June 30, 2008

school reopens

i cant believe i did 95% of my holiday homeworks. i thought i was the only one who havent finish their h/w but i found out later that i was wrong. muahahaha XD i guess we're all lazy bums huh? lols

if i'm not mistaken, we're gonna take our report books on the 12th of july. hopefully our parents need not come. coz i think that its really not necessary.

there's so many empty seats in my classes today. some of the people i know who're leaving includes farah, sirita, syazwan, shukri and zaffy. goodluck u guys =D oyeah, i wanna thank ezzati for the earrings! love em! XD

been watching bbl again these past few days. SMSA A is quite good. and CHMS bandar too. i hope they compete in the finals and obviously i'm gonna support SMSA A. but still.. seeing st.margaret's performance, i wonder how they got the number 3 spot a few months ago when they compete in bandar. really makes me scratch my head. hahah

June 28, 2008

question mark

its been a while since i last updated my blog. coz there's something wrong with dst. sheesh

anyways, djokovic's out! muahahaha whoever out there who supports him: in your face, baby! XD im feeling so evil right now. and i havent finish my homework yet.. T.T sigh..

going on, ive ordered some clothes- from mteeline this time. the clothes there is far more cheaper in comparison to this other website i know. hope it arrives soon!

June 24, 2008

'Vot just 'appened??

wohh... wimbledon starts!

Roger federer won the 1st round..- as expected from him. muahahaha XD he's so good in tennis! Djokovic's still playing while i'm typing this but his results, so far, kinda dissapoint me. i thought the first round would be a piece of cake for him but as it turns out, he lost in the second round 2-6. too bad for him. =3

not that i care... coz he said some bad stuff bout R.Federer. HMMMPHH!! bad, bad Djokovic! -.-'' i support nadal after federer though... XD

anyways, it feels like the holidays wanna end liao. so fast... i was just getting started! sigh.. oyeah, my dad built this shoe rack for my sis. although its simple, i think its really nice and it even has enough space for me and sharon. wohoo! its about time too, coz my shoes are scattered everywhere behind shala's bedroom door.

did you know? : i'm ANTI-football. please don't bring up that topic if ure talking to me. =P

June 23, 2008


updating my blog seems to be a routine for me now. i update because i think i have to, not because i want to. and that- really sucks. Its like, 1.37am right now and i think there's something wrong with the air-con in my bedroom. its giving off heat. -.- absurd, right? did i just say absurd? gosh, i think i have to lay-off those harrypotter storybooks before i start to babble using proper english. (as if that's a bad thing!)

(5mins later.. after adjusting the control thingy on the air-con..)
feelin much better. some wierdo turned the knob towards 'warmer'. someone hates me. T.T as if i care hahah

you know, a whole week passed by so quietly that i couldn't even remember what i did for the whole 7 days even if it danced naked in front of me. (now where had i heard that before? XP) anyways, went to watch bbl again yesterday. smsa A won and smsa B lost this time. i think. not sure though, wasn't really concentrating on the game coz some stupid mosquito bit my leg and scratching it is the only thing i could think about the whole time i was there. i never knew a mosquito's power until then. never underestimate them... those bloodthirsty creatures! damn euuuu~~

did you know? : i had my first crush when i was 5.

June 19, 2008


i think i'm a tad too interested in this tennis star, roger federer. trust me, you DON'T wanna c me when i'm a fanatic lunatic. urrggh.. gotta snap out of it! gosh.. wake up shely, wake up! dammit...

nothing special happened today. just stayed under the roof nearly for the whole day. oyeah, n i watched 4 movies today. cant stand the boringness. really envied ezzati tough.. china... man, that's like.. wow! haha.. words couldnt describe what i meant to say, you got to just imagine how i'd say it. you know, how my face goes into a twisted position and how i seem to have difficulty in breathing.. -.-''

i did some of my homework. finally.. still have tons left to go.. god, give me strength XP its pure torture. its like having your fingernails dug into your flesh. literally. coz u didn't wanna cut off ur fingernails so it gets long. and your palm would hurt real bad whenever u pick up a pen and write stuff down. u get what i mean?

childhood stuff: i used to be a big fan of pokemon and sailormoon when i was a kid. >.<

June 17, 2008


Ive been playing badminton these past few days with shala. the weather's merciful. thankfully. i really need to improve my backhand though.. weak as hell. =P

i'm thinking bout changing my line from 2g to a 3g one. but im not sure whether its still free. hmm.. should i do it or not.. do or not.. do or not..

i finally ordered something from cuppycake. i hope its good. hee.. coz i know sometimes the colour of the item is different due to the strong lighting in the pictures. oh well, i've got my fingers crossed! =D so excited

about me: i hate yellow colour. (most of the times.)

