July 27, 2012

Haul from Miri!

I went down to Miri last week and from the tweets I read, a lot of Bruneians went down as well. Saw a few friends here and there in some of the malls and seeing them again reminds me that school is about to start soon because everyone's doing some last minute retail therapy! Anyways most of the pictures in this post are taken in my home's backyard. Just thought I'd switch it up every once in a while. Hope you guys like it as much as I do!

I finally got to visit Sasa for the first time! And to my horror, Stage cosmetics is no longer available in Parkson! Ugh what happened?? I must be the last person to find out that they closed down, since I hardly ever go down to Miri. I always bought my brush cleanser from Stage, now I don't know where else to find a good one. Maybe DIY them??

The Balm blusher in Cabana boy and eyeshadow Palette Nude'tude

I'm so glad Sasa have Nude'tude in stock! Coz the last time I asked a friend and she said it was sold out when she went there. Score for me!! haha What's more I got it for only RM85! It was discounted from RM115! The blusher also has a discount but I really don't remember how much I paid for them in total. I just know I'm happy haha Actually I'm surprised at myself for being so good, I thought I would go crazy in Sasa but apparently not. *patselfonback*

But now I'm eyeing Za's Cheeks Groovy blushers. They look so darn gorgeous! One of the shades look so much like Nars Orgasm!

Za's Cheeks Groovy blushers. Can you tell which of them looks like Nars Orgasm blush? 

I walk past one of these booths in Parkson selling fragrances and saw that they sell false eyelashes too. Many of the shops there even sell the Ardell falsies but those costs RM22! B$10 for a pair of lashes? Heck no! So I got these instead. A box for RM12! I know you can get them for far cheaper online or wherever but these are good enough for me! I go through these really slowly so I know two boxes are gonna last me a while. 

SasaTinnie makeup remover wipes

These makeup remover wipes are on sale in Sasa for 50% off so I just grabbed them. They smell a little funky but works wonders! I normally just use the regular wet wipes to remove my makeup so these are perfect. Plus they claim to have all these ingredients that are supposedly good for the skin so I thought why not. 

I bought a new wallet! Finally! I bought this in Parkson where they always have this super awesome 10%-70% sale going on all the time there and my favourite thing to do is rake through all the bags, wallet and clutches to see if I can find any good deals and most of the time, I do! I like that all the stuff there has a brand and it reassures me that at least the stuff have quality.

Two random pair of earrings bought last minute just before we left for home. The earrings on the right is super cute. Reminds me of an atom. The hoop earrings is a purple color but it gives of a pink shine in another light, so pretty! Much like the popular duo chrome nail polishes!


Last but not least...


I bought a dreamcatcher! I was so surprised when I saw this in Boulevard. Me and the siblings we just stepped on the elevator going up and I turned left and there was this stall hanging all of these beautiful dreamcatchers! I almost screamed I kid you not! I wanted to run down the elevator and charge towards the stall so bad but Shala insisted that we eat lunch first lol So we ate and I half-walked-half-ran back to the stall...

A stalk-ish photo of the stall. lol

As you can see this dreamcatcher is not that big at all but it is quite pricey for what it is! But if you know me you know how pretty much obsessed I am with dreamcatchers (see my blog header lol) so I'm glad I got one!

July 24, 2012

Books: Uglies & The Hunt

So I just recently decided to pick up a book again after not reading for over a month. Can't help it, it's either this or youtube. Gee I'm so productive this holiday. Anyways if you know me you'll know I can read the whole day non-stop; but only if the book is good of course!

Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

This I bought before the holidays which is a few months back and I only recently (yesterday lol) finished it. The one thing that attracted me to this series is the fact that it revolves around people getting plastic surgery. People as in every single one of the population in the country. That alone is enough to make me read the book! haha

The story is set hundreds of years after us, like The Hunger Games. And after the people turn sixteen, they will undergo plastic surgery to look pretty. They even have towns called Uglyville where uglies below the age of sixteen live and New Pretty Town where the newly-turned pretties live. From what I read in the book, all the young pretties do is basically party their ass off. Believe it or not they also have 'middle pretties' for adults and older pretties. 

To put things short, the storyline centers around a girl, Tally who wanted to be pretty when she turns sixteen but by then her best friend, Shay escaped so the authority will only perform the surgery on Tally if she managed to find Shay. So off she goes into the wild to look for Shay and stuff. Pretty interesting but I bet the second book of this series will be even better! Can't wait to get my hands on the other three books!

