June 4, 2008


i remembered being rude when i was a kid. when i was around 5. back then, i was in pre-A. before primary 1 in st.margarets.

there's this girl who used to be myclassmate and her name's jessica. people made fun of her and accused her of doing stuffs which she didn't and i don't know why but that's how they treated her. some even said that she likes to steal stuff but it never bothered me.

my dad gave me $2 for buying food everyday and being a kid, i usually buy junk food in the morning and stash them into the drawer beneath the table and take them out again to eat during break time. but one day, i found them missing from my drawers and i saw jessica enjoying some junk food i which i believed was mine. (i still believe it was mine coz i remembered what i bought back then. xD). Anyway, i asked her and she didnt wanna admit. above all, my sis told her bro she was stealing and he just said,''she's just a kid, let it go'. i was furious. (childish! haha)

so, i decided to get back at her. one day, i saw her buying some food and then putting it back into her backpack or something. i then cleverly(duh) stole it from her. and when break time comes, i took it out and ate it in front of her. i have no idea how, but she knew it was me and started accusing me of stealing. everyone (my friends) were watching at that time.

then i lied and said that she's lying, just jealous, blaming me coz ppl said that she's a thief and i totally made it sound like a bad person.. my friends believed me instead. gosh, i still remembered the unsatisfied look plastered on her face. but i never cared, coz i am the one who was satisfied. i even rolled my eyes at her. i know, i know. i was being a total bitch. haha.. but i was a kid then! xD

that was like, what, 12 years ago?? damn. i'm getting old. =D jessica, if ure reading this, pls forgive me. =3

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