November 30, 2008

I remembered saying that I’m going to post the before and after pictures of my bedroom. I think it looked much better now =P



Here’s some other pictures that I took…

Me and kaeli at the party

Plaza sutera biru

There are hundreds of photos taken during the party by tons of people in facebook… So I don’t think I need to elaborate any longer. xD

Anyhoos, there’s another Temburong trip meeting next Wednesday. I now officially announce that I regret making this decision. =P haiyah, so many forms to complete, things to buy, errands to run and time to waste. See? Nothing good comes out of it. -_-“ Plus, I bet that the jungle won’t impress me. I practically live in the jungle anyway. Except for the monkeys I think… I’m kinda afraid of monkeys haha… and snakes… and crocodiles… and leeches… and frogs… and big insects… T.T God, give me strength… *breaks down and cry*

I heard that the movie ‘Quarantine’ is very scary =D I always liked zombie movies…hehee wanna watch it la… not to mention Madagascar2 too..

Ugly picture

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wa... by the way, that's my new pyjamas hohoho =D
Lazy to tag ppl...

November 28, 2008


I just came back from the end-of-year party. its quite fun although its kinda wierd that every game must have at least a boy and a girl. but overall, not bad.

to cut it short, me, kaeli and ame wrapped cavan in a game. kinda like the little red riding hood, except the fact that he can't walk. we didn't win though, this guy who had a sexy paper-made hat and clothes won. and we all danced, a lot.

today might as well be an ordinary day to some people. but i know that certain people might think of today as 'special' lol... and i'm here to say that i'm happy for whoever that is. and just what the hell am i talking about? crap.

sorry ah, i didn't take any photos tonight coz i really wanna enjoy myself. its not like i can post pictures anyway. i know my blog's very boring. sorry!

I guess its time to hit the bed. goodnight peeps.

November 24, 2008

Far far away

I finally went for the medical checkup a few days ago and i considered myself quite lucky coz my eyes and ears aren't checked.. unlike some of us... tee hee =P and i didn't get any injection too.. coz i was already given an injection of the 'tetanus immunization' when i was 5. -.-'' i didn't know i was well prepared. huahahaha... xP

I tried for the conch piercing last sunday at kb. i'm sorry to say that it didn't work. coz the pierce gun couldn't reach the area needed for it to be called a conch piercing. sigh... so i did it in a typical area. i think the conch piercing will be my last ear piercing. dont wanna have too much. after that, perhaps i'll hunt for another type of needle to pierce through my skin... tattoo. hohoho... This better be fun! =D

I guess i'll be going to school on wed for the briefing on 'how to stay alive in temburong' by the OBBD. hmm.... maybe i should go early to avoid some chores..xD

Oyeah, i've finished watching supernatural S3 and i can't wait for S4!! i can't believe they let dean.... ehem, spoiler. anyways, i wanna watch S4!! x.X Gossip girl S2 too...

watched bbl tonight... don't remember the team's name but tumasek's coach was playing in the team i support and he's damn funny. xD Both team's quite tough, which makes it an interesting match to watch. i hate it most when both teams sucks. so boring. not that i'm good or what...

November 19, 2008

itsy bitsy

I think i'm going for a checkup tomorrow at seria with ame and nyetchee. This trip to temburong thingy has brought me nothing so far... unless u mean trouble, inconvenience and cost. sigh. it better be worth it. -.-''

Oyeah, ive been watching gossip girl recently... hehe... so nice oh, can say its one of my favourite. the bitchy people, innocent people and not to mention the hot people... very very interesting. =D haha... the plot is good too. Sharon bought supernatural dvd yesterday. finally, man! ive been waiting for years lol... sam... sigh...<3s... haha

I started to play this game again, goldensun2: the lost age. i know it aint the latest game around but i like it. thanx, siong! for lending me ur pendrive twice just coz i dont geddit the 1st time. you just made my holidays brighter! xD Huahahaha... so many things to do, so little time. which is kinda why i didn't do my maths homework. and dont forget the dance classes everyday.

about that, at first i thought that dance class is totally fun. but now that i'm going there everyday, it feels kinda boring. you know the feeling when its about time u have to attend tuition class? the dread? yeah.. kinda like that. like im going to tuition or what. haha..

November 15, 2008

Roger.... why??!

Going bandar tomorrow. i wanna go early though.. around 1.30pm but i have GP class till 1.30pm. which means... i have to escape that class! i know i know, no big deal right? its just GP and its not exactly the most important subject in Alevel. But the embarassing thing is, i've never skipped class before. ever. hell, i skipped lots of important events coz i don't wanna skip class. (snorts) what a loser. -.-'' but hey, i'll do it alright. next time. maybe. T.T

I think i ought to (wow.. ought to... never used that word before haha sakai xD) list down what i'm supposed to bring to the creepiest jungle in brunei. come to think of it, i don't know what i've gotten myself into. stupid! i'll try it here.

