December 31, 2010

Why, hello there 2011

So here I am. Sitting here typing away like some detective researching for the case of the missing people in the dark with only the desk lamp on...

I wish! haha


Just one more day for you to complete your 2010's new year resolutions. I don't think anyone's gonna make it at this point. lmao there's less than 12 hours left to go... but you can try. ;)

Anyways, I went to the Mall recently and watched Gulliver's Travels 3D. It wasn't that bad though I think I expected too much so that was kinda a let down. =/ I haven't seen the trailer for this movie beforehand so I basically had no idea what this movie is all about before I watched it but it ended up not too bad. Jack Black is awesome.

And here's a mini haul for the day:

There's sales everywhere I go. Face Shop, Etude House, the Face Shop. I actually walked in to Etude House and took some stuff thinking I'll buy them and ended up putting them back. I don't know... I think it's cause I kinda knew I don't need it but it's the feeling of excitement I get for buying stuff that I sometimes buy just for the sake of buying. Wtf I know I'm making no sense but see? I didn't buy them! Strong will, people. HAHHAA

I was in the Body Shop when I realised that I've used up my toner so I fai fai search the store for the cheapest toner I could find and finally got the seaweed one fml

I got the Grow Luscious mascara from Revlon as well coz I will be going back to BSB soon (Booooo) and I really need a new one. Of all the makeup I'm into, mascara's one of the things I'm generally not very interested in. I'll take it as long as it won't leave flakes all over my face and gives my lashes some volume. So hopefully this one works.

I also bought the Revlon Photoready foundation! Finally! I've been wanting to try it out despite watching reviews saying that it's not recommended for oily skin, which I am. But ahh what the heck. Must try what hahahaha

Oh oh! Andddd I saw some really nice nail polishes lately! Etude house and the Face shop in particular carries them. I got 2 which are sparkly and will give off 2 colours depending on your lighting. You know, the one which Orly and MAC sells. The venomous villains collection...



This one's from the Face Shop. But not obvious coz of my lighting. Dammit -____- It's Purple+Green actually

Well, that's all I have to say for now. Catch you guys next year! ;D

P.S.: I'm so glad I've hit the 100,000th mark! Yippie!
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December 24, 2010

The picking up of a brush

Hey guys!

Woah I can't believe it's already Christmas eve! The year is quickly coming to a close and I'm still not quite sure if I have achieved my new year's resolutions earlier this year because... I just didn't bother to check. wtf lol

Anyways I was cleaning my stuff and saw my NYX glitters which I never used. I think I bought those earlier this year or something. I never tried them out coz ahhh... glitters are messy and they get all over your face and shirt so I don't even bother picking them up to use. Then I thought since I wanted to do a blog post why not just try out the glitters, enjoy another camwhoring session then update! Haha 3 in 1! Smart anot?!?


Please bear with me here. lmao.


After foundation and gel blush

Tadah! I have to admit, it looks boring! haha

I used some gold glitters and used vaseline as a base so that they stick. I'm so smart today! wtffff

Close up. Covered my other eye coz the other is mono-lidded and I hate how unbalanced my eyes look!

And my skin broke out when I was in KK! So terrible looking with the spots on my face. As if not ugly enough -____-

And of course, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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December 19, 2010

Trip to KK

Hey guys.

I'm finally back. Phew It's only a week but it felt like yearssss. This post is so gonna be filled with randomness. :P

We actually went to KK and stayed at Le Meridien hotel. Now I haven't really stayed in a lot of hotels before but this one is definitely a pretty awesome hotel!

Complete with a bathtub! Perfecto.

The view from our windows.

Right across our hotel is like a tamu or something and they're at it every single night! Untill very late at night I remembered watching them packing up at 12midnight!

My bedtime story

I think everyone in this world enjoys reading Doraemon. :P

Day 2

Sharon and me

Day 3

Went here to fix my tattoo...

Day 4 or 5... Lost track of the days -__-

Breakfast in bed!

Some of the things that I got. Omg I have no idea Sasa holds theBalm products! Loves.

Shady Lady Palette. Super expensive lor. I think its RM120.

I think overall the trip is pretty okay. KK has at least 7x the shops in comparison to Brunei but it's also more polluted. I've watched people spit and smoke every single day I was there and kids peeing in the drain right beside me. Okay I didn't watch them intentionally. Haha wtf Ladies smoking is also a common sight. And where ever I go I can smell the smoke.

I think the shopping areas that I'd love to go back to are the shops in Warisan square though.. and 1Borneo too. :DD
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December 12, 2010

Before and After

Hey girlies!

I'm actually leaving in half an hour so I thought I could do a quick update. This is what I'm wearing today and I just remembered that I forgot to put on a primer on before my I did my eye makeup!! I've never forgotten to put on a primer before but whatever...Dammit.


