April 27, 2010

Me again

Omg I love this art!!

Yesss I know, it's me updating my blog again. I can't help it, coz I think I'm in love with my own layout HAHA :P

I think I had the music on too loud, can't seem to hear my own thoughts. Love My chemical romance. ;)

I realised I have a routine going on everytime I reached home from work. First is to turn on my notebook, then proceed to the kitchen to find some snacks and coming back to my room and just sit there staring at the screen till about 10pm before turning it off and heading to ma bed, My favourite part of the night. =P

I look retarded. And my webcam SUCKS.

A kiss without a hug is like a flower without the fragrance. ~Proverb

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April 26, 2010

New look.


Warning: Nonsense ahead.

It's time to update my blog again. Though I'm not really sure if I like this new background and 2-column thing, I think I'd just give it a try. I have a hell lotta links in my blog so I've always preferred the 3-column ones. Anyhoos, I have gotten rid of some links just so this 2-column blog would look a lil neater. :D

I've been thinking of dyeing my hair again.. and adding some pink! loves hehe I've seen a colour that I really like:

Sorry no link. This image above is obviously NOT MINE.

Nice aa... heehee

I've had everyone who watched Date Night telling me that it's awesome and had all of those who watched When in Rome told me that it's either not as good as Date Night or that it's not good. At all. So I guess I've done the right thing by watching Date Night and not When in Rome? :P

This one's real fugly. HAHA
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April 19, 2010

Just words.

Okay, this ain't gonna be much. Just words.

Haha yeah I can't believe it either. It's been a while since I last posted ANYTHING without any images of makeup, random deviant art stuff and me. -__-

Let's begin. Last saturday I went to Laneige to get my prizes but was told that the stuff in the prize doesn't suit me so they have to change a couple of things. Thus, I'll only be able to get them this wednesday. Went home and rested for a while (I remember it was a freakin' scorching HOT day.) until 3.30pm when Ain messaged me that she just woke up and is on the way to my house.

We wasted no time and put on these Korean songs that she burned and just... dance. HAHAHA that sounded kinda stupid. But really, it's not. :P Its a lot of fun, esp when you have a pro *ehem ehem cough cough* teaching you for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~ Haha that's the point. Right? :P

I've been reading a lot of comics lately in my free time. Fairytail. I just started about 3 days ago and its gooooood!

Okay seriously, this sucks. I need some images here.

My NYX jumbo pencils have arrived. And my Covergirl bronzer is ready for me. I'm ready too! But apparently transportation isn't ready. =( Sad to the freakin' max!!

At work... kinda stress every lunch break coz dunno what to eat! Like I'm so running outta ideas. Fried mee, Fried rice, Wet mee hoon, bread, nasi lemak, yoghurt, milk, biscuits, ayamku, boiled egg, banana, sushi, you name it I've eaten it. -____-"

Let's leave it at that. I'm done complaining for tonight. =)

Much Love, Shely

April 12, 2010

Date night

Hey people!

It's been another pretty good weekend for me coz... I watched Date night! :D Why do I feel like all my blog posts recently involves movies? =/ I don't think that's good. Haha but anyhoos.. it's freaking AWE to the SOME!!!


For me, if you wanna watch it, please don't bring along your kids (If you have one. Or two.) HAHA but it's damn funny!! I give it an 8 out of 10. Which is super duper high if you ask me! :D Oh and the tickets are only like BND4 each at the mall.


Throughout the movie you'll see Mark Wahlberg without his shirt on. Seriously, he NEVER puts on his shirt from the beginning till the end even though Steve Carell (I forgot his character's name) kept demanding he put some clothes on. But thats okay ;D HAHAHA

What I wanna watch next is 'When in Rome' but I don't think that's possible as I've been going to the theaters for 3 weeks in a row or something. Sharon said she ain't bringing me again! ='( sad


This is how I feel like on the inside. =___= But I can't take a picture of myself doing it coz I'd look hideous and stupid. But of course the model above nice la... :P

I'm talking crap!!!

And yesss, I did order a couple of stuff online again. I can't help it, there must be something wrong with me. Nothing fancy, just some NYX jumbo pencils and a couple of pigments. And maybe a bronzer... OMG I need help... =(



Can't wait for these babies to arrive on my doorstep. ;D

Sigh, don't you just L.O.V.E. camwhoring?!?

Much Love, Shely

April 6, 2010

Clash of the titans

Hm... I've been updating quite frequently, haven't I? ;) Which is good coz I get to release stress and you guys get to read some nonsense when you're bored. I know you are. Why else would you be reading this now?


Moving on~ Haha Yesss I watched the movie!! Phew I feel like I'm cursing it whenever I said I was gonna watch some movie coz sometimes it just never happens. =( But yeah, my wish came trueee BOOYAH


The story is kinda similar to Percy Jackson & the lightning thief or something. Except if you are 5, you should watch Percy Jackson and any age above that, watch this one. Look at that huge ass monster in the poster. Ridiculous. And his teeth. Come on, for real? But it's really kinda scary in the movie though...



Anyways, I like Medusa in the movie! She looks like some Final Fantasy character. Her tiny nose and basically just the overall 3D digital effect. The next line contains spoiler!! I like the part where she's trying to turn the desert creature into stone but it won't work and she's confused. Then the desert thing is like 'Hahahaa... TOGETHER~!' Then it explodes... Sigh so memorable eh. Suka ku. :P hahahahaa apakannn!

Just go watch it if you haven't already!

Hm... I didn't really buy anything while I was at Bandar. Except this


The papaya body butter.. finally!! And I went to Shop @ Sarah's. There's a lot of products sold there too.. like so much more. I'm definitely going back there. I noticed with Body Shop's body butter, some of 'em have really subtle smell. You have to be standing beside me to actually smell the body butter. The rest, my God. So strong! Shala once said it's choking her. -__- wtf

But I love it anyway~ Doh

Excuse the messy floor behind me :P

Much Love, Shely

April 3, 2010

Love that red!

Hey girls. ;)

I didn't plan to blog at all tonight but I realise that I need to write more. You know, release my stress. Haha hm... that's probably why I've been blogging all about beauty products. It makes me happy. :)

It's all about this lipstick I got that I'm going to write about tonight. Love that red by Revlon.

I have to say, I know these lipsticks have been on the shelf for years. (Meaning they're on the permanent line, not literally.) But I've never gave them any attention. Until now. And they're AWESOME!!!


1) They're really, very very moisturizing.

2) The colour's R.I.C.H. Loves~!!

3) It glides on easily.

4) Not crazy ass pricey.

This one I got is really red though. I've never been really into lipsticks so I never used dark coloured ones. But I guess change is good? :P I've always preferred to focus more on the eyes and less on the lips. But here goes nothing:


My lips are kinda thick I think and I don't know if that's good or bad. Never really bothered me though. What do you think? Should I wear this to bandar tomorrow? xD Hahhaa Feeling kinda skeptical about this.

Oh yeah, I'm going to watch CLASH OF THE TITANS tomorrow. Ehehee I'm so excited!! I'll give you guys a short review on it here once I've watched it. :)

Oh, Yeah.

I went to this crazy bitch's (Amy, you know who I'm talking about hahaha DOH)birthday dinner at the Seaview Hotel a couple of days ago. Here's some pictures stolen from Sheau Hui's facebook (Love ya gurl~)

And of course my fav picture of the night:

Hahahaaa :D

Then there's the incident with the policemen at the Lumut beach. Now that I think of it, it's really kinda funny. Hahaha that's one birthday which I'll never forget!

Much Love, Shely


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