April 30, 2008

car sick

u know, since i'm living in lumut, and i go to school by car everyday, i'm starting to get car sick. i'd really feel nauseaus (dono how to spell XP). hot weather + car sick = VOMIT. =/

i just remembered. my kittens are GONE! yeah, they just dissapeared. can u believe that? neither do i, but its true. i came back from school to find them playing with each other (there were 3 kittens by the way) and when i go out during 5pm. none of them were seen again, except for their mommy. T.T where the hell could they be?
my dad thinks that the monitor lizard ate them. but all 3 of them? hmm.. but it happened before though, coz unfortunately, i live next to the jungle. i would like to whack this stupiak monitor lizard. dammn euuuu!! T.T

oyeah, i wanna wish my sis sharon all the happiness she could find.. hehee u know what i mean sis. dun act innocent =P

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