June 16, 2008


I’ve made an important decision. I’m going to let go of my cat, Mourrie. She’s been with us for a year, more or less. And I noticed that she attracted too much unwanted cats whenever she’s in season. Meaning she’s ready to mate. And in the end, I’m always the one who suffer the consequences. For example, making sure that she and her husband, Mr. Boogieman, didn’t get hungry and getting bombed by my dad nearly everyday because of their unhygienic lifestyles. I like mourrie very much but I hate inconvenience even more. So, she’s leaving home today. Hopefully. Haha man, I’m so evil.

Mourrie. Boy, she’s so fat here. Haha

Went to KB earlier. Got my new IC back and its expiry date is in the year 2018. phew… which means that I’ll have to bear with that ugly photo of mine on my IC for 10 years! I’m so doomed. T.T you know, my old IC’s pic is even worst. My friend, Fatin burst our laughing when she saw that photo last year during our o’level English oral. Yes, she actually BURST out laughing. T.T after that, she tried to see it again and I made sure she didn’t. embarrassing. Haha xP

I really wanna post some pics here but I have no pics to show. Obviously I’m not the type who brings her camera to everywhere she goes. But I’ll try. =)

A patch of cloud I saw on the way back from school. I really like the colour of this photo. Nice, huh? =D

Source: deviantart.com

My all-time favourite picture/cartoon/whatever.

Mei mei looked like a Barbie doll here

A model from china. Real pretty.

My sis’s teddybear. Nice to hug xD

This picture is taken by shala of my er..finger. just to try out my hp’s macro.

Kaeli’s dogs. Look at the poor mother! So many to feed. xD

Took this pic for fun at the mall. Saw it in my friend’s closet two weeks later. -_-“

About me: I’m highly allergic to egg yolk, seafood and red meat.

June 15, 2008

smsa won?

went to kg.baru today to watch the bbl match. SMSA A won to PAP HRSB, then CHMS won to AAC. the last match, ie, SMSA B against PJN. erm.. duno who won yet. i left before the match comes to an end. frankly, its not as interesting to watch in comparison with 'above 23' tournament. coz obviously, the players above 23 are more experienced. no offence though.

i know my posts are kinda dull recently. i havent post any pic yet.. hopefully i could post some pics soon.

been singing karaoke with shala this afternoon. man... its exhausting as hell coz we kinda go for the hard ones. like power of love, my heart wilk go on and stuff. having a bit of a sore throat here. haha..=D

oh by the way, happy fathers day.. to daddy. XD sorry i didnt buy u anything...

random info: i own a blue colour toothbrush :)

June 13, 2008

holiday stress?

man.. i have so much homework this holiday. i doubt that i'm gonna enjoy it this time. T.T i was actually doing some of my maths homework a few minutes ago. and i got stuck halfway. took me a good 30minutes just trying to solve that one question- but to no avail. and thats like, just 1 question. i've got around 30 more to solve. T.T above all our maths teacher told us she's going on a vacation this holiday- to vietnam. excuse me, how bout us?? no fair! -.-''

speaking of my math teacher, i noticed that she sometimes said these really wierd stuffs. sometimes she'd say that we are like animals or something and we students have this rope tied around us. she would let us free into the open sea but if she didn't take care of us, we'd swim far far away and by then, she won't be able to save us but if she didn't let go of the rope, we'd be mad (meaning we'd complain and stuff). i was like, what the hell... haha then she'd always indicate that we are drowning if we couldn't solve 1 question. like i said : ''diela, diela. all die Already''. yup, that's her. XP i think she got these from chinese idioms and translated it directly into english, which is why it sounded wierd. lol

tomorrow is supposed to be the anti-smoking day in our school. but ive decided not to go. after all, everyday for me is an anti-smoking day. nothing special about it.

wanna wish my niece a happy birthday. =D one year old.. still got a long long way to go. =) may ur future be filled with happiness and love. muahahaha..

June 12, 2008

do you know that first impression of a person is made during the first 90 seconds after u met him/her? just a lil something to share.

Dm't really have any plans for the holidays. more movies and hanging out i guess.

i was told that there'd be some kind of a roadshow from UBD coming to our school. i wonder what that's all about. hopefully class would be cancelled. xD wanna do my homework in the library... sigh

btw, i got my eco 2 back. finally... but i got 56% haha XP the lowest i got so far. but no pressure, i can try again next time. hehee thats what our teacher told us. so good, huh? the other teachers would usually put on their dissapointed face and shoot u lotsa questions: hah? y you get so low mark? never study one ah? diela diela, all die already. haha.. know who i'm talking about? =P lol

June 10, 2008


School is damn boring today. Maths class lasted for more that 2 hours in the afternoon.

