight peeps.

November 24, 2008

Far far away

I finally went for the medical checkup a few days ago and i considered myself quite lucky coz my eyes and ears aren't checked.. unlike some of us... tee hee =P and i didn't get any injection too.. coz i was already given an injection of the 'tetanus immunization' when i was 5. -.-'' i didn't know i was well prepared. huahahaha... xP

I tried for the conch piercing last sunday at kb. i'm sorry to say that it didn't work. coz the pierce gun couldn't reach the area needed for it to be called a conch piercing. sigh... so i did it in a typical area. i think the conch piercing will be my last ear piercing. dont wanna have too much. after that, perhaps i'll hunt for another type of needle to pierce through my skin... tattoo. hohoho... This better be fun! =D

I guess i'll be going to school on wed for the briefing on 'how to stay alive in temburong' by the OBBD. hmm.... maybe i should go early to avoid some chores..xD

Oyeah, i've finished watching supernatural S3 and i can't wait for S4!! i can't believe they let dean.... ehem, spoiler. anyways, i wanna watch S4!! x.X Gossip girl S2 too...

watched bbl tonight... don't remember the team's name but tumasek's coach was playing in the team i support and he's damn funny. xD Both team's quite tough, which makes it an interesting match to watch. i hate it most when both teams sucks. so boring. not that i'm good or what...

November 19, 2008

itsy bitsy

I think i'm going for a checkup tomorrow at seria with ame and nyetchee. This trip to temburong thingy has brought me nothing so far... unless u mean trouble, inconvenience and cost. sigh. it better be worth it. -.-''

Oyeah, ive been watching gossip girl recently... hehe... so nice oh, can say its one of my favourite. the bitchy people, innocent people and not to mention the hot people... very very interesting. =D haha... the plot is good too. Sharon bought supernatural dvd yesterday. finally, man! ive been waiting for years lol... sam... sigh...<3s... haha

I started to play this game again, goldensun2: the lost age. i know it aint the latest game around but i like it. thanx, siong! for lending me ur pendrive twice just coz i dont geddit the 1st time. you just made my holidays brighter! xD Huahahaha... so many things to do, so little time. which is kinda why i didn't do my maths homework. and dont forget the dance classes everyday.

about that, at first i thought that dance class is totally fun. but now that i'm going there everyday, it feels kinda boring. you know the feeling when its about time u have to attend tuition class? the dread? yeah.. kinda like that. like im going to tuition or what. haha..

November 15, 2008

Roger.... why??!

Going bandar tomorrow. i wanna go early though.. around 1.30pm but i have GP class till 1.30pm. which means... i have to escape that class! i know i know, no big deal right? its just GP and its not exactly the most important subject in Alevel. But the embarassing thing is, i've never skipped class before. ever. hell, i skipped lots of important events coz i don't wanna skip class. (snorts) what a loser. -.-'' but hey, i'll do it alright. next time. maybe. T.T

I think i ought to (wow.. ought to... never used that word before haha sakai xD) list down what i'm supposed to bring to the creepiest jungle in brunei. come to think of it, i don't know what i've gotten myself into. stupid! i'll try it here.

1. torchlight, in case i freak out at night.
2. pillows. i don't even know if they'd allow it or not.
3. candies. can't live without em.
4. umbrella. don't know what for, just in case.
5. penknife or cutter. safety in case i got attacked by bears or kidnapped by hunters.
6. snacks, for hungerpangs during the night.
7. matches and candles, for blackouts.
8. true singapore ghost stories, for bedtime stories.

and the rest are history. man... this is gonna be tough, like testing my survival skills. =P

(Tennis talk alert...)
I can't believe Roger Federer lost to Andy Murray! but i can't blame him coz his back hurt and its very torturing to see him torture himself in court. its obvious that Andy had the advantage here. no fair! =.=

November 13, 2008

Icienso y vela

Stomach's doing summersaults...
Leg's aching like hell...

Dance classes were sizzlin' recently. Me and kaeli thought it'd be fun if we booked the night classes for ourselves.. muahahaha its like we can choose whatever music we like and the dance tutor will be the choreographer and she'll make up some moves for us. Then we'd have a complete song and a complete dance for it. Much much easier than having to choreograph for ourselves.

if u don't watch tennis, you can stop reading.

Roger won! xD He's damn lucky coz stepanek wasn't using his own racquet, socks and even contact lenses! lol... i kinda feel sorry for him though, coz he's vacationing at Thailand when he got the call. ah well, i guess one should always expect the unexpected. The way i see it, i think roger ain't playing his top game. i know he could do so much better. dunno lah.. i don't think i'll ever understand.

November 11, 2008

Floating~ sigh...

Akay, i think i'm nearly finished with my to-do list. Lets see...

