June 10, 2008


School is damn boring today. Maths class lasted for more that 2 hours in the afternoon.

I used to despise going abroad to study. That is, if given a chance. coz i think it would really be lonely and everything since everyone you ever knew were not there with you and above all, they have their own lives to live and will eventually forgot all about you. obviously, people move on. This is where you're left alone, bitter and cold. haha exeggerating.

Anyways, that was how i imagine it would be. but that was then. Now, i think it'd be totally cool to study overseas. New people, new life. you get the picture right? And most of all, you won't have to face those of whom you despised. the one which you'd love to slam his/her face on the wall and shove 100 tubes of wasabi down his/her throat. Then you could use the 'beras wangi' rice sack over him/her and beat him/her into a pulp... okayokay, lets not get carried away here. hehehee...=D

So, my point here is... will i ever get a scholarship to go abroad?? T.T if i want one, i'd have to study really hard, which is kinda impossible for me. Japan, UK, OZ, Singapore. wherever, whenever, whatever. Anyone?? please?? no? sigh.. big dreams and an empty head just don't go hand in hand.

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