I used to despise going abroad to study. That is, if given a chance. coz i think it would really be lonely and everything since everyone you ever knew were not there with you and above all, they have their own lives to live and will eventually forgot all about you. obviously, people move on. This is where you're left alone, bitter and cold. haha exeggerating.

Anyways, that was how i imagine it would be. but that was then. Now, i think it'd be totally cool to study overseas. New people, new life. you get the picture right? And most of all, you won't have to face those of whom you despised. the one which you'd love to slam his/her face on the wall and shove 100 tubes of wasabi down his/her throat. Then you could use the 'beras wangi' rice sack over him/her and beat him/her into a pulp... okayokay, lets not get carried away here. hehehee...=D

So, my point here is... will i ever get a scholarship to go abroad?? T.T if i want one, i'd have to study really hard, which is kinda impossible for me. Japan, UK, OZ, Singapore. wherever, whenever, whatever. Anyone?? please?? no? sigh.. big dreams and an empty head just don't go hand in hand.

June 9, 2008


Mr. Boogie man trying to get into the room

Kaeli praying to the sea? XP lol

2 against 1. haha

this is the only picture of me that i took on that day. hahah

black enough for u? =P

Source: http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/08062008/5/photo/spain-s-rafael-nadal-right-receives-pat-stomach-switzerland-s.html

Rafael Nadal, winner on the left receives a pat from Roger Federer

Source: http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/080608/59/120i1.html

My tennis hero, Roger federer during the finals yesterday

Got my eco paper 1 back. i barely passed! phew! 16/30. haha... okay i have to admit that i really suck in Eco. difficult subject. and its only been half a year since i enter the school. man...there's more to come. T.T

I didn't fail my GP but i'm still dissapointed with my results. 31.5/50. which is about 63%. ugh.. so low man. I guess its either the teacher's way too strict or i suck. wish me luck with my Eco2. =)

I cant wait for the holidays to some. school is boring nowadays coz i dont have b.stu and eco class. plus the PS, that's like 3 extra hours of free time. would like to try snoring in the library some time soon. haha =D might be exciting aint it? esp since the librarian is like erm.. better not say it here. hahaha xP

June 8, 2008

roger lost?? NOOO~!!

my hero Roger Federer just lost to Rafael Nadal! Nadal won 6-1, 6-3 and 6-0!! im so hurt. felt like i was just enjoying the sun on the beach when a durian suddenly drop onto my head. yeapps.. hurt like hell. T.T sigh.. hopefully he'll win the wimbledon. muahahaha... wimbledon here i come!!

went to the beach today. wow.. it felt like yesterday after all the tennis action ive watched. haha.. it was okay and kinda quiet too. coz i think everyone went to KB/seria beach. anyways i'll post some pix soon. tomorrow. maybe.

the weather's really harsh nowadays. either the sun's damn scorching or the sky's having a heavy downpour. *gasps* it must be a sign... did i fail my GP?? *scratches head* anyway i sure wish i had doraemon's magic pocket. then i could make everything right. hehehee... (evil laugh)


got my maths n b.studies paper back yesterday. i got 87% for my maths, which wasn't bad but i was hoping i'd do better. my b.studies got 27/40. the highest that i know of is 29/40. man.. b.studies can be quite tough too. hopefully i didn't fail eco and GP. our GP teacher told us that 11 people failed in our set. freaky. there's no b.studies class for the whole of next week though. yay for me!

today is the day where chinese people (usually) throw this 'guo zhung' into the sea. i forgot what its called. i did planned to go to the beach with my friends, but most of them are still in the middle of their exams. =( its been a while since i last hung out with them.

Wanna thank ain for those cute earrings. ^^ a very sudden gift. hahah.. and lely too, for the pink decor. XD

June 7, 2008

middle of the night

its 1.43am. ive just finish watching tennis french open. federer and nadal next! wheeee!! xD

went to aerobic class and we did hip-hop aerobics. its pretty cool. the teacher taught us a dance which was won in a competition by her students. they've got this pumping, lying on the floor like fergie in my humps and all. the sexy jazz dance she taught is really seductive. not exactly my type though xD haha.. but it was fun to dance. =D

my friend, kaeli called me yesterday and asked (actually she threatened haha) if i wanted to join this drama competition in chung ching. if im not mistaken, that is. gosh, i hate dramas! they're so fake n lame (only my opinion). above all, we have to speak chinese and eventhough im chinese, i actually suck at it. yeapp.. s.u.c.k. =P so i 'kindly' refused. then she 'kindly' told me that its okay.. and that she'll never bring me to another bball match ever again. talk about friendship. hahaha xP

