June 30, 2008

school reopens

i cant believe i did 95% of my holiday homeworks. i thought i was the only one who havent finish their h/w but i found out later that i was wrong. muahahaha XD i guess we're all lazy bums huh? lols

if i'm not mistaken, we're gonna take our report books on the 12th of july. hopefully our parents need not come. coz i think that its really not necessary.

there's so many empty seats in my classes today. some of the people i know who're leaving includes farah, sirita, syazwan, shukri and zaffy. goodluck u guys =D oyeah, i wanna thank ezzati for the earrings! love em! XD

been watching bbl again these past few days. SMSA A is quite good. and CHMS bandar too. i hope they compete in the finals and obviously i'm gonna support SMSA A. but still.. seeing st.margaret's performance, i wonder how they got the number 3 spot a few months ago when they compete in bandar. really makes me scratch my head. hahah

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