July 24, 2012

Books: Uglies & The Hunt

So I just recently decided to pick up a book again after not reading for over a month. Can't help it, it's either this or youtube. Gee I'm so productive this holiday. Anyways if you know me you'll know I can read the whole day non-stop; but only if the book is good of course!

Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

This I bought before the holidays which is a few months back and I only recently (yesterday lol) finished it. The one thing that attracted me to this series is the fact that it revolves around people getting plastic surgery. People as in every single one of the population in the country. That alone is enough to make me read the book! haha

The story is set hundreds of years after us, like The Hunger Games. And after the people turn sixteen, they will undergo plastic surgery to look pretty. They even have towns called Uglyville where uglies below the age of sixteen live and New Pretty Town where the newly-turned pretties live. From what I read in the book, all the young pretties do is basically party their ass off. Believe it or not they also have 'middle pretties' for adults and older pretties. 

To put things short, the storyline centers around a girl, Tally who wanted to be pretty when she turns sixteen but by then her best friend, Shay escaped so the authority will only perform the surgery on Tally if she managed to find Shay. So off she goes into the wild to look for Shay and stuff. Pretty interesting but I bet the second book of this series will be even better! Can't wait to get my hands on the other three books!

The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda

I just finished this earlier and erhmahgerddd the cliffhanger is good! I'm not sure how new is this I just picked it up at the '2nd at 50% off' section in Popular. The main character is obviously a guy, Gene and he lives in a world where humans are basically almost extinct and vampires rule the world. Funnily enough, the word 'vampire' didn't come up at all in the book. Because a vampire is considered 'people' and a human is called a 'heper'. Gene is able to live among the vampires without them finding out about his true identity but of course we all know they are gonna find out soon enough.

The way the author Fukuda wrote this is very descriptive and I feel like I am watching a movie! But I guess the 'people' are more like creatures than anything because they 'devour' humans, not only drinking the blood but actually eating humans! Honestly though, this book really reminded me of the movie Daybreakers where the streets are empty during the day when people sleep and they go to work at night. There's even one chapter in the book where Gene talks about going to school at night and he can't see what the teacher wrote on the board! Apparently these things can see in the dark pretty well.

This is a really interesting one and I can't wait to read the next installment of this series! I think I say that for just about all the books that I read haha but seriously. This one's good. ;p
"He's much slower. The sun is melting away not only his flesh, but his muscles. His legs have become squishy bags of pus now, his calf and thigh muscles quickly disintegrating. With a cry. He leaps up at the closing glass wall."
 - Excerpt from The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda

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