May 28, 2010

Circle lens

Hey all. I don't know what to say about the pictures that you're gonna see in this post. Yes, it's all me but for a very good reason! I'm here tonight.. to convince you guys to buy some circle lens from


No biggie. I've been buying lens there for quite a while and I gotta say, Katy's an awesome seller. You don't need to pay any cash before hand, only when you receive the goods. I think you have to meet her somewhere or something and then you pay. No deposits or whatever shit that people like to use nowadays.

The geo circles lens aren't bad at all. But what I'm loving right now, which Katy specially delivered to me earlier is the Barbie lens which is 15.8mm wide instead of the usual 14.0mm! Awesome~! What's more.... it's PINK!

The animal casing for free. :)

Finally!! I've been eyeing this one for quite a while now hehe

I decided to try on some of my other lens. For Fun. :P

Naked eyes.

With the Nudy pink by barbie lens. Make my eyes look super big!! love it.

Geo lens' Angel green

Why my eyes look so lazy aa? I'm actually really tired right now and I wanna watch vampire diaries!!!! =P

Moving on...

Geo lens' Nudy Blue. One of my faves too.

I don't know if this will work but Katy told me that whoever's reading this now will get 5% discount if they go ahead and decided to buy themselves a pair of lens. But you gotta say my name. Like "Hey I wanna buy all your lens (eseh...) Shely brought me here." Then kaching!! 5% off for you!! HAHA

Weird but fun I guess? :P

Here's how much it'll cost if you buy a pair, after saying my name. (Weird :P) :

1-tone series: $23 -- $21.85

2-tone series: $25 -- $23.75

3-tone series: $25 -- $23.75

Barbie lens: $35 -- $33.25

Dueba dreamy series: $30 -- $28.5

Hey what's with the cents??? Haha but you get the point. And OBVIOUSLY, the more you buy, the cheaper each pair of lens will cost you. =)

Go get yours now.

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May 23, 2010

Rojak post

Hey people... It's been a while. Haha.. Let me just update this tiny lil thing first. The latest movies that I've watched recently are

I can't believe how good Robinhood is! I think it's coz I read this news about him getting all mad about people questioning his accent in the movie. Gives a strong impression on me, you know and I've also heard some people saying the movie's boring and stuff but they were dead wrong. It's awesome. The story is pretty good! That's saying a lot, coming from me. =)

I think.

And Shrek, is as good as ever. Teehee... Puss is back and he's still so cutttee!! I love him to bits and pieces. =3


Oh, I also got this book today at Bandar. This is one book I will never regret buying.

Yesss, sign language! I've been so interested in sign language ever since I met Anum. I miss her! She taught me a lil bit of sign language (which I kinda forgotten) and it's awesome! I haven't seen her since we finished form 5 so... it has been quite a while since the last time I actually signed anything. I wanna pick it up again but there's no one to sign it with! =/

But I'll learn anyways. For fun heehee

From here on, it's pretty much like a haul blogpost.

Look what Shala got from KK =)

So cute!! But I kinda wish it was bigger and run on electricity instead of batteries. But still, a cute item to own!

And also, I mentioned a while back that I won Laneige beauty quiz at vancetan.com and this is what they gave me... not all of them, the rest are from the trial pack also given by Laneige. Like a test, we have to go back there a week later to see if there's any changes or something.

All these FOC. How awesome is Laneige??

My mum got me this! Its fake lower lashes! And costs about RM22. Crazy or what?? I haven't tried it yet.. wonder how it looks like haha probably make my eyes look big. And fake. But I like it anyhoos. :D

I bought this from the Face shop. Honestly, I didn't know they sell these kinda hair products. And gosh, they smell sooooo gooood!! I can just sit there in the corner smelling this stuff the whole day! Awesome right =D

My first MAC products! Total is RM120. F*cking crazy prices.

What I have been loving recently is Revlon's lip tint.

I don't think they are lipsticks. Just lip tints. Whats the effing difference?? Haha these are more sheer and sooo moisturising I loveee em! That's all I can say really. You gotta try this one out.

Ain and Ajim came over yesterday and it was... funny. Haha it's like pre-U P.S. time all over again coz I remember we three have the same P.S. period. It's fun hanging out with them again, oh how I miss P.S.! I have no idea how but we ended up talking about bushy armpits and stupid things hahaha

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May 17, 2010

Reality check

Everyone has one message for me today. And this is it:

Reality check much? :P

I feel so old. I wanna stay 17 forever. But like a friend said, we need to always look and move forward. Yeah, guess I should do that.

