April 30, 2008

car sick

u know, since i'm living in lumut, and i go to school by car everyday, i'm starting to get car sick. i'd really feel nauseaus (dono how to spell XP). hot weather + car sick = VOMIT. =/

i just remembered. my kittens are GONE! yeah, they just dissapeared. can u believe that? neither do i, but its true. i came back from school to find them playing with each other (there were 3 kittens by the way) and when i go out during 5pm. none of them were seen again, except for their mommy. T.T where the hell could they be?
my dad thinks that the monitor lizard ate them. but all 3 of them? hmm.. but it happened before though, coz unfortunately, i live next to the jungle. i would like to whack this stupiak monitor lizard. dammn euuuu!! T.T

oyeah, i wanna wish my sis sharon all the happiness she could find.. hehee u know what i mean sis. dun act innocent =P

tired la

the maths test just now wasn't as difficult as i thought but still, i doubt that i'm gonna get 100%. yup. careless mistakes still haunt me T.T

i'm not having any eco class tomorrow. yay! but i still have an essay to do, which i haven't. sigh.. i guess i'll just do it in the morning during my PS-again. now's 1.41am by the way. i just woke up not long ago. my body system crashed around 7pm and i couldn't sleep anymore. so here i am.

its all about school nowadays coz my life outside of school ain't interesting enough to jolt down. my sg.liang friends did invite me to hang out with them, but i was busy. besides, they just wanted to go seria's arcade. i haven't been there before and i'm not interested in being there. *yawns*

i wanna watch narnia2... i watched the trailer and it seemed really interesting! oh, and indiana jones too! harrison ford looks old odi hehee but he can still fight XP they said the forbidden kingdom's gonna be jackie chan's last movie. i don't know if thats true but i surely hope that it isn't. :(

April 28, 2008

watched da muvie! :)

i couldn't concentrate in class today. especially during eco class. i always have this tendency of wandering into my dreamland when the teacher is xplaining stuff. i'd just stare at her but the sound in my head drowns out her voice. i think she need to learn how to teach. =p if only mr.ayaz would teach her. hahah.. jux jokin.. its just that she always explains stuff using that economic language, and u know me- i own a very lagging brain. T.T

anyways, i was thinking about the day ahead. coz im going to watch jackie chan's forbidden kingdom. i even picked out what outfit i'm gonna wear while i was daydreaming in class =D daydreaming is my hobby XD hahah.. oyeah and i hav dis b.stu test today. and i totally blew it T.T just wrote down whatever i know =P hehee oh i just remember, im having another math test tomorrow. -.- yawn.. everyday test test test.. is this what life is all about? hahah i guess i'll just study that tomorrow during my PS. circular measure makes my head goes round in circles.

we watched a kind of documentary (or whatever it is =P) in GP class just now. its called an inconvenient truth. about global warming one. u guys should really watch it. especially if u couldn't sleep. lols XP it wasnt that bad, but all those graphs, man, sigh.. all in all, i still hope we get to watch these stuffs for the next two years =D

the muvie's great, by the way. its really funny but i'd prefer it if they speak chinese. coz it seemed really unnatural when they spoke english as all of them are chinese except that guy( forgot his name. XD) and i was surprised when even the god from heaven with the white moustache speaks english. 1st time i see =P but its for a good cause though, coz that way anyone can watch it, which increases demand and leads to higher profit. damn, taking b.stu really gets to me. =P

April 27, 2008

I was browsing through some magazines and saw this model. Aint she pretty?^^ eventhough she has this heavy double eyelid she looks reli cute. I like her makeup too. Esp the purple eyeliner she has at the inner corner of her eyes. Makes her eyes glow. =) I’m a big big fan of makeup by the way =P

Looks like a barbie doll^^

April 26, 2008

Basketball match today

if i'm not mistaken, there'll be a basketball match today at kg.baru, seria. but my friend is going to bandar.. so dont have transport T.T

xtually im planning to go bandar later watch the jackie chan's forbidden kingdom. but leh.. dono jadi or not T.T i'm so determined to learn how to drive. too bad i'm not 18 this year. waarrgh!!

oyeah, i'm still in the process of saving my money hehee.. but its so slow man! now then i realised how hard it is to save and all it takes is one minute for me to spend it all. and i tot saving money is gonna be 'like kacang' =P

April 24, 2008

Diary writing

I have been writing diaries for years. Specifically, since primary 3. I remember i used to envy my eldest sister cause she have this beautiful diary in which she writes in. So i decided to have one too. And i have been writing ever since.