1. Clean my wardrobe (CHECK)
2. Clean my cupboard (CHECK)
3. Clean sharon's room (half a CHECK)
4. Clean shala's room (half a CHECK)
5. Do the laundry.

hmm.. so far so good. Oyeah, i heard the trip to temburong costs around $75, but its not confirmed yet coz our school might decide to subsidise too. it would be from the 8th to 10th december. I've never really been to such remote places so i have no idea what i should bring. T.T

Having maths extraclass for my 3-days break. Nooo!! -.-'' 2hrs of puremathematics torture for 3days in a row. sad, huh?

Guess what? Roger federer lost to Gilles simon! again! T.T why oh why is he doing this to me... sigh.. oh well, i still support him though xD

November 8, 2008

Liar liar

Hmm.. i can actually taste the freedom.. and its sweet! yeap, my final exam's finally over! (applause, applause...) hm.. what am i gonna do? what am i gonna do? xD hehee Let's see..

1. Clean my wardrobe
2. Clean my cupboard
3. Clean sharon's room
4. Clean shala's room
5. Do the laundry

okay, i don't want a holiday no more.

Man... what a sucky holiday. Anyways, i gotta do what i gotta do. I think i'll start later.. no.. tomorrow. Definately tomorrow.

November 6, 2008

Guilty as charged

Okay, i have a confession to make here. i may not be as innocent as some people thought i may be . Although my main mistake might be giving people wrong first impressions. Well, i don't think there's a chance for a second first impression, is there? Really, really sorry. I noticed that i'm very rude and thoughtless. And the worst thing is, i know that you're still mad at me. believe me, knowing that someone or anyone hates you sucked big time. (wince) sorry!

I've been going through a lot of wierd and mixed emotions lately and it's starting to freak me out a little. The things that people say, what they do.. surprised me everytime. People do wierd things and say strange stuff that i just couldn't process in my head. It makes no sense at all. i'm so confused and now all i want is to crawl back into my shell and just stay away from people for a while.

By the way, i missed my friends.. =(
To ying: if only ure here, i wanna talk to you. just like the old times before bedtime. =) maybe i'll write to u again soon..

November 5, 2008

Thirst of greed

I want a wall clock.
I want a rubbish bin.
I want a cd player.
I want to get all credits on my exam.
I want a laptop.

I need a 3-inches 'killer' heel.
I need a tattoo.
I need money.
I need bracelets.
I need 'killer' hair.
I need roger federer to win the masters series.

November 3, 2008

Jia you!

Been kinda busy recently.. Cat the bedroom.. hehee xD dark and light brown. Will definately post some pix soon.

Me, sharon, shala, afung, and one kaypo old friend, kiong -.-'' went to tutong yesterday coz i wanna buy some new stuff for the bedroom. There's lotss that i would love to buy but i dont want my dad slaying my head off. T.T so anyway, we went back home and continue adding the design.. and once again, one kaypo ppl take the brush and start to cat like some expert. but so ugly. T.T ruin my bedroom only.

I wanna thank some people here:
Sharon- for buying me stuff and helping around. (i know u actually lazy help de XP)
Shala- for carrying the heavy stuff and giving wierd opinions lol
A Fung(koko. ew, this is wierd lol)- for helping to cat, very nice, i like. =D and oso allowing me to become the lamp post.. hee paiseh xD

and lastly i wanna thank...
MYSELF! huahahaha i'm the best foreman. xD

November 1, 2008

Fail to plan, plan to fail

I'm so easily distracted. Each little things i see distract me from what's in front of my eyes.

I hope there's still enough tickets for me for ccms's promnight... i heard only around 100 tickets are sold but the bands already used up 20 of em. sigh.. well, its not like i'm from ccms but some of my friends are going... so.... haha u know la the rest of the story. However, i do think the school seems pretty fun. way better than my LAME ex-school. i still hate it.

By the way, i'm getting my bedroom back! i've been waiting for this day to come and after 8 long years, i succeeded! (aplause, aplause. thank u xD) Anyway, my mum told me i could give it a brand new colour. 2new colours actually. Also, i have my own bathroom. And its the 2nd biggest in my home. Why do i sound like a 5-year old kid show-offing? -.-'' whatever, thats not the point. The point is, i'm getting my room back! I'm so gonna pimp it huahahaha xD

October 30, 2008

La stress

GP 1 and 2 plus Maths p1 on wednesday and B.studies2 today. Real tough. And i still watch the drama 'Monk' everyday.. T.T

My skin is really dry nowadays and i feel like i'm a snake or something. you know, the shedding of skin and all. its very annoying indeed. And i've been using a lot of the word 'indeed' these few days. I hope i'll return to feeling like a human soon. Alrighty, i guess i'm gonna hit the books now... zzzz =.=

