May 31, 2012

My day out & FOTD!

Last weekend me and the siblings we decided to watch MIB3! I still find it amazing how they can make the younger K look so much like the old K! Anyways the movie is awesome! It's always entertaining to watch Will Smith's movies. For those of you who have watched it, don't you wonder why K's so surly when he's old before all the time travel thingy?? But the ending was really nice. That part towards the end before Agent J came back to the present is like a cherry on top of the whole movie script.

Men In Black 3


Decided to make it simple that day. A wash of virgin eyeshadow from UD Naked Palette and Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner.

On my face I have on Skin79's Vital Orange BB Cream + Revlon Colorstay foundation in Early Tan. I notice that the Skin79's orange BB Cream helps keep my face's skin tone consistent with the skin tone on my neck! My face tends to be darker than my neck and shoulders so the BB Cream balances them out!

Wearing Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop on my lips

Shala and Me!

Food shots from Kaizen! Totally no idea what these dishes are called lol





 At night we went out again for dinner. My look for the night:

I have on Smog and Darkhorse eyeshadow from UD Naked Palette

On my lips I am using Stage lipstick in Lavender love topped with Etude House's Roll roll gloss in Tomato Jelly Latte

May 28, 2012

The Body Shop mini haul

I've always been in love with TBS's body butter so I was excited to explore the shop once again after God knows how many months. Plus I have the birthday vouchers to use up but luckily for me the store is actually having a sale nationwide till the end of this May. 15% off all makeup items and 20% off all body and skincare items. As usual, I ventured to the lotion section. Here's some stuff that I got:

I've tried quite a lot of their body butters and my most favourite has always been the Moringa and Strawberry body butter! But this time I opted for one of the body butter from their recent-ishly launched body products collection; Chocomania. OMG. It smells so yummy!!
Chocomania body butter (retails B$24.90)

This smells like a mixture of chocolate and caramel. Claims to give a 48hr feel-good hydration but I'll never know because I don't wanna walk around for two days smelling like this, as much as I like the scent! TBS usually have body butters for normal skin as well as for dry skin but I think they all pretty much moisturizes the skin equally as good so I try to find one which smells the best!

Chocomania body soap and shower cream (retails B$5.90 and B$11.90 respectively)

I don't know why I bought the soap but I think it's coz the shape is too cute to resist! And I know I will be getting the 20% off so I just grabbed it. Sometimes I just can't resist impulse buying.. I tried the shower cream and I feel like I'm putting melted chocolate on my skin! I can't help but laugh at myself in the shower when I put this on because it feels like I'm slabbing food on instead of soap. The dark brown color of the shower cream doesn't help haha

The shower cream doesn't lather up very much but many of TBS's shower gel doesn't so no surprises there.

See there's even a label warning people that the shower cream cannot be eaten and must be keep out of reach of children!

  Strawberry body butter 300ml (retails B$32.90)

This is another one of my favourite body butters from TBS! Smells divine I tell you, divine! I know I won't get sick of this scent so I went ahead and bought the big tub. Though they are a bit pricey, these can last you quite a while! I read from somewhere that body butters are supposedly applied to the body when the skin is still damp but I find that it's harder to apply that way because well, the skin is still damp haha so I normally use them like I would a lotion. I prefer body butter to lotion because they have a thicker consistency and my skin is very much on the dryer side so I needed the extra protection the body butter gives!

Try and give the Chocomania collection a good sniff the next time you visit TBS if you haven't already. I know not everyone's gonna love the scent but I have to say, they smell pretty darn delicious!

May 25, 2012

Revlon Grow Luscious lashliner in Espresso

I recently saw that Revlon has released new eyeliners from the Grow Luscious range! Swatched them in the store and I kinda fell in love with it because they are darn creamy and super pigmented! Even the black is really black. Basically the black (onyx) and brown (espresso) eyeliners from this Grow luscious range is matte while the silver (graphite) and green (emerald) ones have shimmers in them. I bought two of them, espresso and emerald. Drowning in regret now for not getting the black one! 

Revlon Grow Luscious lashliner

Revlon Grow Luscious lashliner in espresso

 I'm surprised these only came in four shades! Wondered why they choose to make a green eyeliner instead of a blue or purple one. Probably because it goes with the theme color of the range's packaging. They are not that expensive, Guardian is currently having a sale and I believe these retail for B$12+.

A light swatch of Grow Luscious lashliner in espresso

Because they are in the Grow Luscious range, these eyeliners claim to have ingredients that help 'nourishes and support healthy lashes' and are hence called lashliners instead of eyeliners. They also claim to be made from botanical and vitamin rich formula. Personally, I don't really mind what ingredients they use as long as it doesn't harm my health or others' health (if applicable lol).

