May 31, 2008

Facts of life

1. at least 5 people in this world love you so much, they would die for you.

2. at least 15 people in this world love you, in some way.

3. the only reason why anyone would hate you, is because they want to be just like you.

4. a smile from you, can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you.

5. everynight, someone thinks about you before they go to sleep.

6. you mean the world to someone.

7. without you, someone may not be living.

8. you are special and unique, in your own way.

9. someone that you don't know even exists, loves you.

10. when you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it.

11. when you think the world has turn its back on you, take a look, you most likely turned your back on the world.

12. when you think that you have no chance at getting what you want, you probably won't get it. but if you believe in yourself, you'd probably get it sooner or later.

13. always remember compliments that you have received, forget the rude remarks.

14. always tell someone how you feel, then they'll know.

15. if you have a great friend, take the time to let them know that they're great.

(courtesy of wap.dream3r.com)

May 30, 2008

Piercing, anyone?



Hopefully now is better? =P anyway, I’m still me so I believe it doesn’t matter.

Some random pic. If you’re good in analyzing and stuff, u’ll know immediately that I was faking a smile. Yesh that smile is mine. (wtf...) haha


For those who are interested in ear piercing, here’s a general picture of an ear and the names of each respective piercing. Interesting huh? Did you notice that there is actually no type of piercing which goes straight through ur ear cartilage in the insides of ur ear?

I mean…

By the way, say hello to my right ear. Hee..=D

I saw people who did some piercing there. It might not be an actual standard one but I think it looks nice. So maybe, hopefully, I’ll be able to experience it someday. I don’t think I’m gonna do it in Brunei though…coz most of the people here are amateurs. >.<>

Don’t worry, this pic has nothing to do with ear piercing. Haha.. meet the victim of my brutal cat. Its not exactly my cat, that four legged creature just walked to my house one day and has never left since then. He’s one evil cat, I tell u. I hate him!! Um.. have I told you that that poor gross thing used to be a bird? Now, I couldn’t even figure out which is its head. Even mourrie, my female cat, ain’t this cruel. =.= sigh…

This is for the girls. Have u gals tried the bodyshop’s nail polish? I mean the one which people usually use for French manicure. I’d really recommend u that one coz it worked really well. Its not THAT expensive either. 10 bucks should cover it.

Kinda looked like this once u used it. I’m truly sorry if u puked when u c this pic.. =P

I guess that’s about it. Is my post more uni-sex this time? u tell me =D

May 29, 2008


went to seria today. got my hair straightened. Yippie yay! -.-'' haha.. at least i dont look like a witch anymore.. esp with that big hermione hair. anyways i spent over B$100 today on clothes and stuffs. i mean it when i say i wont hesitate to use my savings. hee =D mind u, i usually dont do this. but i'm happy now and thats what matters right? =D

do u ever feel like someone's copying ur style or anything? that would really creep me out. u know, like that person wanna be like u or perhaps he/she just wanna feel included in your oh-so-socialized life. oh its nothing. i was just thinking out loud =P

i went to this aerobic class in lumut near makrojaya called 'nem fitness something something' just now. its not bad, but im not that gud in latin aerobics, the type which u wud have to shake ur bootie and rotate it. too much detail? haha.. xD

oyeah, thanx vancetan(tan zh) 4 da blog voting thingy. i really have no idea until shala visited ur blog and i saw this geek with big hermione hair wearing a spec staring back at me.(I meant me, not u =D) haha.. really surprised me.. thanx thanx.. =)

May 28, 2008

In the spirit

Love this. source is deviantart.com.

Aint it cute?? ^^ i got this from deviantart.com. lotsa stuff to see there. i think its nice for going to people's wedding or some kinda prom. =)

I wanna buy this mascara. the brand is "fasio'. but its not sold here in brunei. i got this picture from a singapore magazine... nice right? =D
i have decided not to use my savings for tattoo. instead, i'm gonna use it on ... shopping!! YAY!!! =D i cant believe i just said that. haha... anyway, i'm going to bandar this Sat and i'll shop till i drop. Wont be giving no damn second thoughts. muahahaha...(evil laugh..)
Math test ain't that bad but there are some question which i couldn't do. i was in a rush coz i thought that i couldn't finish it in 1hr 30 mins. and i kinda finish the paper in 1hr. and the answer sheet looked like its been through hell. haha...esp since we cant use blanko. so many cancelling and stuff. xD my next paper is on next monday. the LAST paper which i'm going to attack...heh heh heh

I have a feeling that the more i post, the more its about girly stuff. sigh... i'll try to be more uni-sex in posting next time. haha..