Even until now, during my free time, I still like to read them. Especially those that I’ve written in primary. Lols… I was so childish back then. I’d write about why she ‘friend’ me and why he don’t. all those nonsense. =) sigh… those sure are the good old days. By the way, here’s a pix of my closest friends who knew all my secrets. =D

Here's a pix of me cam-whoring in my sis's room. =P

Completed wallpaper

Looking good? Muahahahaha =D its halfway done though..

I took this in the early morning. It's just so pretty!! It's also a full semi-circle. its too bad i couldn't take it in one Photo.

miss my friends :(

its been a while since i last hung out with my friends from sg.liang. we used to meet a couple of times each week but not anymore.

i guess we now have our own life to attend to. all those homeworks, tests and assignment kept us away from each other. i cant meet up with them this weekend.. perhaps the next. hopefully.

April 23, 2008


so far i didn really hav any bestfriends coz i dont know the meaning of bestfriends. i have close friends though..=)

one of my close friends since childhood went back to her country, malaysia. (miss ya lots :< ) and we wrote letters to each other every now and then, talking about whats going on with life and what's new. its been 4 years since she moved to KL and i guess we thought that nothing has changed.

the thing is, everyone change. even when u think u didn change, somehow, i believe u did change and so did i. point is, i'm afraid that if she ever come back for a visit, she wouldn't be the girl i know all those years ago and the same goes for her as she saw me. =(

April 21, 2008

Car troubles T.T

i woke up a few mornings ago with an uneasy feeling. my stomach felt twisted and i feel like vomitting. then an urge came along... an urge to drive a car. i know, sounds silly right?

so i told my sis, sharon that i want to learn how to drive and she said 'okay, lets do it'. and so off we go to seria (i went to check my bibd account, and my allowance wasn't out yet. damn.), bought some stuff and turned into the road in lumut. the one which is along LLRC. here we are, preparing for my 1st driving lesson. sharon decided to turn around before we start and then 'gruuuuugrouuuuugrouuuu...' I panicked.

apparently the tyres sank into the soft mud and was unable to move. i think god doesn't want me to learn how to drive yet. =/ sharon decided not to call our dad so she called her colleague. we managed to get the car back on track only after some guys, 5 of them from the beach (no idea who they are, thanx though!) helped us out. man, i felt so embarrased and useless. jux standing there hahah

oh urm this happened just yesterday hehee so if u did pass by and saw 2 gals, one of em geeky, then thats me. =P but all ends well. =D

April 20, 2008

WYWY's special pau FALSELY accused

when the rumours started about wywy having this 'special' pau, i knew it wasn't real. i mean, come on, u tink wywy's dumb?

the thing is, i believe someone started this rumours due to wywy's success. someone's not happy about it. and saying that the restaurant serve pork stuff is a good way to bring down the business, since the owner is a chinese but it serves food for all races.

the ingredients were clearly stated in the borneo bulletin this friday. and all of them are from local halal retailers. so i have no idea where the pork thingy come from. u tell me. anyways, i hope this nonsense about wywy's 'special pau' ends soon.

April 18, 2008

crybaby T.T

recently, i watched a few movies and one of em is a long forgotten muvie: A walk to remember. starring mandy moore and another guy i forgot his name. anyway, its reli a sad movie coz the girl died in the end after having this sickness called... i forgot again. -.-'' cancer somethinglah. so, obviously i cried. i'm a sucker for sad endings n sad movies lol.. i love watching these korean movies which made me cry so hard T.T the harder the better haha =P

about 2 weeks ago, i dreamt about my cat, mourrie, and her kittens died coz a friend of mine, Teck kai(he starred in my dream hehe=D), stepped on it. I cried in my sleep and i kept blaming him for everything till i sobbed a lil too hard and it wakes me up.

eventhough i was awake, i was still sobbing. i touched my cheeks and they were wet. -.-'' cant believe i was reli crying eventhough i was actually dreaming. after that i went back to sleep as if nothing happened. XP its a wierd situation lols

April 16, 2008

Cute wallpaper

Violaa! Here's the picture of my latest wallpaper. hehee. i know its just a small one but lately a haven't been around to buy some more to fill the whole piece of wall. =( But its cute right?^^ Huahahaha...=D

Some random pix dat i took. Looks so refreshing...mm..=P

April 15, 2008

morning blues

i curse my beloved hp every morning when its alarm went off at 5.15am. the annoying song 'the day u went away' ring through my ears with its extra annoying vibrating style which goes 'groo groo groo' on the table. i still squint my eyes looking at the screen eventhough i set the theme to a darker one. from then on, everything is annoying till i finally sit in my seat in class, with the air-con on.