The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda

I just finished this earlier and erhmahgerddd the cliffhanger is good! I'm not sure how new is this I just picked it up at the '2nd at 50% off' section in Popular. The main character is obviously a guy, Gene and he lives in a world where humans are basically almost extinct and vampires rule the world. Funnily enough, the word 'vampire' didn't come up at all in the book. Because a vampire is considered 'people' and a human is called a 'heper'. Gene is able to live among the vampires without them finding out about his true identity but of course we all know they are gonna find out soon enough.

The way the author Fukuda wrote this is very descriptive and I feel like I am watching a movie! But I guess the 'people' are more like creatures than anything because they 'devour' humans, not only drinking the blood but actually eating humans! Honestly though, this book really reminded me of the movie Daybreakers where the streets are empty during the day when people sleep and they go to work at night. There's even one chapter in the book where Gene talks about going to school at night and he can't see what the teacher wrote on the board! Apparently these things can see in the dark pretty well.

This is a really interesting one and I can't wait to read the next installment of this series! I think I say that for just about all the books that I read haha but seriously. This one's good. ;p
"He's much slower. The sun is melting away not only his flesh, but his muscles. His legs have become squishy bags of pus now, his calf and thigh muscles quickly disintegrating. With a cry. He leaps up at the closing glass wall."
 - Excerpt from The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda

July 21, 2012

Hair bow

So I don't know how long this hair 'trend' has been around or how long it has been since the trend passed but I only just recently saw this cute hair bow tutorial on youtube and as intricate as it may look (not really but you get my point), this is actually so easy to create it's kinda ridiculous. Makes me angry at myself for not trying this out earlier! lol

Previously I did try this out but with another method for a smaller bow in case you don't wanna use all of your hair for one big bow and you just want a smaller one like so:

Anyway, believe it or not the bigger bow is actually easier to create than the smaller one. Here's how I learned to do it!

This would look great especially for those people who are blessed with thick luscious hair! You can get a bigger bow! haha Well for me I'll have to make do with what amount of hair I have and tease the hell out of it before I style it. It's okay to cheat every once in a while, no one will notice!

Try this out if you haven't! I don't know if I'll wear this out though, it's a little too 'out there' for me. haha but who knows. 21 is not too old for this hairstyle... right? lol

July 17, 2012

Arm Candy + Rook Piercing + FOTD

I know this is going to be a very random post so bear with me! I went to the perayaan in KB yesterday and is it me or are there very few stalls there? Like less than half of the previous years. I actually haven't been to the perayaan for a good few years now because it's always the same ol' same ol' and one thing will always stay the same; the heat! Don't know how those stall vendors are able to stand the heat while barbecuing/frying food! Madness.

I was able to grab a couple of things from Stary Stary Nite's stall. Wanted to get the cutesy rings too but stopped myself because I haven't even really wore the ones I bought weeks ago yet. These bracelets costs B$8 each but B$15 if you buy two. Not much difference actually but they're cute!

I bought the bangles because the curvy gold ones are super cute! Don't really care for the chunky bangle with the floral print but they come in a set of four so that's that. I really like the gold bracelet even though they look a little kiddish with the pink and yellow charms. But it's all good because they don't break the bank and I can use em to spice up my outfit! Which is basically a t-shirt and a pair of jeans... #ihavezerofashionsense

Shala got this set of keys and key hole charms for me a while back. We aren't big on giving keys as a 21st birthday gift so she decided to buy this on a whim when we visited a handicraft store in KB.

The keys and key holes are pretty heavy-duty and are made of this steel/brass material. They have this antique feel to them which is really nice and you can use it as a locket for a necklace or a bracelet charm or anything you like, really. I bought some strings, charms and stuff from Nanyang and Sharon put them together for me.

Sharon made me this bracelet!

The other charms are not very expensive too, I think they cost about B$0.30-B$0.60 each. I particularly like the little silver clock!

My rook piercing

I just recently noticed that my rook piercing has completely healed and it doesn't feel tender anymore if I pinch it lol This actually took quite a while to completely heal because I sleep on my left side sometimes and when I woke up it would hurt so bad. I might have slept on it the whole night for all I know. Before this I used a black stud but it doesn't look as good so I bought the silver one from Ego for B$6.90 I think. Love it now!