May 27, 2008

exam fever

I studied economics like hell from 10.30am to around 1.30pm before the exam. especially externalities. just to find that that topic did not cme out in the paper. dammit. -.-'' and so far, its the toughest. hopefully maths tomorrow would be like kacang. xD this is the first time since primary school that i only have to sit for 5papers. yippie! =D

u know, they said there are 'things' in the gals' toilet on the first floor. i wonder if its true. people told me they heard noises there. oh yeah, and also the toilet on the 2nd floor. so far, i didnt have those kinda encounter yet. and i hope it will stay that way for the next two years. =/

i dont have any plans for the holidays except to go watch indiana jones. and do some window shopping. cant afford to shop haha.. my hands are starting to get itcy. it always try to grap hold of my wallet whenever i saw these cute stuffs that i would sacrifice my earrings for. YES its a BIG DEAL!! xD i cant live without my earrings. i just cant. haha lame. xP anyway.. im hungry for some shopping again. as usual.

btw, happie bday to my dear friend, nurun. =D

May 25, 2008


i think i wont be blogging for the next week as i'm having my mid-year xam. unless something interesting happened or whatever. =D

My mum made some sushi today and it is way neater than the one shala did. yeap, sorry but its true xD

oh there r so many movies that i wanna watch. narnia, indiana jones, ironman, kungfu panda and lots more!! T.T i guess i'll have to wait.. sigh

oyeah, theres a new bball match next month at kg.baru but this time its for under 18 and the teams are based on the schools. i think. xD

May 23, 2008


got tagged by Naz =)

1. What would you find yourself doing at 4pm?
: er..zzzz?

2. Where will you go if someone sponsors you a tour ticket?
: Taiwan!!! xD

3. What's your favorite thing to do?
: Shopping... i drool when i shop. haha =D

4.Do you think money can buy happiness?
: To an extent, yeah.

5. If you can have one dream to come true, what would it be?
: wow.. this is damn easy. i wan him to be able to 'see' me.

6. Do you believe you can survive without money?
: hell no

7. What are you afraid to lose the most?
: my hair...T.T

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
: buy a car first, donate some to sichuan, china, and shop till i drop. oyeah, n save some too lol

9. What is the most recent embarrassing thing you have done?
: cant remember, luckily haha

10. What are the things you're passionate about?
: Tattoo

11. What makes you happy?
: money and some of my friends. they're hilarious! =D

12. What type of person do you hate the most?
: Bitches, i think i'm allergic to them xD haha

13. What is your ambition?
: a successful er... person? no idea =P

14. If you could have a superpower what would it be?
: Psychic, u know, reading ppl's mind and move things around. that'd be cool

15. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
: family, friends

16. If you were a car/bike what would it be?
: i wanna be a jaguar. sleek and stong. wohoo

17. If you have a chance, which part of your character would you like to change?
: LAZINESS. dammit.

18. What music have you been listening to recently?
: Qing ai de

19. Lefty or righty?
: Lefty. yup.

20. Who's your crush currently?
: sigh... you wont know him even if i did tell

I love david cook!

YAY! david cook won the american idol. by 12million votes more. archuleta don't stand a chance. muahahah XD i actually cried when his name was announced. so happy >.< and the day before, that simon kept critisizing him. hmmph! i love love love his voice hee =3

we have this math test and i was totally unprepared. have too much things to do, no time to study for that bah. (i went to kb and watched anime =P) hopefully i didn't fail heheh.. no GP and B.stu class on sat! yay! okay, i really have to stop saying yay -.-''

ohyeah. allowance is finally out. although its only for march. dang... they're slow in these stuffs. i wonder why. even mkjb and ubd aint this slow. and its just 45, not 300. anyway, it doesnt matter.

May 22, 2008


okay im realy starting to feel the pressure of this exam. its next monday and i havent even started reading anything yet. todays already lyk..thursday? T.T its so typical of me. i hate myself! haha..

i'm also starting to deteriorate in maths class. i think i didn do more than half of the h/w she gave us. i just started doing it at 11.30pm just now. coz im too busy watching this really nice anime. waarrghh!! im nuts. and i even went shopping at kb just now during the afternoon. T.T kinda regret it now... xD

i hate exams! hmpph!

