May 5, 2008

ayamku day

okay, i'm seriously running out of ideas. reli duno wana put wat heading to my posts everyday. sigh..

nothing fun happened at school today. no maths class. i noticed that sometyms, its reli fun to angan-angan. hehee XD u know, just staring at a spot without thinking anything at all.. its so much fun. when ure damn bored. anyway, i just heard from my friend that a friend of mine, syahida took 10 days of leave coz she's going to canada. her bro just graduated. congrats congrats!^^ well, she's stopping by at korea... waww.. she's one lucky gurl. but since 'no meal comes for free', i guess she have to catch up on a lot of stuffs by the time she came back. ganbatteh! =D

lets continue on my story... hm.. after school i went to seria soon lee to tapau fish n chips at ayamku. my dad didn give me money for that so i had to pay for it myself T.T then i saw my former malay teacher, cikgu late. he used to teach me malay WAY back in form1. he still remembers me though, which is why he approached me. this is kinda how it goes:

me: ah cikgu! hai... (awkward pause)

cikgu: bah, canatah blajar arah smsa? payah kh?

me: oh, boleh tahan la cikgu. payah jualah (heavy chinese accent -.-'')

cikgu: apa sja subjek yg kmu ambil?

me: ah.. aku ambil math, b.stu sama eco. eco paling payah punya.

cikgu: buleh lh kmu. kaka mu dimana? arah ubd udah?

me: ah ya.. wa.. cikgu masih ingat lagi oo..

its kinda embarrasing actually coz eventhough i've studied for 5yrs in a govt.skul, i never spoke malay unless during oral n stuffs. so when i spoke wit my teacher, im SO conscious about every twist and turn of my broken malay language. plus the freaky chinese accent. T.T waarggh!!

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