I really like how easy they are to apply. With just one swipe of this on my lashline I can get a super intense color! And once they dry down and settle, your eyeliner pretty much won't budge! The longest time I wore this is 8 hours and they managed to last that long on my eyelids, no creasing whatsoever. It did smudge a little no doubt because of yawning and stuff but there were no major smudge issues like how you get with lousy eyeliners.

I'm definitely impressed with these. Another reason why Revlon is always my top pick for drugstore makeup! I'm probably gonna pick up that matte black lashliner the next time I walk into Guardian!

Here's a FOTD I did using Espresso as my eyeliner:

Probably can't even tell I'm wearing eyeliner. Gah!

And just for fun, here's a before and after makeup:

The first thing Shala noticed when she saw this is that I'm cross-eyed fml! Before and afters always made me realise how dull my skin actually is! Thank God for blushers and highlighters!

I have a habit of combining foundations. Here I am using Revlon PhotoReady Foundation in Medium Beige and Skin79's Vital Orange BB Cream! 

On my lips: MAC lipstick in Bubblegum and Etude House's Moon Crystal Power lipgloss in Purply Holy Beam. Gawddd. Come on Etude House! You can do better than naming your gloss... that!!

May 22, 2012

Essence Silky touch blush

I am very much into blushers but I think it's kinda hard for me to find ones that I really like here locally. Many of the korean branded ones are too powdery for my liking and many are super light it just doesn't work with my skin tone. which is kinda sad because I wanted to like them so bad lol Every time I walk into a korean beauty store here I always thought to myself Okay, I will just swatch the blushers one more time. Who knows it might actually work this time. Well... it kinda never does.

I bought these two blushers a while back from Paloma.

Essence Silky touch blush in Adorable and Natural Beauty

Essence Silky touch blush in Adorable

Essence Silky touch blush in Natural Beauty

These are super cheap as well, just like all of the other Essence products. The pigmentation of these are decent, not as good as I'd hoped for but I guess I get what I paid for lol Good thing is with these you can layer them on if you want a stronger pay off. They are also not as powdery as the korean branded ones. 

I don't know about the other blushers but these two that I bought have a slight shimmer to them. However they are so subtle it's hardly noticeable so it doesn't really bother me at all. From the swatches below they even came out looking pretty matte!


If you are looking for affordable blushers I'd recommend you to try this out. May not be the best ones you can find out there but it definitely gives you plenty of bang for the buck!

May 18, 2012

I'm 21!

Gah I'm officially in my twenties! Another year wiser lol I had a great time yesterday and I wanna thank everyone that has greeted me on facebook, twitter, instagram, sms, watsapp and face to face! Thank you thank you thank you! I feel so blessed to have such awesome friends in my life. :D

The cake Syeeda and Ajim got me.

It was kinda spontaneous, what happened yesterday. They showed up at my door and told me to jump into the car lol Not exactly but I didn't receive the text Syeeda sent me so I wasn't prepared at all! Initially planned to go bowling but ended up watching a movie, Mirror, mirror! It was good but not epic or anything. It's the kind of movie a 7-year old watch I think haha

Out birthdays are very close so, Happy birthday to you too mom!

May 13, 2012

Out for movies + Mother's day

A few days ago the movie Dark Shadows premiered here in Brunei so Syeeda decided to bring me and Ain along to watch it. Gahh I was so excited because I've watched the trailer and it looks pretty good though I've heard quite a lot of stuff said about the movie that is not really positive as well. But ah what the heck it's Johnny Depp and I like watching most of his movies so I couldn't care less about the comments. Apparently this movie is actually from a series which is not a comedy series so some people are not happy that the movie strayed. Or something like that. Anyways, we ended up watching two movies in a row!

 Dark shadows

I give it a 7/10. Some parts of the movie is really funny! I wouldn't say that this is the best Tim Burton movie Depp has starred in because honestly, Edward Scissorhand and even Sweeney Todd seems to have more flare than this movie. Even Sleepy Hollow is better I think but I guess this is a much tamer version of the movies that Tim Burton usually comes out with. Something that the whole family can watch and enjoy.

 The Avengers

This one is super awesome, a solid 8.5/10! I watched it the first time at the PSB Dualplex Cinema in Seria, the 3D version and we sat in the most front row which sucks but it was good. When I watched it with the girls again at the mall the second time around, the movie just gets better! haha Gosh Thor and Iron Man are my favs!! Super funny too! This is a must watch definitely!

Here's my FOTD.



Some random shots taken during the day. Didn't take much shots this time.

Syeeda and Ain

Aglio olio

Prawn rolls

Caesar salad. Surprisingly there are no eggs in these haha

 It's always fun spending time with these lovely ladies. There's always gonna be something to talk about and to laugh about. Best thing is we tend to watch the same TV series and read the same books and listen to the same music so you can imagine how noisy we are when we got together lol


Well today is mother's day! Happy mother's day to all the mothers out there!

 My awesome mom. Love you lots! 


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