May 20, 2008

lunch time

A fight broke out during lunch time at school just now. girls pulling and yanking at each other's hair as the tudung went way out of place. did i mention that they are gals? XP duh.. haha anyway, they r pre-u1 students. yeap. embarassing right? i mean, come on, ure a pre-UNIVERSITY student. please la. sigh..

me and my friends did a presentation in GP class just now. i think it was better than the last presentation i did. wasn't that nervous anymore. some of my friends, as usual, are pros. XD *clap clap* oyeah, i dont have any eco class tomorrow.. yay! and no GP class dis sat.. yay again! =D but the mid-year xam's next week. T.T

wanna say thanx to fatin, syahida and ajim for the gifts. hee.. xD btw, i cant believe i actually fell asleep in math class. more that 5 times. haha each time is no more than a minute. one second, i was listening to what the teacher is saying and the next i'm dreaming about these random stuffs. damn.. so hard to stay awake. above all, i sat in right in front of the teacher. T.T I really need to sleep earlier before the dark circles start to visit me. =P

A chance

I was invited to go to this briefing along with more than 90students last sat to MOE for the scholarship at JIS. they say whoever's interested could take the form and if many applied, they would interview each of the students. however, my friend told me only 20+ ppl took the form. MOE said that if only few applied, no interview would b needed n they would just sent those who applied.

at first, im not really interested in the scholarship. coz its realy far at bandar and inconvenient. but then my friend told me that after studying for 2 years for the alevels at JIS, the government will sent the students to UK for 3 years. yeap, UK!! wow.. the first thing that popped into my mind is 'oh god! i can finally cure my pimples!! UK's damn cold! wow...' but of course, i couldn just go there to 'cure' my pimples. sigh, so i decided not to take the scholarship. haha..

another reason is because if i was chosen, i'd end up being a teacher- one of the stuff that was and will never be seen in my 'goals-in-life' list. okay, now i'm cursing myself. touch wood. =D FYI, if u take the scholarship, u'd have to sign a 5year contract with the government to become a teacher and nothing else. waargggh... that scholarship is a trap. and above all, i'm not exactly the type who is good in my studies. i just did fairly well. average only.. xD hehee

i sure hope i wont regret making this decision later on. coz my friends kept urging me to apply. if i dont end up as a tcher, i would have applied when i was 3. =P hmm.. life is a complex equation that one could never solve.

May 18, 2008


kinda like how my hair is now. T.T

Saw this car otw back from bandar..its so cool!! >.<

xP bored

1/3 of pressie from shala=P

need i say more? =)

Pressie from sharon

Pressie from kaeli
I didn't take the pictures of the rest of the pressies. anyway, just wanna say thanxx a lot XD

happie birthday to mee!

its 1.45am. my birthday's over.. boo.. hahah but i did have a great time. for those of u who have no idea when my bday is, its on the 17th of may. yeap, lee hom's bday too.. yay!

as usual, i didn have a party but i invited some of my cousin n gud gud friend, kaeli. hmm.. i noticed that her name shows up in my post regularly =P im going shopping with her 2muro, using the angpau money i got frm my mum n dad's friends hehe.. oh dont worry, im saving about 70% of the money. hehee xD i have lotsa pics to post but i'll just post it 2muro. very tired right now..

i received a few 'xtraordinary' gifts from my mum. im not gonna complain though. yea thanx mum. XD lotsa ppl greet me in school today! im so happy they remembers it. eventhough sme save the date in their hp, still.. hehee they are: hui yi, nyet chee, min hui, ain, zaffy, lely, syafiqah, amelia, hannah, ying ying, xiao ching, lydia, farah, lisa, sandy. thanxx..=)

i have 3 wishes which i prayed would come true. god give me strength. =P

(Shen ri quai le, wo dui zi ji shuo~.. XP)

May 16, 2008

gone bandar

i did went to bandar today with sharon, her a fung, and shala but we didn watch iron man coz its kinda late. =(

we went to the mall and i bought some stuffs but i didn get to go ego, iora and bingo.. especially bingo!! T.T shala said i could choose to buy either pyjamas or clothes and she would pay for it. i bought the pyjamas =D oyeah and i saw these heels in jaya...>.< aaaargggh stupid allowance isn't out yet. damn..

i have things to say but i guess i'll just say it tomorrow. hee.. i noticed i experienced a lot of mixed emotions today. wierd. =/

