June 30, 2009


Shala recommended this super catchy song to me.

Title: Secret
Artist: The Pierces

June 29, 2009

Caught up

I think everyone should know by now that the holidays have been extended for another week. Lucky or what?? xDD I personally think it's a good thing. (Duh!) N I also noticed that some people have started wearing masks, which is a good thing too eventhough it's embarassing and unpretty.

There must be some cool-looking health masks for sale right? For example:


Okay I think I overdid it again...-_-

Oh, here's some REAL health masks:


Still far from cool. In fact, it looks kinda ugly to me. Anyways, for the record, I haven't watch transformers2: Revenge of the fallen. I'm so sad I could cry right now if you asked me to, like literally.


Here's the official trailer. I bet you guys had already watched it right? (Scoffs)

June 27, 2009

Goodbye my love.

Found another video!! This one really touches my heart. Lols... It's a nice one and you won't see the singers singing it coz it shows a story bout this guy and a girl he likes. It made me cry!!

Watch it ya!

Title: Goodbye my love
Artist: 8eight

June 26, 2009


Been listening to this really cute song by Big Bang feat. 2NE1 called lollipop. It's not a new song or anything but it's really catchy + cute!! Do watch the MV!!


Also, I found this really AMAZING artist who draws really cute art!!! I went all gaga over it when I first saw and here's a few just to show you how perfect it is:

These images are taken from Gorjuss's account on deviantart. Follow her on twitter here.

Ain't the drawings just adorable??? xDD

June 24, 2009

Funniest trip

Finally installed e-speed. I’ve been wanting it since I was a kid. :D Anyways, I feel like I’m the last person in Brunei who installed it. Sad, huh? Lols Here’s the view from my window:

Raining now~ Yay! Hahah… love the rain. Especially when the clouds are like gloomy, it makes me happy. And here’s me looking happy:

Okay I have to admit. The trip to Bandar was kinda fun. There, you happy? LOL Anyways, we went to the turtle centre thingy first, which I still have no idea where. Somewhere in Bandar lah Okay? Stop questioning me!! So yeah it was freaky coz they preserve some of the turtles. Try imagining them preserving some human’s head in a jar, with the eyes open and staring. Yeah, freaky like that. Ugh… then the people there gave us some speech or another and we went downstairs to see… Turtles of course. Duh.

Here are some lousy pictures that I took of the dead turtles.

Sick right??? Belch

Then after that we go to the Mall go mam mam. I feel like so broke that time. Lols… Was having lunch with Fatin and Ain when Sherman suggested a place to have dessert. Snow-ice something. It’s like they make food out of ice. Weird.

Can’t resist to take a picture coz the spoon’s so shiny! Lols xDD

Went to Yayasan next for some sight-seeing in a boat with roofs and a loud engine. Like really loud you have to scream to let people hear you. It reminds me of the trip to Temburong last year. Not very nice. So we were on the boat right, there’s a guy who explains to us everything we saw. Like the monitor lizard, different looking monkeys, plants and crocs. I feel like some tourist. Not that interesting actually coz I get to see those creatures nearly every day. But it wasn’t THAT bad.

Here’s a pic of a rock which Brunei legends say used to be some guy’s ship which sank and turned into a rock. Personally, I still think it’s just a rock. I mean, come on! And the girl is Zaf :D

After that we all scurried into Yayasan, our final stop before going home. Found some food at Jolibee with Fatin, Ain and Syeeda. Snapped some pics again:

Syeeda, me and Fatin

Fatin, me and Ain

The road home was the funniest. xD It made my jaw hurts and my eyes even sipiter. Shit. Hahah… That guy is so over the top.

Oyeah, here are some other pics that I took:

Kaeli's new LG... nice the colour~

Hanging out with Kaeli at her room. Ended up not going to the basketball game coz we were having too much fun surfing the net. Wth… :D

June 20, 2009

It’s been a while since my last proper update. Thing is, there’s like a thousand things stopping me from updating my blog. Now that I’m finally here :D let’s see what’s new. Oyeah I’ve mentioned that I bought my notebook right? Here’s the first pic that I took with it.

Omg it’s fugly. But who cares? xD

Also tried the free LED light with Kaeli.

Lol… still very dark coz don’t have light bah.. Plus it’s like 10pm that time.

Pictures usually look like this in the daytime.

Tadaa… bright leh… haha

I know you’re complaining that all of the pics have me and it’s boring but then again, who cares??

Moving on… we complete the dance right, but forgot to record it as a group so I hope we won’t forget it anytime soon. Also did a lil’ bit of karaoke when the girls came over. Fatin can really hit those high notes! Cool! Haha… So whenever there’s a high note everyone automatically hand over the mic to Fatin the almighty. LOL xDD I realized that we don’t really need the choreographer. Might as well make up our own silly moves.

One week of holidays has been wasted and I’m still sitting here with piles of homework stashed on the desk. There’s still tons of maths homework I haven’t complete and also B.Studies homework. And I thought holidays are for us to have some down time. Can’t wait to finish my studies in SMSA and move on to greater things!! Like shopping, for example. Or even clubbing. The fact that I have no experience whatsoever on clubbing is kinda embarrassing for me. My friends would just stare at me and say, “What?! You never go clubbing ah? Like, never ever??” Lol… Really should step up my game now. Plus, I must experience life when I’m still young. Coz when you’re old, there’s no fun anymore coz you have to think of your future, family, financial problems and stuff like that.

I noticed that there are a lot of sale going on. I think it’s the mid-year sale or something. I’ve been to the mall recently and Omygod so many stuff on sale dude!! I especially like this shop on the third floor I think. The name’s Summit, selling heels and stilettos with 40% off! So tempting!! I’m kinda crazy over heels recently so don’t blame me if I splurge on them. Charles & Keith is also having a sale and the shop’s like full of ladies looking for the best bargain. xDD Shopping sure is fun!

June 15, 2009


Couldn't really get any decent sleep nowadays, what with all the events and stuff going on.

Last saturday is when we had our final dance lesson. And after that I went straight to KB for a lil' barbecue gathering coz someone's gonna serve his country with a shaved head. hahah.. wierd way to explain. And I was told that Fatin and Ain went home kinda late that night. Sorry for taking off just like that but I hope my bro entertain u guys enough! :D or I'll whip his sorry ass. hahaha ew....

Then there's Sunday. Woke up at around 9am and we flew to Bandar to support my mum at RTB. She got the 7th place. Congrats mum~ Whoever got 1st is given a B$1500 cheque. Not bad eh?

Then I got hold of a tattoo artist's contact number who's from Seria and was told that a star tattoo would cost me B$60! Its quite expensive but I wanna believe that it's a good one. I mean, IT'D BETTER BE!! lol... nop I'm not doing it. Relax, dude! sigh, my dad's gonna flip if I do it. But it's so fuckin' tempting!

June 11, 2009

Just a little more

Just wanted to post a lil' something here coz I hate not updating.

So I've decided. I'm going to school today. And not the beach. Don't wanna miss class, especially maths. I'm blur enough already. You know, so far, I haven't miss any of my classes yet. I feel like such a nerd sometimes :p

Anyways, dance classes again today. And the choreographer is starting to get on my nerves. The smoke at the seria by-pass is pissing me off too.


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