June 5, 2008

time wasting

i just noticed recently that my IC along with my passport has expired. so my dad brought me to the office at kb to renew it. we already sat there for like 15 minutes just to be told that i couldn't renew my IC coz i dyed my hair. WTF... SEKADAR. really bring much trouble to my dad cz he has to send me to seria so that we could do something to my hair.

i decided to dye my hair black. n i mean black black. really black. okay, whatever. i think change is good too. its been years since i have my pure original hair colour.. bout 6yrs. ironically, studying in a government school does have its own advantages. a friend of mine, zaffy did her hair using henna, which was cool coz the black is really black and the colour doesnt fade.

i cut my hair. kinda short for me. i actually planned to cut my hair lyk u know, the japanese style. lyk got stairs. u get me? xD haha hopefully i could get a lil pink highlight soon.

June 4, 2008


i remembered being rude when i was a kid. when i was around 5. back then, i was in pre-A. before primary 1 in st.margarets.

there's this girl who used to be myclassmate and her name's jessica. people made fun of her and accused her of doing stuffs which she didn't and i don't know why but that's how they treated her. some even said that she likes to steal stuff but it never bothered me.

my dad gave me $2 for buying food everyday and being a kid, i usually buy junk food in the morning and stash them into the drawer beneath the table and take them out again to eat during break time. but one day, i found them missing from my drawers and i saw jessica enjoying some junk food i which i believed was mine. (i still believe it was mine coz i remembered what i bought back then. xD). Anyway, i asked her and she didnt wanna admit. above all, my sis told her bro she was stealing and he just said,''she's just a kid, let it go'. i was furious. (childish! haha)

so, i decided to get back at her. one day, i saw her buying some food and then putting it back into her backpack or something. i then cleverly(duh) stole it from her. and when break time comes, i took it out and ate it in front of her. i have no idea how, but she knew it was me and started accusing me of stealing. everyone (my friends) were watching at that time.

then i lied and said that she's lying, just jealous, blaming me coz ppl said that she's a thief and i totally made it sound like a bad person.. my friends believed me instead. gosh, i still remembered the unsatisfied look plastered on her face. but i never cared, coz i am the one who was satisfied. i even rolled my eyes at her. i know, i know. i was being a total bitch. haha.. but i was a kid then! xD

that was like, what, 12 years ago?? damn. i'm getting old. =D jessica, if ure reading this, pls forgive me. =3

June 2, 2008


i cant stand it anymore. i hate copycats!!f**k.. there. ive said it. god, its so annoying.

did my last paper today. real tough. i guess that's coz i wasn't ready for that paper. but im glad that its over. now i can sleep peacefully and snore. did i just said that out loud? xD damn.. at least ive got extra holidays starting from tomorrow till friday. yay for me!

watched austin powers yesterday. very funny XP my fav. character is dr.evil. haha.. esp when he puts his pinky bside his lips. okay, whatever. lol recently watched movies/series/shows include : material girls, house, french open 2008 (i support federer. wohoo =D), national museum, raise your voice, superhero movie( u really gotta watch this one! =D ).

sure hope this week wont suck much. sorry for the use of rude remarks.

June 1, 2008



went to Bandar yesterday with my siblings and afung. Watched Indiana jones…muahahaha it was really funny! Especially shia le bouf. God, he’s hilarious. Haha…don’t wanna spoil it for you though. I just don’t like the thing that they are dealing with. Just too un-logic. Sigh… after the movie, we continued on our shopping spree. I kinda felt guilty towards sharon’s bf though, coz he seemed bored, just tailing along and carrying some of the paper bags for us. Lols.. sorry and thank you! =D Spent around $100. I tried not to be a spendthrift and just bought things that I’m 90% sure I’m gonna use. Hee.. Spending money sure is easy. But saving them? Its like hell. Believe me, I’ve been through it. >.<

I went to Bandar-again, today. For my cousin’s wedding. Its not bad. At first I thought we were supposed to sit outside at the camps but then we were told to go in. Okay, I really have no idea how it works. By the way, did I mention that my cousin’s a Muslim? Along with the rest of the family on my father’s side.

Sharon, shala, newlyweds, me, and my lil bro. man, I looked so dark! Sorry its kinda blur. My dad took this pic =D. my cousin is the gall =)

Okay I know this is really random, but look at the poor mashed up loaf of bread! (wtf…haha =D)

This is meimei from wo ai hei se hui. Look at her ears. She pierced the inner part of her ear. I wanted something like that one. =)

I’m having my last paper tomorrow, eco 1. but I haven studied anything yet. Feeling kinda lazy... I’m already in the holiday mood. xD


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