May 15, 2008

rough and tough

watched bball today- again. but gals are playing this time. and they really play rough man.. the bball accidentally slapped on a gal's chest. gals tumbling over one another. arms are being flung around, whistles are blown. so violent haha but it was quite entertaining =D

my birthday's coming up. hehee^^ kaeli gave me some faceshop masks. thanxx gurl, i needed that. =D its been a while since i last pamper myself hee..

there's a rumour bout this radiation thingy stricking tonight at 11pm.. i dont know if its real but they said that 4 ppl have passed away bcoz of it. i mean it happened b4. i'm gonna switch off my hp soon. better safe than sorry right? XD


May 14, 2008

Picture day=)

Bbl match between MJ and another team.
Sharon's new hp=)

A cartoon version of me drawn by Ezzati =P

My register class..=/

Today's eco class was really strange. Halfway through the class, the radio was aired through the PA system. -_- wth.. and that goes on for around 5 minutes. and the song is some kinda dangdut...-_-" Okay, that's all for today =D


PS time has always been uneventful. doing homework and stuffs. i normally just spent the hour in the library, alone. =/ its no biggie, i think i got used to it though. sometimes i spend the time in the PS area. *yawn*

exam's really near now. havent studied though =P sigh.. maybe tomorrow. i think im going to watch ironman this friday. maybe. hopefully.

i cut my own hair a few days ago a lil too short =D haha its so nerdy. just the front hair though. cant stand it wa, im so sick of my hair. wanna bleach it all blond actualy but it'd look really ugly once the black roots start to show. that's a BIG no no. =X but who cares right? hahah

May 12, 2008

I hate mondays!

this could be the day that i hated the most so far. our teacher told us to do some short answer question in eco class. short answer my foot. 1 question but two pages of answer. u call that short. huh. luckily b.stu class is only 40mins long. the fans n lights are not working so he let us go early. with another essay as our homework.

i actually wanna watch ironman 2moro at the mall but maths class is gonna be extended till 3pm. WARNING: i'll be real moody tomorrow. ps don't come near me unless u want a slap =D

i mentioned something about saving money last month and i think i wana spend it on shopping. hahaa.. either shopping or tattooing but.. but... sigh.. its so hard to decide! XD i wanted a lil' bit of everything haha =) i guess i'll just continue saving till i come up with a good solution. muahahaha XD

May 11, 2008

mother's day

mother's day will forever be an awkward day for me. i'm not the type who's realy close with my mum. we're just okay i guess. however, me and my sis did gave her some bodyshop products as gifts. and we ate dinner. duh- haha but all the food is tapau(ed) from restaurants. me and sharon just dont cook. at least the food is guaranteed to be delicious =P

anyway, me, kaeli and the twins are supposed to get together today at seria coz they plan to go to the arcade- again and also do some piercings. but it was cancelled. so i went with sharon and did the piercing alone =/ sigh. it was then that i realised it doesnt really hurt. oh btw, da piercing that i said the last time, anti-tragus, i had it mistaken. supposed to be called rouk. hehee=3 maybe some other day..

i didnt know piercing the other parts of the body could be so expensive. my friend, eky, told me that in m'sia, belly button piercing could be as expensive as B$100+. its usually done in a tattoo shop. i tink its dat xpensive coz they really follow the standard procedure. did u know that the gun used for piercing the ear shouldn't be used anywhere else except for the ear lobe? not even on the cartilage, the top part of ur ear with the soft bones. but here in brunei, they used it for everwhere. i remembered going to a saloon and piercing the lower part of my lips and they used the gun for dat. i had to take it off coz the 'earring' was really uncomfortable. dammit.

final match

the final bball match was yesterday. the place wasn't crowded though. surprise, surprise. okay this time i realy have to say it. that place was crawling with SMSA students! lols.. i remember i used to go there a few years back and there's no one i knew. now, familiar faces everywhere. i guess we all have a thing for bball? =D

I have tons of homework waiting for me. but i really dont feel like doing it. sigh..

oyeah, i saw one of my friends yesterday and she had her tattoo modified. it looked much better now than it was then. she went to this tattoo place in parkson and did it for rm200. i have the pic but i dont think i could post it here. its not lyk the tattoo belonged to me. T.T anyways, the tattoo artist used 9 needles to do it at a time but she said it doesn't hurt at all. =D steady, huh? hee..