school nowadays is fine. strange thing was, i made some new friends during a trip a few weeks back. but when we are in school, its like we've never seen each other. sigh. its too bad i'm not the 'yo mama' type. or i would have approached them already. hopefully it wont be like this in the long run :)

April 14, 2008

found my dear friends.. muahahaha

i was glad i got to find some of my old (and some new :D) friends here on blogger. its kinda hard when u didn stay in touch but all the same. ive found u!! HUAHAHAHA =D

yesterday i went to d $1.80 shop at kb and i saw these reli pinkish hello kitty present paper. i bought a couple and stick them on my(my sis's actually, i slept there XP) bedrum wall. it luks GOOD man. lols. i tink its cute lah, rather than the fading pink wall behind it. T.T even my sis suggested me to buy some more (which i'm gonna du later after skul). my dad thought it looks lyk the toilet's wall tho.. [dad.. give me some support la -.-''] i'll post d pix here soon ^^ hehee

April 13, 2008


there's this expo thingy bout computers i went to last week at the mall and i found lotsa interesting stuff there. ive been particularly interested in one of the DELL notebook. its so cute!^^ i tink its kinda popular too coz it got '8 exciting colors to choose from'. well, i lyk d green one hee.. bt it cost around $1500+ which i tink i cnt afford now. T.T sad sad

recently ive started to save some money. big deal for me coz i dont normally do that. muahahaha XD so far so gud hehee but i know it wont be long before i use it again -.- ugh, i hate myself!

frankly, i wanted to close this account yesterday but i couldnt coz im using my hp. anyways, i got over it. life sure is boring, aint it?

April 6, 2008


Recently we have this g.p presentation in class and i must say, there are a few which is actually really gud. =D total confidence. it's like watching your teacher teach. very impressive hehee

on the other hand, there is also quite a few (sadly, including me T.T) which wasn't all that good. i've seen quite a few which is erm.. sorry to say.. very entertaining to watch. lols. one looks like he/she is about to have an asthma attack and another still have his/her cereal or whatever it is -.-'' on the edge of his/her lips. i wasn't sitting in the front but i could see it clearly. so distracting man! hahah.. i was staring at it and it was all i could do to stop me from touching the edge of MY lips. Anyhows, i still have a lot to improve myself. sigh..

April 2, 2008

Presentation finally over =D

we had a GP presentation just now. its about water pollution. wasn't all that bad but i was quite shaken initially. i realised that people get all these butterflies when they are about to perform but when they actually performed on the stage, it wasn't as scary as they thought. =) i know ive stumbled across a few words at the same time though. eek! T.T

when i was in secondary school, one person have to give a speech every week during the assembly. unfort
unately, the teacher chose me. hahah.. well, i prepared the speech (coincidently its also about the environment, mother earth) and when i finally went up the stage to deliver this speech, ive forgotten a part of it n remembered blabbering words i made up right at that moment, coz i dont wanna look down on the paper.

Suddenly some bird flew by and dropped its droppings on it. -.-'' as if that's not disgusting enough, the weather was really breezy that morning and the paper flew back and nearly came in contact with my skin, with the droppings still fresh. eeww... T.T how unfortunate can i get? sigh.. luckily i didn't get to feel how warm it still was. ughh... hahah =P

The origin of april fool's day

apparently till this day, no one was sure why or when this day is celebrated. maybe the people last time all wuliao one. -.- It's known as all fool's day in the first place though. No one knew why it is celebrated all those years ago because the people didn't keep record of what they did. (so typical!)

i guess that's it. the origin of valentine's day is definately more interesting. =D

April 1, 2008

Crisis averted!

Phew~ finally found my Eco dictionary. somehow, i left it behind in Eco class and was able to retrieve it from the teacher. -.-" lucky me. well, at least it wasn't stolen by anyone else. wouldn't know what to do if that happens. XD

Nowadays i hav always been hanging around the PS area although i don't really have any friends there. most of my friends hang out at the canteen and well, i just didn't like the environment there. it has also been a while since i last ate at the canteen.

The food is..erm.. extraordinary, i guess =P lols. the last time i bought anything from there i actually stood in front of the stall for 5mins. just staring at the food... and then turn around and walk away. hopefully forever XP lols.

Today is actually april fool's day but i'm so over that. i'll find the reason why this day exist and post it here asap. It seems rather pointless though, this whole april fool thing. =/


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