October 27, 2008

you're driving me nuts

I've had a lot of PSs recently. Set 2,3 and 5. like 3 hours gone. I'm usually at the library, trying to get my fingers and toenails frostbitten. Its so cold and to make it worse, its raining everyday. Yeah, i know the exam's just round the corner but God need not add the dramatic effects for us. T.T But i do like gloomy weather, thank you very much. =)

I recently converted around 100 songs into mp3s and most of them are very nice. Lucky me! xD and oyeah, its confirmed. I'm going to temburong! yay... come on, can i get a 'whoo whoo'?? whatever. so yeah... please let it be fun. The last thing i need is a shitty holiday. -.-''

P.S.: If u keep acting that way, ure gonna lose all ur frens one day. And i can't wait for that day to arrive. YL.

Oh, and by the way, i'm finally getting my room back! YEEEEHAAW~ xP

October 26, 2008

Over and out

I've got like more than 10movies waiting for me and also gossipgirls s1, monk s1 and s2 in line. So many movies, so little time.

Anyways, went to bandar just now. sampat lgi tu... xD thanx for buying stuffs for me btw (sharn n shla) hehee... next time we try the yam gelato ah =D

Basketball matches all over again. but this time are all companies associated with BSP. i dont think i'm gonna watch it though... exam... darn.

Hopefully i'll get to go temburung this december (the environmental club's activities or something). its only a 3day trip and OGDC sponsored us. well, kinda. luckee...wohoo! i'm still not sure if i'm going..


October 24, 2008


I really need to learn how to be patient.

Breathe in...

Breathe out...

And i don't even know if i've spelt it correctly or not.

October 21, 2008


Its been a while since i last read people's blogs. so i started doing it again, smiling occasionally at the silly jokes my friends wrote. And then i saw it, after several blog hoppings later...


Interesting, huh? Apparently someone really hates the pjn hostel. Well, its not like we have a choice right? I mean, we can't choose the MKJB hostel instead.. Good thing i'm not staying there. My dad actually told me to stay there but obviously i refused, thinking that that hostel probably sucks anyway. (just what i heard from many ex-hostellites). I was right.

Its true though. I mean we can bring laptops, but not mobile phones. whats the difference? Okay, i better not elaborate my point of view. just in case. =D

Anyhows, i just wanna say that i'm proud of whoever opened that blog. It must have taken lotsa guts. xD or maybe none. lol. anger makes people do the craziest stuff, huh?

October 20, 2008

All for one and one for all

I watched the movie 'The man in the iron mask' last night. its a very touching story, eventhough its quite old. The movie was made in 1998 starring Leonardo Di Caprio. Hugh Laurie also starred in that movie, but his character was executed. xD Anyway, as u all know, its based on a real story. A legend actually... and i'm still wondering who he really is.

We 'celebrated' sharon's birthday too.. although her actual birthday is on tomorrow... The cake is custard cake. not bad at all. but i like yam one.. =D

I had a horrible dream last night. i think its coz i have a test today later and i haven't studied for it. at all. anyways i dreamt that i was gonna take that test and i totally forgot bout it. i even came late to class when everyone's halfway from finishing. i remember reading the paper and i have no idea what its talking about. like not english saja.. haha then the teacher saw me and scolded me for what i did on my paper. then i look back at it and there it was: a naruto cartoon that i 'drew' on the paper. -.-'' i was like how the hell did it get there!? worst dream ever T.T

October 16, 2008

What comes around goes around

Its raining cats and dogs right now. Like it has never rain before..

We had our first environmental club meeting just now in the afternoon and i'm surprised to see that quite many of the pre-u1s came. Its a good thing that there would be a Temburung trip for the members, its a good start for the club. Plus the fact that its partially subsidised by the government. not bad, not bad. But pleaseee don't let the t-shirt be white! T.T make it at least grey or something else la... xD

I heard that the warden at hostel threw a fcuking chair at my friend. i was like,'WTF?!?' when i first heard of it. And you know what the lame reason is?- the secondary students started rumours about pre-u students bringing hp to the hostel. SEKADAR. i mean, even if its true, why throw a chair? why dont the warden just throw herself at my friend. coz i believe thats what she wishes to do. ugh damn... im so ticked off. My friend wanted to complain and i totally support her. to hell with that woman who resorts to violence with students.

I actually have plans to go syeeda and zu's home. but i think i won't be going.. sorry girls.. oh yeah, kaeli too.. i Really wanna watch tumasek play against limbang players (talking bout bbl, as usual) but i have other plans.

P.S.: win the match, tumasek. muahahaha xD luub ur team!

