April 21, 2008

Car troubles T.T

i woke up a few mornings ago with an uneasy feeling. my stomach felt twisted and i feel like vomitting. then an urge came along... an urge to drive a car. i know, sounds silly right?

so i told my sis, sharon that i want to learn how to drive and she said 'okay, lets do it'. and so off we go to seria (i went to check my bibd account, and my allowance wasn't out yet. damn.), bought some stuff and turned into the road in lumut. the one which is along LLRC. here we are, preparing for my 1st driving lesson. sharon decided to turn around before we start and then 'gruuuuugrouuuuugrouuuu...' I panicked.

apparently the tyres sank into the soft mud and was unable to move. i think god doesn't want me to learn how to drive yet. =/ sharon decided not to call our dad so she called her colleague. we managed to get the car back on track only after some guys, 5 of them from the beach (no idea who they are, thanx though!) helped us out. man, i felt so embarrased and useless. jux standing there hahah

oh urm this happened just yesterday hehee so if u did pass by and saw 2 gals, one of em geeky, then thats me. =P but all ends well. =D

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