I remembered having to take out all of my piercings a while back for my X-Ray and that time I just had my industrial pierced. It was such a pain in the arse to take the bar out and put it back on! Not an easy thing to do in the hospital especially when there are no mirrors around in the room and the silver balls at the end of the bars are so tiny! Plus the piercings are still healing at the time so putting them back on stung a little. Not fun.

So that's the little story of my industrial piercing. I suppose I can always remove them if I get bored but for now, I quite like all the piercings that I have!

Read all about my rook piercing experience here!
Read all about my industrial piercing experience here!
Read all about my conch piercing experience here!

The FOTD that I did here is inspired by the many makeup tutorials that has been recently been put up by beauty gurus on youtube recently, which is the brown smokey eyes or as they put it the 'bronze goddess' makeup look. I am in no way up to par with the expertise of these makeup gurus but it sure is fun to recreate looks inspired by them!

I was using Skin 79's Vital Orange BB Cream mixed with their Snail Nutrition BB Cream which have very high SPF in them. I look super pale here. Either because the SPF might have reflected the light off my face or the BB Cream is simply a tad light for my skin. I also used MAC's Blackground Paint Pot which is a black base underneath the brown eyeshadow. On my lips one of my favorite lip products by Revlon; Protective Liptint SPF15 Rosy Rose.

July 14, 2012

NYX blushers: Spice and Mocha

I'm so glad I finally had the chance to check out NYX's products at Shop at Sarah's a few weeks ago! Been dying to try out their blushers! I actually wanna try their Rouge Cream blush but the shop doesn't carry those so I picked up two of their powder blushers instead.

NYX powder blush in Spice and Mocha

I got them for B$15.90 each which is a bit much I think but I got them anyway. It's not too bad considering you don't have to wait for shipping time and you also get to swatch the products in the store.
NYX blush in Spice
 NYX blush in Spice
Spice is a rose colored blush with a slight silver shimmer. Nothing crazy though, you can't even really see the silver shimmer on your face unless you're standing an inch away from the mirror lol Also, this blush is ridiculously pigmented!! I'm so used to using Springsheen from MAC which is a sheertone blush that I always use by really dipping my blush brush into the blush before applying them on my cheeks. So when I do that with NYX's Spice, I literally look like I have clown cheeks. 
All I need is a gentle tap of my blush brush on Spice and then blending them onto my cheeks and I'm done! No kidding... this blush will last me a while! A little goes a long way with Spice.

NYX blush in Mocha
NYX blush in Mocha
I don't know why they call this blush Mocha? It's definitely less of a mocha and more of a peach! haha Anyways, Mocha is a very pretty peachy colored matte blush. This is less pigmented than Spice (thank goodness) but still quite pigmented nonetheless. I'm not sure of the other blushers by NYX but these two that I currently own aren't that powdery at all and they are so easy to work with and to blend. Totally worth the money I paid for. It makes me wanna go back to the store and buy all the other shades!

Check out the NYX stand the next time you're at Shop at Sarah's. I really do think that these blushers might actually be of better quality than the blushers of some of the other brands offered here locally. :)

Unblended swatch

July 11, 2012


If you haven't noticed I recently changed the layout again. I think I was a little tired of the pink colored background which I always tend to gear towards every time I changed the layout of my blog. The blue does give off a calm ambiance doesn't it? Well I like it and I hope you do too!

Here's a random FOTD from a couple of weeks ago. The eye look is inspired by the many female Korean artists who like to extend their eyeshadow to 'elongate' the eyes. 

 I'm wearing NYX's Indian Pink. Love the color!

 Here's the fishtail braid I did in the car without the help of a mirror #messyashell

Random Shala with her food


I don't think I've ever mentioned this before but my sister Sharon is really good with handicraft! She has her own station in her bedroom where she makes all these beautiful crafts and stuff. Sometimes she'd talk to me about them and tell me how stuff works and how she made the things but well, I never really understood how a person can be so into crafts just like how she never really understood my love for makeup lol

Her craft station

This used to be a plain white A4 paper!

Some of the cards Sharon made

 More cards!

 Love these. So colorful!

Her stash of handicraft materials.

Anyways, there's still a few weeks left to go before school starts. Many of my friends are going into internships soon whilst I'm stuck doing incubation in UBD. Ugh. This better be worth it!


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