May 9, 2008


oh gosh.. nearly forgotten to post some nonsense today. XP

this morning, sharon woke me up at 5a.m. as usual, and asked me to quickly get ready for school, on a friday. -.-'' i looked at her sternly and asked her wat day is it today and went right back to sleep without waiting for her to answer. im so annoyed at her man.. -.- and thats not the first time it has happened. gosh.. feel like strangling her =P

me and sharon sang some karaoke starting frm 8pm to arnd 10pm non-stop. i think i've lost my voice T.T but its fun though. i enjoy singing =D esp chinese songs but i dont know how to read them =(

i wonder why our butts dont go flat once we sat on a chair for the whole day. so random. haha XP

May 8, 2008

basketball match

hmm.. i went to seria kg.baru to watch some bball match. i believe its the semi-final today. and i saw lotsa people i know^^ (know doesn't mean we're friends though) XP i went with my super- active friend, kaeli and her parents. (kaeli ahh... p.s. stop pulling my beautiful rapunzel hair T.T i know ure jealous bah hehehe =P) anyway we kinda end up just talking with each other and laughing our heads off. =D

yay.. tomorrow no school. so fed up already, everyday study the same subject. =/ the class that i recently dread the most is eco, coz i know there's a chance the teacher is giving back our testpaper and thats the last thing i want. T.T so hard eh the subject.

i wanted to get 1 more piercing on my ear.. zaffy called it the 'anti-tragus' piercing. but i couldn't find the word 'tragus' in my dictionary. makes me wonder how it really spells. hopefully i'll get one this sunday at seria. but i'm afraid that they'll do it wrongly. i need an expert =P lols

May 7, 2008

new handphone

I still couldn't believe it. lols. not to exeggerate or anything. but my sis, sharon, bought a sonyericsson handphone today. the model is w580i. very pretty. mhmm. its a 2nd hand one though n it costs $250. she had her convocation at ICC today. graduation. congrats sis. =)

for those of u who planned to watch narnia2 at the mall, please don't! hee..=3 coz disney channel is gonna air it on this sunday. hopefully i won't forget this very important matter. *cough cough*

i ate chicken rice today. my dad tapau it from wywy. my mood automatically lifted when i smelled the aroma of this heavenly 'chicken rice'. hehee cant help it. i was starving then. =D thanx, dad. that $4 chicken rice meant a lot to me that u would ever realise. muahahaha XD

May 6, 2008


okay i am realy, realy, realy tired today. ive been yawning ever since i woke up. today, school is pure torture and i cant seem to stop myself from asking what time is it every 10minutes. (sorry nyet chee, i know ive annoyed u XP)

i realised our GP teacher is very rude sometimes. and he has NO sense of humour. its no wonder why many of his students escape frequently. i was shown a class photo which has me in it by a fellow classmate, shukri. i have no idea we were classmates before though..=P that photo was taken in the year 1996. i was 5. hopefully no one noticed my socks in the photo!! (i repeat, p.s. dont look at my socks! T.T) embarassing.. hahaha

math class is uh.. how do i put this. extra irritating. it starts from 12.45pm to 3pm. above all she gave us so many homework i actually felt like vomiting right there and then. luckily i didnt. =/

sorry bout the bad things i say today about ppl. feeling kinda moody right now.
i still have an eco test which i havent studied yet. sigh..

May 5, 2008

ayamku day

okay, i'm seriously running out of ideas. reli duno wana put wat heading to my posts everyday. sigh..

nothing fun happened at school today. no maths class. i noticed that sometyms, its reli fun to angan-angan. hehee XD u know, just staring at a spot without thinking anything at all.. its so much fun. when ure damn bored. anyway, i just heard from my friend that a friend of mine, syahida took 10 days of leave coz she's going to canada. her bro just graduated. congrats congrats!^^ well, she's stopping by at korea... waww.. she's one lucky gurl. but since 'no meal comes for free', i guess she have to catch up on a lot of stuffs by the time she came back. ganbatteh! =D

lets continue on my story... hm.. after school i went to seria soon lee to tapau fish n chips at ayamku. my dad didn give me money for that so i had to pay for it myself T.T then i saw my former malay teacher, cikgu late. he used to teach me malay WAY back in form1. he still remembers me though, which is why he approached me. this is kinda how it goes:

me: ah cikgu! hai... (awkward pause)

cikgu: bah, canatah blajar arah smsa? payah kh?

me: oh, boleh tahan la cikgu. payah jualah (heavy chinese accent -.-'')

cikgu: apa sja subjek yg kmu ambil?

me: ah.. aku ambil math, b.stu sama eco. eco paling payah punya.

cikgu: buleh lh kmu. kaka mu dimana? arah ubd udah?

me: ah ya.. wa.. cikgu masih ingat lagi oo..

its kinda embarrasing actually coz eventhough i've studied for 5yrs in a govt.skul, i never spoke malay unless during oral n stuffs. so when i spoke wit my teacher, im SO conscious about every twist and turn of my broken malay language. plus the freaky chinese accent. T.T waarggh!!

