May 13, 2012

Out for movies + Mother's day

A few days ago the movie Dark Shadows premiered here in Brunei so Syeeda decided to bring me and Ain along to watch it. Gahh I was so excited because I've watched the trailer and it looks pretty good though I've heard quite a lot of stuff said about the movie that is not really positive as well. But ah what the heck it's Johnny Depp and I like watching most of his movies so I couldn't care less about the comments. Apparently this movie is actually from a series which is not a comedy series so some people are not happy that the movie strayed. Or something like that. Anyways, we ended up watching two movies in a row!

 Dark shadows

I give it a 7/10. Some parts of the movie is really funny! I wouldn't say that this is the best Tim Burton movie Depp has starred in because honestly, Edward Scissorhand and even Sweeney Todd seems to have more flare than this movie. Even Sleepy Hollow is better I think but I guess this is a much tamer version of the movies that Tim Burton usually comes out with. Something that the whole family can watch and enjoy.

 The Avengers

This one is super awesome, a solid 8.5/10! I watched it the first time at the PSB Dualplex Cinema in Seria, the 3D version and we sat in the most front row which sucks but it was good. When I watched it with the girls again at the mall the second time around, the movie just gets better! haha Gosh Thor and Iron Man are my favs!! Super funny too! This is a must watch definitely!

Here's my FOTD.



Some random shots taken during the day. Didn't take much shots this time.

Syeeda and Ain

Aglio olio

Prawn rolls

Caesar salad. Surprisingly there are no eggs in these haha

 It's always fun spending time with these lovely ladies. There's always gonna be something to talk about and to laugh about. Best thing is we tend to watch the same TV series and read the same books and listen to the same music so you can imagine how noisy we are when we got together lol


Well today is mother's day! Happy mother's day to all the mothers out there!

 My awesome mom. Love you lots! 

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  1. i love avengers :) it's like the best movie of the year!



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