May 28, 2012

The Body Shop mini haul

I've always been in love with TBS's body butter so I was excited to explore the shop once again after God knows how many months. Plus I have the birthday vouchers to use up but luckily for me the store is actually having a sale nationwide till the end of this May. 15% off all makeup items and 20% off all body and skincare items. As usual, I ventured to the lotion section. Here's some stuff that I got:

I've tried quite a lot of their body butters and my most favourite has always been the Moringa and Strawberry body butter! But this time I opted for one of the body butter from their recent-ishly launched body products collection; Chocomania. OMG. It smells so yummy!!
Chocomania body butter (retails B$24.90)

This smells like a mixture of chocolate and caramel. Claims to give a 48hr feel-good hydration but I'll never know because I don't wanna walk around for two days smelling like this, as much as I like the scent! TBS usually have body butters for normal skin as well as for dry skin but I think they all pretty much moisturizes the skin equally as good so I try to find one which smells the best!

Chocomania body soap and shower cream (retails B$5.90 and B$11.90 respectively)

I don't know why I bought the soap but I think it's coz the shape is too cute to resist! And I know I will be getting the 20% off so I just grabbed it. Sometimes I just can't resist impulse buying.. I tried the shower cream and I feel like I'm putting melted chocolate on my skin! I can't help but laugh at myself in the shower when I put this on because it feels like I'm slabbing food on instead of soap. The dark brown color of the shower cream doesn't help haha

The shower cream doesn't lather up very much but many of TBS's shower gel doesn't so no surprises there.

See there's even a label warning people that the shower cream cannot be eaten and must be keep out of reach of children!

  Strawberry body butter 300ml (retails B$32.90)

This is another one of my favourite body butters from TBS! Smells divine I tell you, divine! I know I won't get sick of this scent so I went ahead and bought the big tub. Though they are a bit pricey, these can last you quite a while! I read from somewhere that body butters are supposedly applied to the body when the skin is still damp but I find that it's harder to apply that way because well, the skin is still damp haha so I normally use them like I would a lotion. I prefer body butter to lotion because they have a thicker consistency and my skin is very much on the dryer side so I needed the extra protection the body butter gives!

Try and give the Chocomania collection a good sniff the next time you visit TBS if you haven't already. I know not everyone's gonna love the scent but I have to say, they smell pretty darn delicious!


  1. Nice post! My favorite is the Mango Body Butter from there! I like the strawberry too

  2. Hmm you make me want chocolate :P My favourite is the satsuma body butter!



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