October 13, 2008

what the ?!@


Today is pure torture for me. I went to nem fitness for some classes and we continued on through to the next class...yoga. -_-" well, at first i thought it was gonna be fun. Yoga, as we all know, is for the relaxation of our body and mind. something like that la. But the yoga today... wasai.. so far from all the bullshit i heard before. This yoga class makes me feel like i'm in a circus and is actually barked around to bend my body where its not suppose to bend. So doomed.And now i feel like all my veins putus already.
=.= whoever says its relaxing deserves a whack in the head.

I mean something like this. =P

Dreadin' tha mathafacka

There's like approximately 1 more week before the final exams. omygod.

must write it down to make me realise how critical time is. i especially dread b.stu and eco. i'm totally blank at eco, esp for the last few chapters. all crap to my mind. -.- i'm lost at b.stu too, coz no teacher teach and i dunno how to teach myself. damn..

oh yeah, wanna say sorry to my cuzzie for greeting him happy birthday when it wasn't his birthday that day. 10th of november is kinda confusing with 11th of october... opps..xD i wasn't the only one though, his friend even surprised him with a pizza and they even tapau ayamku for him. hehee.. =)

October 11, 2008

New freakin haircut =D

Yay!! Finally... okay, lets start my journey for today. After school, sharon picked me up and we went to Helen saloon. Here, i saw Lisa, GerGer and some other smsa gals. I think they're having some kinda function at sutera biru or something. I'm not satisfied actually, with what the hairdresser did to my hair. So we went home. and my mum modified it for me. heheehe =D love the way it looks now~

Looks short huh?

Its actually quite long like this one. xD muahahahaha i'm so clever!


hmm....what else what else... oh yeah, i just sign up for facebook. sorry to say, but i'm not really the type which is very up to date. sighhhh

October 10, 2008

You retard

I heard this amazing song from Jim. its nickelback's 'gotta be somebody'. i like the lyrics. Here's how the chorus goes:

Nobody wants to be the last one there
cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares
someone to love with my life in their hands
There's gotta be somebody for me like that

Cause nobody wants to do it all on their own
And everyone wants to know the night alone
There's somebody else that feels the same somewhere
There's gotta be somebody for me out there

Anyways, went to Zaffy's house today along with Syahida and Lely. Before that i went to syahida's home and after that to Jim's. I like this really cute dessert Zaffy had. Its actually hard but when you eat it, it just melts in your mouth. Sweet! It's the first time i've actually eaten anything like that.. haha.. i know, sakai.

I'm gonna cut my hair tomorrow. I'm so excited! xD unfortunately, my hair turns out like shit half the time whenever i'm done cutting it. I'm still excited though! =D heehee.. it took me quite a long time thinking of this style. Coz apparently someone I knew cut her hair exactly the way i wanted it before. And i don't wanna look like her twin when i stand next to her. So yeah......................zzzz

My cuzzie did some piercings today on both sides of her ear. She's brave. She did 4 piercings, 2 on each side of the ear. Even i had not done anything like that before, in one day that is. Oh well... get well soon dear cuzzie ^^ (I mean your ears, I bet they rock)

October 8, 2008

Back to hell

I've been reading the storybook 'PS I love you' and i have to admit that it's quite good. the movie's great too. oyeah, thanx 4 lending the book to me jim. xD don prasan ah. hehehe (its better than pendragon 4 me hohoho =D).

So yeah. back to school. fuck. haha i mean, its great and all, seeing my friends again. but since we finished the syllabi, all the tests and revisions come to visit. so boring doing those things over and over again. pardon my broken english today. i'm tired...=.=

i heard that the AS students are having their exams next week. Bodidui... you guys are in deep shit. haha actually, i just wanna wish u guys all the best. xD i did plan to take AS too. but for next year's june. so kira i can relax first. Not.

went to my sis's colleague's home for her open house yesterday. she has a pretty home i must say. but i'm a loner there coz apparently, i knew no one. my sis just used me to accompany her but when we reached there.. wasai... didnt even knew i existed. how dare u.. -.-'' hope u can get married someday so i can take ur bedroom. then i modify it nice nice follow my taste. hmmph!! xD

October 6, 2008

A wreak

Its like 1am+ right now and i haven't zzz... as always. can't help it, i'm duing my essay. hehehee.. (innocent laugh) xD aiyah, the teacher bah. then after that do math again... haven't complete though. arrgh i don't care anymore!

Anyways, i went to bandar today. muahahaha.. walao... the traffic jam is like the worst jam ever. from my house here at lumut all the way to china ah. -.-'' okay, maybe not that far. but i think at least to danau there. so long. and i got carsick while we were still in lumut. so fast huh? xP damn... after reach telisai, its the other road which is jammed. teehee... padan muamu. =D but okay oso, coz we get to see new cars.. all those lexus, bmw the people nowadays are driving. not to mention the lengzais and etc(leng mois). =P

Continue my journey... reached bandar after 2hrs+ and another suprise. wasai.. the parking there at jaya si beh many. and its sunday. i think that is coz many ppl were rayaing and open-housing. bought myself some clothing and pumps. so happpie xD and i also bought a hair magazine. im still looking for ideas on what style i wanna cut. hmmm... anyhows, around 7pm we sent shala back to her jail at ubd then went home. reached my comfy comfy bedroom at 8pm+ xD

I hate u, monday.

