April 13, 2008


there's this expo thingy bout computers i went to last week at the mall and i found lotsa interesting stuff there. ive been particularly interested in one of the DELL notebook. its so cute!^^ i tink its kinda popular too coz it got '8 exciting colors to choose from'. well, i lyk d green one hee.. bt it cost around $1500+ which i tink i cnt afford now. T.T sad sad

recently ive started to save some money. big deal for me coz i dont normally do that. muahahaha XD so far so gud hehee but i know it wont be long before i use it again -.- ugh, i hate myself!

frankly, i wanted to close this account yesterday but i couldnt coz im using my hp. anyways, i got over it. life sure is boring, aint it?

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