October 26, 2012

Skin79 Chiffon BB Mousse

Skin79 released another new product called the Chiffon BB Mousse a few months back and I can't believe I didn't realize it until about three weeks ago! I was lucky enough to be given a chance to try it out and once again, I'm impressed!

Skin79 Chiffon BB Mousse

 Skin79 Chiffon BB Mousse

I just can't get over the packaging, it's too adorable! The Chiffon BB Mousse comes in a white metallic tin can sprinkled with colorful drawings of hearts, leaves and dandelion it reminds me of summer and autumn at the same time. Compared to the other products Skin79 released before, this particular one has (I think) the most youthful looking packaging and I love it! Of course, the BB Mousse wouldn't be complete without any sun protection so with it comes a UV protection of SPF30++!

 Skin79 Chiffon BB Mousse and Hot Pink BB Cream

Here is the Chiffon BB Mousse and Hot Pink BB Cream side by side for size comparison. The Chiffon BB Mousse holds more with 50g of product whilst the Hot Pink BB Cream holds 40g of product. 


The BB Mousse dispenses like how regular hair mousse would so you'll need to give it a good shake before pressing the nozzle. You don't need much, trust me! Just a quick pump and you'd have more than enough for the entire face and neck area.

Before, during and after blending

 Before and after 

After dispensing the product onto the back of my hand, I normally just dab a generous amount onto my face and neck and then blend them into my skin with a foundation brush. I wouldn't recommend using your fingers to apply this because of the foamy texture of the BB Mousse. Foundation brushes or facial sponges are the way to go! Skin79 is also selling Chiffon sponges made especially for the Chiffon BB Mousse for B$16.90!

  Before and after

I hate to say this but... I'm starting to like the Chiffon BB Mousse more than their Hot Pink BB Cream!! lol At first I didn't know what to expect because I've never tried any mousse-type products prior to this so you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when I realize how lightweight this BB Mousse is! It evens out my skin tone perfectly and is pretty moisturizing too. Even though it's very lightweight, the coverage is incredible! I don't know what it is they put in this BB Mousse but it left my skin feeling super hydrated and I'm lovin' it~!

The skin would feel slightly sticky after applying the BB Mousse so I'll just wait a short while for it to set before lightly dusting Skin79's Sun Protect Beblesh Pact all over my face and neck area to set the BB Mousse. Then I'm good to go! This will usually lasts a good 6 hours on me.

According to the packaging, Skin79's Chiffon BB Mousse is infused with Glacial and Coral water to 'cool down damaged and irritated skin' as well as Mistletoe Extract and Swiss Alpine Herb to 'maintain water balance' in the skin.

All in all, I like it and would recommend it 100%! To be honest, this BB Mousse is the only foundation/BB I've used ever since I got it three weeks ago. The others are just sitting in my makeup drawers... yikes. Skin79 Chiffon BB Mousse retails for B$55.90. Give them a try if you're looking for something different in your daily makeup routine or if you just need a good lightweight BB product with UV protection! 

Also check out Skin79 Brunei's facebook here!

Skin79 Chiffon BB Mousse

October 22, 2012

Shop Laurella

For today's post I will be introducing to you guys a newly launched clothing web store based in Singapore called Shop Laurella!

Shop Laurella

Shop Laurella was launched late last month and they are currently offering an opening sale of 15% off for all members! Don't worry, they ship internationally. :)

I browsed through the website on the day it was launched (Yes, I was kinda excited about it!) and noticed that they have a lot of cute and trendy designs such as the Hi-Low top and the printed floral shorts! Keep in mind that this is only the first collection. I can't wait to see what they have in store for us in the future!

Wenying, the owner of Shop Laurella, is kind enough to let me try out a few of their tops!

Estee Knitted Top



This is my favorite! I have never owned any clothing item in mint green before and I love it. The loose sleeves gives off a very cozy yet cute feel to the whole outfit. I actually went to Deseo and iTop in Gadong to see if I can find something similar to this and so far, I haven't found anything like it! 

Holly Watermarked Top



 This is also available in black but I personally prefer the white one just because I own too many black tops! It's nice to wear something light in color every once in a while. I wore the Holly Watermarked top with a belt to bring some definition to my waist but you can also wear it over-sized and off the shoulder for that chic and effortless look!

Harley Chariot Top 

If you knew me you'd know that I have a thing for sleeveless tops like this! The patterns on this top is simply beautiful and I love love love it! I wasn't sure at first if it would fit me nicely but once I put it on I was surprised at how flattering the cutting is! Like how the end of the top doesn't flare out but is instead slightly fit around the hips. It makes me want the same top in every color possible!

Check out Shop Laurella!

Follow Shop Laurella on twitter here!

October 18, 2012

Tops below B$20.

I've been wanting to do more fashion related blog posts for a while now but was never inspired enough to go ahead with it. The thing with outfit is that it's a damn hassle to take a whole body shot when you are by yourself. It took me at least 15 minutes just to set up the camera and the tripod and finding the right angle so I won't be out of frame or out of focus. Just these two tops that I'm going to show you took me an hour an a half to finish shooting. lol It's a bit ridiculous but totally worth it in the end because to be honest I had fun doing it!


The first one is this sleeveless top which I find really cute with the jeans material at the top and silk at the bottom. A local boutique (near Red Leaf restaurant) was having 50% off everything and the price range was usually B$30 and above and I got this for only B$15! What a steal!


The silky material flows down and is actually quite large, I think it's meant to be loose for that 'effortless' look but I belted it in because I'm big enough as it is and definitely don't need that extra material giving the illusion of a bigger me!


I saw this as I was walking past a clothing store which sells many of the Thai imported clothing. I think the little cats are just too cute! I also love the details in the shoulders! Guess what, it's only B$10. 