October 4, 2008

It started out as a feeling

Feeling kinda lazy to blog nowadays...

There's still like, 2 more days before the school reopen and ive still got an essay to finish. Life is a bore..

Btw, PSB lost to SSM by only 1 point. dammit. i was so confident that PSB's gonna win. i saw many smsaians support SSM though. especially some of the seniors. sigh. well, i would have to wait for next year if i wanna watch them play again. The PSB's coach is damn funny though. xD u shoulda seen him during the match. lol. screaming and stuff haha..

Watched sweeney todd just now. man.. singing every few minutes. i'm actually quite dissapointed coz the blood and all the killings are so fakela.. esp when he slit the customer's throat. damn fake. also, the plot of the movie make me 'du lan' only. -.- coz everyone died in the end. sorry for the spoiler, for those of u who haven't watch it. but johnny depp's acting is perfect. as always. xD

September 28, 2008


Angelina Jolie drawn by Shala.

The largest kropok package I've ever seen. Its the size of an indomee box. From Indonesia. =)

This is actually a continuation from the last post below. huhuhu... The weather is nice today. xD

Late night post

Its like 3.11am and I'm here writing this post when i should be snoring.

Well.. my brilliant plan to wake up at 6am didn't go exactly as i expected. My dad woke me up at 8am. -.- hey don't blame me, i did set the alarm. But apparently i turned it off while i was half asleep and went back to sleep. Happens everyday T.T so i basically cooked lunch, showered and got ready all in an hour before leaving at 9am. xD gosh I'm good. haha

Bought some stuff and distributed some food to my cousins for raya. Have i ever mention that my family on my dad's side are mostly muslims? so yeah... Anyway, reached home at 3pm.

And as usual, went to watch bbl at night. only 1 match today. ^yawns^

BTW, i like the movie edward scissorhands by Johnny Depp. He's so adorable in that movie. awww...>.<

September 26, 2008


Someone just pissed me off. And i fcukin' hate it when somebody pisses me off.

Anyways, i can't believe i wrote what i wrote yesterday. T.T I never go berserk like that before in my posts. haha... well, at least i had fun writing it =D

I have to wake up at 6am tomorrow morning. T.T coz i have to cook Lunch. haha.. i know its kinda early but i have to go bandar at 9am again leh... hmm.. lets see.. cooking takes about 1.30hr and getting ready takes also about 1.30hr. cool. i can leave at exactly 9am xD

Something great happened today. Sharon asked (more like demand) me to clean her room. i was like 'No freaking way!' until... she said she'd give me 20bucks for it. And I started cleaning immediately like any good amah would. hehehe xD money has a powerful influence on me. Besides, 20bucks is expensive for cleaning a simple bedroom. Lucky!

I wanna cut my hair la.. but dunno what style would suit me. Gettin damn bored of my hair already.. =.= zzz

September 25, 2008

I want nobody but you

I'm so in love right now!! The bbl team Plaza sutera biru is so sizzlin' hottt!! Watching them play makes me fall in love. I heard that some of the players are from SKS.. the rest, no other than the team members of Tumasek. WOHOOO~ They play really well, as usual and my fav. player is.... wahahahaha secret secret... ^^ he's one of the best player i've seen so far... I LAABB UUU. ^^ huahahahaha!! I think i just cracked.. -.-'' ah well, who cares?? I'm feeling so damn hyper right now!!

Must have been the adrenaline from the game just now...=.=

(Breathes in and out slowly) fuh... haha anyhows, i'm acting way more sane than my dear friend, K___I. LOL. she won't let go of my arm. (Was actually daydreaming that my arm was someone else's -.-'') hahaha all become sot sot liao after the game xP Today is a happppie day for me =D

Anyways, i'm so addicted to this particular song from wondergirls. The title is nobody. And my heading today is part of its lyrics. Oh i love that song.. xD

P.S. : I LAAABB UU No. (Number missing) of PSB. muahahahaha (cackling away)

September 22, 2008

Stupid shit

I wanna have this piercing in my ear and I’m so craving for it now. T.T Hopefully I’ll get to do it sooner than I think. =D eheehee… I’ve been thinking about it for months actually but I didn’t do it coz something came up and bla bla… Anyway, the piercing is called an inner ‘Conch piercing’. I bet there are lots of you out there who did it already. It’s pretty common actually. The one Kaeli wanna do is also a common one which is growing with popularity nowadays. The ‘Tragus piercing'.