Here I am, signing off. Goodbye 18-year old Shely, here comes the 19-year old Shely.

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May 15, 2010

Time out


I miss blogging. I haven't been around to do it lately as I have no idea what to write.

I did watch Iron Man 2 though, with my dad. On Mother's day. Sorry mum, but you know I love you right? :D That's all that matters.


Robert Downey Jr. is super cute. I love his beautiful eyes I can stare into them all day long. hahahaaha

Whatcha lookin' at punk??

I'm actually waiting for the premiere of Prince of Persia & the new Shrek forever after or something like that.

Yeah, that about sums up everything I have to say.

Oh. Ain came over today and we had another awesome karaoke session. This girl can scream rupanya, I just knew that. Heehee :D I miss spending time with my friends all day long and just chill. Life sure is good when we're young and free and innocent eh? Now I can only see my friends on weekend & my bosses at work on every other days. =/

Time's up. I need to spend more time away from the PC.
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May 7, 2010

Not yet, not now.

I'm almost 19.


And here I am, typing the keyboard away alone in my bedroom. My stomach feels like its about to turn inside out. And for the first time, the body butter that I love so much smells like shit. I'm not happy. No-uh, not me.

The title of this post sounds stupid.

I finished work today at 5pm and saw my dad's car parked at its usual spot. In I went and my dad pushed a file into my face. Not literally of course, are you nuts? Anyways, the first thing I saw in the file is a paper with the letter word:


It's time to kick-ass. wtf.

My dad went ahead and got all the notes, complete with a form for me to fill to apply for my driver's license. Thanks dad. But for real, I'm not looking forward to it coz... of something that's happened in the past. Nothing serious but it made me dreaddddddddds driving.

Oh and something came in the mail like a few days ago:

Sorry the colour's all washed out. I don't have a good camera with me right now. I don't wanna do any swatches of these coz I'm tired and I don't have the time. Approximately BND30 for all these. Awesome huh?
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May 2, 2010

Ip Man 2

Yes, I can't believe it either. I watched a cantonese movie! Hahaa =P The last time I watched a cantonese movie is about... more than 2 years ago I think. I have no idea why I'm not watching them. I think I should, just cause I'm a Chinese. Haha but the thing is, I guess their storyline is not as good as the western ones? Who knows.


Anyways, I watched Ip Man 2 at the mall today with my dad. Today is like father-daughter bonding time for us. HAHA We actually planned to find Shala but bla bla bla, ended up not seeing her. Again. This movie is pretty good I must say. I'm impressed! :D The only thing I find weird is that Ip Man only seems to have 2 facial expression. The poker face and the awkward smiling face.

Apparently Ip Man is a serious man, as told by my dad. Only till the end did I realise that Ip Man really existed and that he is Bruce Lee's Kung Fu master! Haha awesome~! Eventhough this movie is pretty serious, it does have it's funny moments.

Oh and one more thing, the cinema is PACKED when this show runs. Packed as in a full house, up till the First freakin' row where you have to STRAIN your neck to look up at the screen. Me and my dad was at the fourth row closest to the screen. -___-" Also, everyone is so indulged in the movie that there are people screaming "FUCK YOU!" and "ASSHOLE!!" whenever this character in the movie says something. And they were clapping and stuff hahaaa weird!!

Just watch it to know what I mean. ;)

Woooooyahh! Watchaaaa!!

Moving on... heheee I went to the Freme Travel Fair at Sheraton Utama Hotel yesterday! It was also the first time I've ever been to any travel fair sadly :P But still, quite an experience coz I get to meet a lot of people! Not bad, not bad heehee :D

Picture stolen from Yan Zi. Hope you won't mind. ;) Betcha can't spot me! HAHAHA

Oh oh!! I got my NYX jumbo eye pencils!

They're awesome! So creamy and it goes on super smoothly. Love itttt

Here are the swatches:

So blur. wtf. But you get the picture :D

Another thing I got is the Mega Glo from Wet n wild. I have yet to try 'em out!

This one costs me BND16. Go buy it for USD 3.99 in the states.

I watched Avatar too just now. Bought the DVD back from Bandar and yes, I just watched it. So what?!? It's so good it made me cry. More than once. Shit.

Is there an Avatar 2? Hehehe
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