May 27, 2008

exam fever

I studied economics like hell from 10.30am to around 1.30pm before the exam. especially externalities. just to find that that topic did not cme out in the paper. dammit. -.-'' and so far, its the toughest. hopefully maths tomorrow would be like kacang. xD this is the first time since primary school that i only have to sit for 5papers. yippie! =D

u know, they said there are 'things' in the gals' toilet on the first floor. i wonder if its true. people told me they heard noises there. oh yeah, and also the toilet on the 2nd floor. so far, i didnt have those kinda encounter yet. and i hope it will stay that way for the next two years. =/

i dont have any plans for the holidays except to go watch indiana jones. and do some window shopping. cant afford to shop haha.. my hands are starting to get itcy. it always try to grap hold of my wallet whenever i saw these cute stuffs that i would sacrifice my earrings for. YES its a BIG DEAL!! xD i cant live without my earrings. i just cant. haha lame. xP anyway.. im hungry for some shopping again. as usual.

btw, happie bday to my dear friend, nurun. =D

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