July 30, 2008

Learn new words!

French kiss- noun- a kiss made with your mouths open and with your tongues touching.
(saw this with my 1st flip of the dictionary =P)

lovelorn- adjective- sad because the person you love does not love you.
(happens to everyone)

maraschino- noun- a sweet alcoholic drink made from a type of black cherry.

mastectomy- noun- a medical operation to remove a breast.
(only 1 breast, huh? that'd be wierd haha)

doppelganger- noun- an imaginary spirit that looks exactly like a living person.

ostentation- noun- when you deliberately try to show how rich or clever you are, in order to make them admire you.

nuzzle- verb- to gently rub or press your nose or head against someone to show you like them.

natter- verb- to talk for a long time about unimportant things.
(kinda like what i do everyday -.-'')

murderess- noun- a woman who murders another person.
(is this necessary?!)

matricide- noun- the crime of murdering your mother.
(wow... i didn't know they had a name for these kinda things.)

man-eater- noun- a woman who people think is frightening because she has many sexual partners.

hoi polloi- noun- an insulting word for ordinary people.
(sounds like oi, palui! lol)

caricature- noun- a funny drawing of someone that makes them look silly.

phantasmagoria- noun- a confused, changing, strange scene, like something from a dream.

parry- verb- to defend yourself against someone who is attacking you by pushing their weapon or hand to one side.

-courtesy of longman dictionary-

July 29, 2008

No school tomorrow

The progress test is around the corner so i guess i won't be blogging soon? nah, doubt that.

Mr. Ayaz told us that he'll be going next week and won't be back till next year. i think.. i'm not sure but i hope that's not true! i don't wanna be left behind on the B.Studies syllabi. damn.. but i'm kinda glad there's no class just now, coz i got to hang out with fatin. if i'm not mistaken, its the first time we hung out during a PS. coz we both have different PS set. oyeah, thanx Ain for the earrings! =D they're very colourful.. nice hehee

i really hate the fact that there's no electricity around the block starting from room 26 to room 32. its so freakin stuffy in there and also freakin hot. but i'm lucky coz i only have to attend 1 lesson there. min hui had to endure 3 lessons without electricity.. she had a great patient heart. Jia you! haha..

someone called me from overseas at 1.07am a few nights ago and i'm still wondering who it is. i was already sleeping like a log that time when it rang. have no idea who it could be as obviously, there's no number displayed. lets just hope its no prank calls. or i'll kick that person's ass.

July 28, 2008

Miss u guys

Today is picture day. =)

I just got some pictures that we took at LLRC from Ajim. Jim, hope you don’t mind me posting a few of ‘em here… =D I stumbled across this picture that me and my friends took last year (or was it the year before?) at ICC. Miss those moments.

Look at the colour of our skirts. They’re so ugly!


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