 I love trying out different types of tops but I'll always stick to the same style of bottoms no matter what and most of the time you'll find me in jeans. It can be a little boring sometimes so I like searching for cute tops to compensate!

I hope you enjoy reading this, I am still experimenting with the camera I used to take these shots so hopefully they will be better in the future! As you can probably tell I don't normally do fashion blog posts but we ought to step out of our comfort zone every once in a while right? :)

October 15, 2012

Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Plum

Welcome to my 500th blog post! Wow, can you believe how many hours I spent sitting behind a computer screen just writing up post after post in this blog? It's insane! If you are a new reader, please do stay and I hope you like it here as much as I do. lol. If you've been reading my blog for a while now, I salute you!

Anyways, today I will be sharing my thoughts on one of my favorite lip products from Revlon! 

Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Plum

Out of all the lipsticks that I own, I like the packaging of the lip butters the most! Just by the plastic tube itself you can already tell what the color of the product is.

 Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Plum

Guardian recently released a few more 'new' shades from the Lip Butter range and I have been dying to try them out! Especially Tutti Frutti because it's a velvet orange and you know how I have been searching high and low for a good orange! Sugar Plum I think is one of the colors that was first released and I love it!

Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum looks like a deep berry color in the tube but when you apply it on the lips it's really quite sheer. Which is good for me because if it is any darker I'm not sure if I will be comfortable wearing it out all the time. 

Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Plum swatched

Like the other lip butters, Sugar Plum is really creamy and easy to apply on the lips. It's one of those colors where you don't need a mirror to help guide you put it on. I like to think of it as more of a chapstick than a lipstick. Not too sure about the darker colors like Candy Apple and Red Velvet but for Sugar Plum, it's definitely sheer enough to be a tinted chapstick!

I'm wearing Sugar Plum on my lips!

The Revlon Lip Butter range retails for B$15.90. I can't wait to get my hands on the other new shades!

Read my review on Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake and Lollipop here!

October 11, 2012

My new blog header!

I have a new blog header! 

I recently came across this cute art blog by a local Bruneian and saw that she has the prettiest drawings! Coincidentally I've been wanting to change my blog header for quite some time now so I decided to contact her. After exchanging a few emails, she started working on my blog header!

 These were the two sketches that she came up with. I wanted something with a lipstick to represent my interest in makeup as well as a book which represents my love to read. At first I thought to choose the first sketch but after staring at the drawings for a while I realized that I seemed to be drawn to the second drawing more! The way she transitioned the book to the model's hair is really beautiful and I love how creative she is with the art!

I wanted to put my blog's name, Love Struck somewhere on the art so she suggested putting it in the model's hair to bring attention to the name of the blog before people notice the art itself! Hsieying is just bursting with incredible ideas I can't even. So I gave her the green light and she started working on it.

My new blog header!

Hsieying finished this piece in just four days! It's a combination of digital art and pencil. I really like the details in the hair and well as the lips!

If you're interested in seeing more of Hsieying's artwork, check out her art blog here!

October 7, 2012

Attending my cousin's wedding

Me and the family attended our cousin's wedding reception today at ICC. It's my first time going to a muslim wedding reception in a hall! Normally it takes place at either the groom or bride's place but I guess times are changing. Plus it's great to be able to enjoy the air-conditioner indoors! 

The seating place for the newly wed. Love the soft pink touches!

Prayer time...

My cousin and the siblings!

A shot with my aunt and yet another cousin. lol

Shala and me

I'm glad I decided not to wear my glasses today. Don't wanna look like triplets now do we?

My outfit of the day. I think I look pretty decent, covered from head (or should I say shoulders) to toe!

Also picked up something awesome from Skin79! Review coming up in a few weeks! Stay tuned. heh

October 4, 2012

Books: Haul & Reviews

It's time for another blog post on recently purchased and read books! I bought these on a whim last month because I was almost done with the Uglies series. All three of these books I got because the blurbs at the back covers sounded really good to me at the time.

 Rosebush by Michele Jaffe

  This is an interesting one. The main character, Jane woke up after a car accident and slowly finds out that someone close to her was the one driving the car and trying to kill her. She'd wake up to go to the bathroom and find threatening messages written in the mirror and stuff. It's all very dramatic, really. I like how the author makes it seem like everyone is suspicious. There's no way of telling who was the one who really tried to kill her until the very last chapter! 

Don't look back by Laura Lippman

This was my least favorite read out of all the three. If this is made into a movie, it'd be a really slow one which I won't be able to finish watching in one go. Maybe if you're into crime stories then you'd be into this but I guess I'm not.

I won't give anything major away but it's about a woman named Eliza who was kidnapped and raped when she was 15 but the police managed to find her and the kidnapper. The dude, Walter was sentenced to death because apparently he murders the girls he kidnapped. Eliza was an exception and people couldn't figure out why. Even though I don't see myself reading this again any time soon, I liked the parts where the author writes about Eliza's flashbacks during the time period when she was kidnapped. There was another girl who was kidnapped called Holly but she was murdered by Walter before they were found by the police. The story actually goes to show that people will really do anything to survive even if that means another person has to die. Or perhaps Eliza is just too young to save anyone else but herself.

The Water Seeker by Kimberly Willis Holt

This is probably my favorite read out of the three. Holt writes in the perspectives of many of the characters in the book which reminded me of Dan Brown's style of writing. The story takes place in the 1800s in the states and it talks of a man who has the gift to find water under neath the ground using a stick. Of course in that era a gift like that is highly respected by everyone but this man, Jake Kincaid only does it when necessary because he hates it. The story started from when he got married to when he gets old when his son grew up to be a man. This is an interesting read to me because I get to learn a little about how the people live back in the 1800s where they just walk everywhere and every day and live in old houses and farm all the time.


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