September 27, 2011

What's in my bag?

Hey people!

Figured I should type up a post since I'm nice and productive today (not really) and this is my way of giving myself a treat, much like how you give a kid ice cream when she's obedient. ehem ehem... haha but seriously, that's how much I sort of enjoyed blogging! This particular post is actually my 402th! Whoop whoop!! #patsownback

By the way, I am thinking of hosting a giveaway some time soon so watch out for that! :D And even though the prizes might seem boring to you, just join! Support support yi sia. After all it's gonna be my first! And hopefully not last hee... :D

I've been tagged by the super sweet Jasmine to do a What's in my bag post some few weeks ago maybe? A tiny warning from me, I don't have anything interesting in my bag but I know I love watching this sort of videos on youtube (because I kepo) so just be happy that you get to take a peek in the mighty Shely's bag wtf

Summit bag which I bought back in February

I hardly change my bags routinely. Normally I'd use one till it looks like it's gonna fall apart before I go get another one but so far this one is holding up pretty good! I like that it's big too! The two zipper pockets in the front is super useful. Love it.

My keys.

My fake Gucci aviators which costs RM9.90. I got them in KK last Dec, after I accidentally dropped my old ones in a toilet bowl fml

Food coupons for survival at the hostel

Tissues dry and wet. You never know which ones you need lol Also because I don't use hand sanitizers often because the alcohol in most of them stings my hand. Yes I have sensitive skin ugh

Assorted hair ties! lol

Wella's Dry Shampoo and Johnson's baby powder. Dry shampoo because sometimes my hair gets oily pretty quickly so in case I need to take a photo or whatnot I can still save it from being oily-looking in pictures! Very important ok!! :p

Another trick I learned from Kenny and Azizy is to use Johnson's baby powder on your face if it gets oily/unfresh throughout the day. Seriously though, this thing works like magic! It's so cheap and convenient to carry around! Plus it makes your skin super smooth like a baby's ass! Who wouldn't want their skin to feel like a baby's ass??! huh?!


Tiny bottled perfume, Nivea Strawberry lip balm and a pendrive. Essentials, essentials. ;)

Finally, my Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W320! I'm using that to take this shot so obvi the case is empty lol But if you know me, you'll know that I carry this around with me everywhere I go! Hence the many food shots... :p

The two other things that weren't shown here are my purse and umbrella. See how awesome the bag is? It fits everything I need perfectly!

Okay I'm tagging Frieda and Sophia! Hm.. both of them younger than me :'( And Sharon too!
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September 25, 2011


Hey guys!

Just a post full of food piccies!!

Fish slices + Beancurd

Fish again!

Elenah's black pepper chix!

Sabotaging my iPhone again! :p

Me and Kenny!

"Food's waiting for me..."

Okay so maybe I do eat like a guy sometimes... SUE ME!!

During Prins of Management lecture break :D

Me and Otis!

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September 19, 2011

My Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette!

Hey people!

I received this palette a few weeks ago which is among a few other palettes that dearest Izzy brought back with her to Brunei from the UK. So happy! I finally tried this palette out just yesterday haha I know Shop @ Sarah's stocking this particular palette so if you want it, go and get it asap! I got mine for £39.

Back of the packaging

The details on the side. SO PRETTY!!

"We don't do animal testing. How could anyone?" cute!


If you don't already know you can lift the top part of the palette and there's a compartment below where you can store your fine jewelry and stuffs. Sweet or what? :D

The pigmentation is incredible as usual. Urban Decay's eyeshadows never fail to impress me, except of course those with glitter fall outs. I hate those. -__- haha But overall they are super awesome eyeshadows. You don't need a lot to work with so I guess in a way you're saving money too? :D

Also this palette has a nice weight to it. The added weight especially the cover of this palette gives me the impression that it's of good quality. The palette's sturdy and looks very... how should I say this... sophisticated, if I may. :p

Used Midnight Rodeo, M.I.A, and Deep End.

The collar of my top looks distorted.

On my face:
Revlon colorstay in Early tan
MAC MSF Natural in medium deep
MAC blush in Desert Rose
MAC MSF in Soft and Gentle

On my lips: Lush lotus. Gawd I love Stage's lipticks!!

Okay last shot. :p
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September 17, 2011

Makeup competition with Jessie!

Hey guys!

So I attended the Health and Beauty workshop organized by UBD's aerobic club this friday and if you didn't know I joined the makeup competition they organized. I didn't win but I had a ton of fun! The competition was really nerve wrecking my hands were shaking when it started lol
But it was an awesome adrenaline rush I wish I can feel it again wtf

Anyways most of the shots are taken by none other than one of the sweetest blogger ever, Jesmine! Thank you thank you :DD Go check her blog out! (After reading this post of course) lol :p

Free membership sign up!

Some of the stuff they are selling

Boys over flowers guy

Makeup demo by The Face Shop!

Jessie and me before the competition starts

My stuffs

J's stuff

One of the contestants. She got first place!

The prizes!

The little ones are SilkyGirl mascara and lipstick which I'm giving away soon.. :p

Me with the president of the Aerobics club!

While waiting for results. Okay I have to admit it looks like I didn't put anything on at all. -__-

Show casting our shadows lol

Group shot with the other contestants. All of them are super good in makeup!!! Before the competition I told my friends: "No win nevermindlah, as long as can beat Jessie..." She won third place LOL
Guess I still have a lot to learn huh? ;)

I look so blur fml

Okay that's all!! Haha it's pretty fun! Coz I never joined anything like this in my life. I have a feeling if Lenah joined this for sure she will win one lol
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