Inner Conch piercing

The Tragus piercing

Anyhows, this photo below is taken when Shala came back from UBD. Someone tied her up and tortured her during her stay at the hostel.

Freaky huh? Actually, this is what happens to amateurs who try to play volleyball like a pro. =P

DIY mobile stand. =D

Like whoa

Why oh why?!? T.T There's only 1 bbl match today. sigh.. apparently the other philippino team who got into a fight in thursday did not appear tonight. So the commitee claimed that their opponent won. a.k.a. tumasek team. i dunno what their team's name is but who cares, they've won. without even lifting a finger. cool huh? =D

Its too bad i wasn't there to watch the fight. I heard that these 'gangstas' even brought their parangs with them to the court and a guy got hurt. something like that lah.. sigh.. i just hope that what they did wouldn't be taken as an excuse not to have bbl matches there anymore. And whoever fight with parangs anymore?!

Recently I had a lot of funny dreams. A few nights ago i dreamt that i was smoking. In real life i never smoke. (duh!) Anyways, I was puffing away like some expert when i was suddenly like, 'WTF?! am i fcuking smoking?? SHIT!! haha... wierd dream. I had another dream just now in the afternoon (taking a nap coz there's not enough oxygen in my room) and i was a dancer together with the Kardashian sisters. haha.. damn stupid. -.-''

September 19, 2008

MI theme song

I finally watched Mission impossible 2 & 3 last night. Its pure torture really. I got so bored i had to pause the movie for breaks before continuing. National treasure is so much better. Oyeah, i watced P.S. I love you also... so kasian T.T but really meaningful.. and Gerard Butler is so hot... muahahahaha =D I didn't know the guy from supernatural (Sam and Dean's dad) stars in that movie too. He look so youthful hehee =P

Anyways, i think the next movie on my 'to-watch' list would be 'The Librarian', 1 & 2. And also this korean movie starring So-Hee from wondergirls. She's only 16! young still rupanya... XD

(Blabbering about bbl again) I still can't believe Soon Lee lost to SMSA students 2days ago. Its a great match though. You can actually see the skills they projected on the court during the match. Amazing! =D

September 15, 2008


I'm just gonna post something short today. *yawns* I've made my decision. I'm not going to school tomorrow. muahahaha... Coz its only set 2 and set 3. I've got eco in set 2 and PS in set 3... So, what's the point of going all the way to KB from Lumut just for that 50mins class??? Yeah, I know. It's not logical.

By the way, saw this in Ezzati's testpad and I couldn't resist Not taking a pic of it. lol. The girl is so cute.

These are a few of the ones taken at Maria's home.

Sheau Hui and Summer =D

Kaeli, Maria and me

Maria, me, Nicole, Jessyana and Kaeli

Its too bad Xaio Ching couldn't make it. I haven't seen her in months. I think. =P

September 14, 2008


Today's a really busy day for me lol..

i had my maths test and dude.. lemme tell u this; i'm so gonna fcuking flunk it. i didn't study for a bit. Meikei told me she didn't know how to do it too. but i think she'll do well. =D anyways, i smuggled 'The barbie and the dimaond castle' and 'The little mermaid: Ariel's beginning into maths class. Coz there's this pretty girl sitting next to me who loves barbie movies too. just like me! hehe.. Yeah.. Ain.. who else lagi haha =P she seemed excited when she saw the dvds. LOLs. so funny aa her..

Then in Eco class our teacher told us an amazing news. There's a fcuking chance that we'd be going overseas with her at the end of this year! The MOE offered educational trips for eco students this year. And if our school's chosen, we may choose to go to Canada, UK, Australia or New zealand. And the flight tickets will be partially subsidised by the government. But only the top 25 students can go. T.T have to study hard o...

Afta that, went home early.. then pongpong tarus before going to Maria's home with kaeli. jessyana, summer and my new friend, nicole =D is already there. Sheau hui came late.. XD Anyhows, we couldn't finish the food coz there's just to much to eat. =P i'll post the pix some other day.. then we just hung out in maria's bedroom. and we started playing Tarot Cards. Summer's kinda freaked out by the accuracy of the cards. lol overall it was quite cheerful hanging out with the 6 of em. happy people, they are.

And she finally showed me her bellypiercing... its totally WICKED. =D its still in the healing process though.. but still WICKED. haha

we all went home at around 5pm and i follow kaeli straight to her home. Pongpong again.. then go seria watch bbl. Man.. the philippinos are so pro in it. Illango slingers(correct ka? XP) won tonight. The SG.Liang-nians will play against SKS tomorrow. Yeah i know.. they can start packing up their bags already. lol. seriously, SKS won last year man. -.-'' Players from Tumasek will play on next tuesday. can't wait!

