July 7, 2008

My dad

I just remembered. a few days ago, my dad came to pick me up from school. and you know, we had to use the roundabout when there's this caucasian who's driving really slow and my dad complained: "(in chinese) haiyah!.. who is that? why caucasian also drive so slow?! eiyaa... (then in english) SHIT!" yupp.. my dad said 'shit'. maybe you guys might think that it ain't wierd. but believe me, my dad never said shit before. so it was really funny and i laughed all the way from KB to seria. XD

On the same day, me and my dad talked about these nepalian (not sure if i'm right) or how they say 'ghurka' or something. we talked when my dad said: (in chinese) yalo yalo.. they come here contract 5 years only then they go back ma. where ah? where ah?... this em.. this country... ah! Nipple! ya ya, correct. their country ma, Nipple.. -.-'' maybe i should send my dad to tuition one day. haha =P

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