Wink fail.

I feel like I look like a guy without makeup HAHA oh well.


The usual lah.

Just had on some neutral eyeshadows from my sleek storm palette and lipstick is from the Body Shop's no. 48 with a slab of etude house's pink peach water gloss. Wow that's a mouthful.

Alrighty, see you in a few!
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December 10, 2010

Makeup I bring for vacation

Hey girls!

Is it just me or am I constantly using 'Hey guys!', 'Hey people!' and all those stuff for the beginning of each and every one of my blog posts? Haha... I don't know how I should begin otherwise. :P

I was actually halfway through packing my stuff for vacation since I will be staying there for about a week and I was going through my makeup drawers and realised, 'Hey, why don't I just blog about this since I have nothing to update anyway...' So here I am. :D

Well I have to tell you, when it comes to packing light I'm not really good at it so I tend to bring a lot more than I needed. I don't know if this is the same with makeup but I think I brought a decent amount since I'll be there for a week anyway.

Here goes... let's start with


Face brushes:
a Kabuki, Stippling brush, Blush brush and Foundation brush

Eye brushes:
Flat shader brush, Flat definer brush, Pencil brush, Smudger brush, Tapered blender, 2 blending and one angled liner

All of them

Face products:
Body Shop highlighter, Foundation, Mineralized foundation for setting my uh... liquid foundation, mineralized blush in Gentle pink, Garnier moisturiser and baby primer potion!

Lip products:
EOS lip balm, 2 Etude house lipgloss: The red one is actually pretty sheer and the pink one is more opaque!, Nyx lipstick and 2 loreal lipsticks

Close up:
NYX in Indian Pink, Middle one is Loreal in Beige Creme and on the right is called Velvet Pink

Swatches in accordance to above.

Eye products:
My fav mascara, brow pencil, Urban Decay 2 in 1 eyeliner, 2 NYX jumbo pencil in Milk and Black bean, NYX pigments in assorted colours :P, Glitter from Face Shop, Brow cake, 2 Glitter liners and of course, the naked palette!

And they all fit in here! :

I wish I could tag other people for this blog post. Jesmine and Miss P, if you are reading this, I tag you guys!!! :PP


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December 6, 2010

Tiger Lim T-shirt and Narnia 3D!

Hey guys.

Now that I'm happily sitting at my desk typing away I am able to tell you the tales of today. I have to say, today is a hell of a day! A day which I don't think I will ever forget coz of some things that happened some of which I will share, and some of which I will not. :P People still need some privacy what.


Anyways, this morning I checked my twitter account and my followers increased by 1. Thankfully I always checked whoever's following me and to my pleasant surprise... It's Chris Garver!! If you've been reading my blog you'd probably (not) remember me blogging about this amazing tattoo artist, Ami James. Well, Chris Garver is also one of the tattoo artists who's working at LoveHate tattoo studio. So that's awesome.


Anywhos, this is probably not a big deal coz they probably followed everyone (?) but still... THIS IS FREAKIN AWESOME TO ME!!

Okay.. continuing with my story... We went up to Bandar and finally reached the mall and I met


If you don't know who the heck is Tiger Lim, shame on you! He's Brunei's No#1 Broken-English Blogger. :D Anyways, we ordered two of his T-shirts and luckily my dad was able to fit the other one (which actually belongs to someone in the UK nyahahaha I hope you don't mind!) which brings us to...

THIS!! HAHA Hardcore TigerLim fans. wtf.
(I was stepping on my dad's foot if you noticed lmao)

The back of the shirt

After that, we went up to the cinema and I saw this cute cardboard thing:

"They can never get my nose right!" lolol

Watched the latest Narnia 3D movie. Hell, I don't even know the complete title of the movie. Just call Narnia 3D lah, not like you know too right. ;P


Peace y'allllllll

Dad and Stephen enjoying themselves.

Omg. It was so packed in the cinema! We were in the first theater which is the biggest yet we sat on the third row from the front! So you can imagine how much I have to stretch my neck for the next couple of hours. It's actually my first 3D experience and it was... kinda weird? Coz the characters pop out but not exactly 'pop' out and the splashing of the waters kinda surprised me a little. haha

I loved the countdown for the movie the most! And when the title of the movie appears! Like it's literally hanging in mid-air. Cool. lolol The movie isn't bad but I loved the first sequel more.

My face of the day. I did a the cat eye thingy and rocked the red lips. (Not really) I love the pin-up look and have been trying to imitate it but it just doesn't work for me coz I'm not skilled and pretty enough. :(

Oh well.

Katherine from TVD. Love the effects they did with the eyes.
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