Continuing my story... reached home at 10.30pm after watching the bbl match.. ya i know.. early leh. I'm a good girl. Bo pean. lol. Then go pongpong- again. am now pampering myself with a Garnier mask. sigh.. what a day... ^^

September 12, 2008

If I could wish for 1 thing

The holidays are coming soon~ huhuhu.. But I still have to sit for 2 tests: maths test tomorrow and eco test on monday. T.T Noooo.....

A friend, Maria, invited me and Kaeli to her home for some steamboat feasting tomorrow. Which I think is very kind of her cause we've only ever met a few times before. But I still have no idea where she lives though.. =.=" Anyhows, I'm quite looking forward to it =D And perhaps after that we'd watch the bbl match at seria. muahahaha... I wonder who's playing tomorrow.. +_+

I bought a lot of dvds recently and most of em, I noticed, are cartoons. =D A new cartoon came out odi. The Little Mermaid: Ariel's beginning. For those of you who haven't watch it, go watch now!!! Ariel's so cute when she's still young. ^^ Another one is Barbie in The Diamond Castle. The songs there so nice man...

September 9, 2008


Dad’s birthday cake =P

My mum’s looking at the food actually lol

On the way to Chung Hwa

On arrival. Not much people yet that time.

Girls performing a Venezuela dance

My dad singing bleeding love. =P

The guy in the middle really knows how to shake his ass.

Those were all taken last Saturday. This one below is taken on Sunday.

I went to KB to enjoy my ‘Prize’ taken at Chung Hwa and I ordered this one randomly at Moi Nam. It turns out to be Delicious. Lucky me! =D

Took this one yesterday. Someone forgot to turn off the air-con and its so damn cold.

Someone drew this on my desk in the registration room. I think its really cute lol

I guess that’s about it. I always take pictures out of boredom but didn’t I wanna waste it so I hope you guys won’t mind me posting every little boring thing I saw. It’s my blog anyway.

September 5, 2008

Commenting like a stupid expert

Its amazing that there’s no maths homework for us for the last two days. That is so not Ms.Tor’s style. Lol. Anyhows, I’m glad she gave us some time off. Its really tiring when there’s homework to do everyday and even my cousin claimed that he never really see me without my maths textbook in front of me anymore. Sad, huh?

I know that Ms.Joan asked her students to do this little project in GP class for the ‘Peace day’. I saw some of em’ and I must admit some did really great! The drawings are amazing. =D Sigh.. My GP teacher’s Mr.Gavaghan by the way. Dunno how to spell it. As usual, he asks us to do the presentation once we finished copying our stuff about ‘Why study maths’ onto the OHP paper. We actually thought the presentation’s on Saturday so yeah… we’re doomed. After many quiet arguments with my fellow groupies, the 4 of us wobbled to the OHP in front and started presenting/ babbling/ stuttering/ fainting (?). As it turns out, Mr. Gavanghan thought it wasn’t all that bad and he even gave us (or Jim =P) thumbs up! Muahahaha… XP I never knew he knew how to do that. Wow…

I’ve been watching movies nowadays. =D Most of them a re Korean movies though… But I really wanna watch ‘Get smart’. I heard that it’s really funny. For the role of the main character, the guy, dunno his name, the director actually thought of asking Arnold Schwarzenegger to take that role. But obviously he can’t. The movie ‘You don’t mess with the Zohan’ is kinda disappointing for me. Mainly because Adam Sandler is acting as some Israel/Iraq guy or something. Dunno eh.

Feeling kinda excited for tomorrow night. No, I’m not going on a date. I wish! Hahaha… Sigh.. I’m actually going to the hall of Chung Hwa KB for this Cantonese association thingy. It’s like they’re giving away ‘Prizes’ for the students’ hardwork in getting good grades. I barely made it though…T.T lucky me. Hopefully the performance is gonna be fun. My dad’s gonna sing on stage too. =D And nope, he’s not singing ‘Bleeding love’. He’s gonna sing some oldies. Good luck, dad! Jia you! Hehee ^^

Daddy =)

September 3, 2008

Hell of a day

Went to miri yesterday with this girl i know. Kaeli. Yeah, i haven't hung out with her since forever so we go kaikai at miri. I had to wake up at 6am to get my dad's permission. T.T

Anyway, reached miri at around 9am+ and we had our breakfast at 2020. Here, my dear friend saw the last person she ever wanted to see in this whole world. LOL we actually saw this person 3 times at 3 different locations throughout the day. Talk about fate. haha =P

Lih ping ever told me about this tattoo parlor at Parkson. Kaeli actually asked some people where the heck it really is. This girl with a huge tattoo on her leg showed us the way but leh... someone freaked out at the end so we ended up not going. -.-'' We also went to this wine shop or whatever you call it, with her parents. Its actually the first time I've ever been in one. And man.. they sell quite a variety of alcohol. But pricey, they are.