May 4, 2008

Today is a Fun Sunday


I woke up this morning and went to sharon's room. Then she showed me this DVD that she bought which i wanted to buy for a LONG LONG time. "Little bride". a korean movie. i know i've watched that movie before but still..its just so funny!^^ i got jealous and start to complain that she'd buy that dvd just to make me jealous. (yeap, she sometimes bought stuffs that she knew i liked just to show me that she can afford it and i couldn't.) T.T Then she told me that she bought it for me. *Gasps* Awwww sis, u shouldn't =). Thanx.. hehee

Kaeli invited me to atfrenz cafe today but i have tons of homework which i havent completed yet so i couldnt go. i've finished it now, and i'm at atfrenz cafe with my sis and her 'friend' ehem ehem. lols. but kaeli went back home already. sigh.. she invited me to go watch bball with her at seria too. but i'm not sure if i'm going.yet.

I bought this pair of socks last year but i havent use it for shopping yet. =(


May 3, 2008

a moderate saturday

its so hard to concentrate in math class today. its either my brain is really slow or the teacher's talking really fast. either way, i still couldn't concentrate. i could hear what she said though, i just didn't listen. XD

i didnt have any eco class today! lucky me^^ but i went to this talk at the hall about scholarships. i'm not interested in scholarships. i don't wanna b far away from home. anyways GP class in the afternoon was uneventful. more than half the class escaped though =P i've never escaped a class before, coz i don't wanna miss class unless the school had any functions. which is why i pray everyday that there would b a function in school. muahahaha XP

after school, i went to excapade with sharon. hehee (i know u hate me, fatin. lols) i even saw my childhood friend, dahiyah. =) she's working part-time at excapade while waiting for results from MTSSR. best of luck!^^

its so boring staying at home on a saturday night. i was actually planning to go watch some movie with my old time buddy, kiong. but he wasn't familiar with the bandar roads and OGDC's movie is really outdated. above all, it about romance. and kiong's the type who sleeps if the movie's really boring. (he fell asleep while watching enchanted when the movie started less than 30mins ago -.-'') i dont wanna hear him snore so i cancelled it. XD bored bored.. =(

May 2, 2008

ghastly encounter

do you believe in ghost?

i'm not sure myself whether they exist or not but i do think that i've encounter those wierd wierd stuff. it was many years ago but i remember it very clearly. coz its not something that u forget. period.

it happened in the year 2000. i was studying in st.margarets dat tym. primary4. we were having our karate tournament in the mumong complex. (yeah, ive taken karate b4 but i suck at it.=P) anyways, it wasn't our turn yet so me and my friends decided to explore the area. they all went to the backstage and somehow, me and my other friend were left behind. so we walked around the area, u know, the corridor where there r many rooms to the left n right. the place where there are the squash, pingpong n other rooms.

it was kinda dark that time coz no one was playing. all the rooms were locked with these heavy chains. wierd thing was, when we passed one of the rooms, we heard one of our friends' laughter. no, correction. a few of our friends' laughter could be heard. and its coming from one of the rooms with these heavy chains. i even remembered the colour of the door. it was red. above the door were glass windows and i looked up. i was confused coz im sure that no one's inside. above all, the room inside was dark.

me and my friend thought that they were playing wit us so we called out to them. i even walked towards the door and pushed, trying to yank it open. then the laughters stopped. i tried again but obviously, it wouldn't budge. it was then that i realised something was wrong. i looked at my friend and we made eye contact. no words were said, we both dashed out of there as fast as our short legs could carry us. we reached the far end of the corridor and went to the backstage to find all our friends there. and we asked them whether they were playing a trick on us. their puzzled faces told me that they had no idea what happened. after that, i never dared to walk into that area again.

i guess that's about it. does that count? XP i didn really saw anything, just heard. man its freaky enough for me! the most scary part is that that corridor was really deserted eventhough it was in the afternoon and its really dark. *chills*

May 1, 2008

test results T.T

i got back my b.stu test paper and also my math test paper. i failed b.stu!! T.T got 14/30. wat the heck... one more mark and i'll pass -.-''

my math mark wasn't that bad- fortunately. i got 29/30. again, one more mark and i could get 100%. sigh..


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