Anyways, reached home at 6pm. So damn tired. Oyeah, and i saw Angela at the custom. The last time i saw her before this was in 2006. And she lives in Seria. And now I'm not even sure if we have ever been friends before. Cause she ends the friendship so abruptly its like it never happened before. But it doesn't make any sense, does it?

August 31, 2008

Yawn @.@

I finished using my next week's allowance at bandar today with sharon, shala and ah fung. we went to giant first coz i wanna try the sizzling mee there. man... it makes me miss seria foodstall's kolomee. for those of you who haven't tried it yet, don't. it kinda stinks real bad too..like the burnt smell.. and too salty.. and dry. -.-'' then we just jalan jalan there.. its so crowded man. coz i think this month's salary is out already.

And the grand sale has started too. The things they sell at Ego is quite cheap, including Bingo. Also very crowded. There are so many groups of people wearing all black. Its like someone just passed away or what. -.-'' I know you guys just wanna look cool and stuff but please la.. black is not the only colour you can choose from. So lame.

Went to chong hock again.. muahahaha each of us bought 5dvds so there's like more than 20+ movies waiting for me right now. Please let the holidays come quicker!

Oh yeah. i was praying that there'd be puasa tomorrow but i guess not coz my dad says that its the first day of the month in the chinese calendar. Did you know that you will not be able to see the moon on the first day of the month in the chinese calendar? I'm not sure why but that's how it goes. so.. yeah. i havent do my maths homework and its already 11.43pm. and i need to hand it in first thing in the morning at school. And i haven't do my GP research. tiu..(walao, until that also come out. =P)

why is my life so screwed up? sigh.. i'm going to bed now. and i pray to god that i'll get a good night's sleep. IF i'm able to sleep. SIGH.. ciao.

August 30, 2008


I'm so happie today!! =)

First of all, I only have one hour of class today. Meaning one set, which is maths. Cool right? muahahaha...

Then we found out we have to change to other set. -_- coz Ms.Karen is going already. But then I found out that I need not change along with my other friends. Plus, my dear old old friend is changing to my set! MeiKei...heh heh heh... U better get ready for Ms. Tor!! She's gonna torture u guys like she did us!

Lol...anyways, went to seria to meet up with Sharon after that. So me, Shala and Sharon started out hunt for mobile phones and we found one decent one. Nokia 6120 which only costs $366. Buy tarus. hahaha Its for our dad by the way. He's turning 50 next saturday. Its a 3g phone and have 1gb. Not bad eh? White colour lagi tu!

Nice huh? looks very 'clean'. lol.

And today, I finally changed my template. I've been trying to change my template for years but my damn PC bah... so... yeah. I guess that's about it haha =D

slash my wrist

I have now an official part-time job. I have one every year during the fasting month. No, there's nothing cool about it coz my job is to help my mum. sew clothes. -.- Eventhough i hate it like hell and dread it every year, i ain't complaining coz this boring job actually pays. muahahaha money money here i come! the more clothes you can sew, the more money you earn. its a good thing i grew up around needles =)

I wanna watch the US open but there's something wrong with the damn astro. dammit. Can't believe that Ivanovic, world number 1 in women's tennis, lost in the second round. Embarassing eh.. I like Nadal quite a lot but I'd like to see Federer climb back to the top spot. =/ Its such a shame he lost in 3 of the 4 grand slams this year. Please please let him win this time. As if that'd help >.<

there'd be no GP class for us tomorrow. yay! means that i can go home at 11am.. hehehe (evil laugh) hopefully there's no assembly. its so ridiculous coz basically, we just went down and stood there in rows for 5minutes and went back upstairs. WTF man??!

August 27, 2008


Went to KB chung hwa last Saturday for this 55th anniversary of Chung Lian School. I heard that the ticket was kinda pricey, about $120 each. I was actually asked to perform there with my dear friends as I’m a member of their association. But you know lah, all those homework and stuff. Anyways, it wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be. I’d be going there again on the 6th of September to claim my “Bonus Price” muahahaha…

I did take a few pictures there… Sorry some of the pix are a blur coz I sat quite far away.

Left to right: Xiao Hui, Chen Vun, Li Voon. Aww… I miss em so much!!

Okay, I have to admit. I only recognize Teck kai from here. =P I think Rudny’s behind him though…

Leng Moi Xiao Hui at the front holding the fan and Kaeli behind. ^^ No idea who the aunties are…

These are the teachers who teach at Chung Lian performing Latin dance. I didn’t know Teresa is one of the teachers!

I know it’s a mess. Taken towards the end of the night.

Me and Shala on that night

Overall it was quite fun as I got to see some of my friends whom I haven seen for quite a while. Since Chinese New Year I think.


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