1. torchlight, in case i freak out at night.
2. pillows. i don't even know if they'd allow it or not.
3. candies. can't live without em.
4. umbrella. don't know what for, just in case.
5. penknife or cutter. safety in case i got attacked by bears or kidnapped by hunters.
6. snacks, for hungerpangs during the night.
7. matches and candles, for blackouts.
8. true singapore ghost stories, for bedtime stories.

and the rest are history. man... this is gonna be tough, like testing my survival skills. =P

(Tennis talk alert...)
I can't believe Roger Federer lost to Andy Murray! but i can't blame him coz his back hurt and its very torturing to see him torture himself in court. its obvious that Andy had the advantage here. no fair! =.=

November 13, 2008

Icienso y vela

Stomach's doing summersaults...
Leg's aching like hell...

Dance classes were sizzlin' recently. Me and kaeli thought it'd be fun if we booked the night classes for ourselves.. muahahaha its like we can choose whatever music we like and the dance tutor will be the choreographer and she'll make up some moves for us. Then we'd have a complete song and a complete dance for it. Much much easier than having to choreograph for ourselves.

if u don't watch tennis, you can stop reading.

Roger won! xD He's damn lucky coz stepanek wasn't using his own racquet, socks and even contact lenses! lol... i kinda feel sorry for him though, coz he's vacationing at Thailand when he got the call. ah well, i guess one should always expect the unexpected. The way i see it, i think roger ain't playing his top game. i know he could do so much better. dunno lah.. i don't think i'll ever understand.

November 11, 2008

Floating~ sigh...

Akay, i think i'm nearly finished with my to-do list. Lets see...

1. Clean my wardrobe (CHECK)
2. Clean my cupboard (CHECK)
3. Clean sharon's room (half a CHECK)
4. Clean shala's room (half a CHECK)
5. Do the laundry.

hmm.. so far so good. Oyeah, i heard the trip to temburong costs around $75, but its not confirmed yet coz our school might decide to subsidise too. it would be from the 8th to 10th december. I've never really been to such remote places so i have no idea what i should bring. T.T

Having maths extraclass for my 3-days break. Nooo!! -.-'' 2hrs of puremathematics torture for 3days in a row. sad, huh?

Guess what? Roger federer lost to Gilles simon! again! T.T why oh why is he doing this to me... sigh.. oh well, i still support him though xD

November 8, 2008

Liar liar

Hmm.. i can actually taste the freedom.. and its sweet! yeap, my final exam's finally over! (applause, applause...) hm.. what am i gonna do? what am i gonna do? xD hehee Let's see..

1. Clean my wardrobe
2. Clean my cupboard
3. Clean sharon's room
4. Clean shala's room
5. Do the laundry

okay, i don't want a holiday no more.

Man... what a sucky holiday. Anyways, i gotta do what i gotta do. I think i'll start later.. no.. tomorrow. Definately tomorrow.

November 6, 2008

Guilty as charged

Okay, i have a confession to make here. i may not be as innocent as some people thought i may be . Although my main mistake might be giving people wrong first impressions. Well, i don't think there's a chance for a second first impression, is there? Really, really sorry. I noticed that i'm very rude and thoughtless. And the worst thing is, i know that you're still mad at me. believe me, knowing that someone or anyone hates you sucked big time. (wince) sorry!

I've been going through a lot of wierd and mixed emotions lately and it's starting to freak me out a little. The things that people say, what they do.. surprised me everytime. People do wierd things and say strange stuff that i just couldn't process in my head. It makes no sense at all. i'm so confused and now all i want is to crawl back into my shell and just stay away from people for a while.

By the way, i missed my friends.. =(
To ying: if only ure here, i wanna talk to you. just like the old times before bedtime. =) maybe i'll write to u again soon..

November 5, 2008

Thirst of greed

I want a wall clock.
I want a rubbish bin.
I want a cd player.
I want to get all credits on my exam.
I want a laptop.

I need a 3-inches 'killer' heel.
I need a tattoo.
I need money.
I need bracelets.
I need 'killer' hair.
I need roger federer to win the masters series.

November 3, 2008

Jia you!

Been kinda busy recently.. Cat the bedroom.. hehee xD dark and light brown. Will definately post some pix soon.

Me, sharon, shala, afung, and one kaypo old friend, kiong -.-'' went to tutong yesterday coz i wanna buy some new stuff for the bedroom. There's lotss that i would love to buy but i dont want my dad slaying my head off. T.T so anyway, we went back home and continue adding the design.. and once again, one kaypo ppl take the brush and start to cat like some expert. but so ugly. T.T ruin my bedroom only.

I wanna thank some people here:
Sharon- for buying me stuff and helping around. (i know u actually lazy help de XP)
Shala- for carrying the heavy stuff and giving wierd opinions lol
A Fung(koko. ew, this is wierd lol)- for helping to cat, very nice, i like. =D and oso allowing me to become the lamp post.. hee paiseh xD

and lastly i wanna thank...
MYSELF! huahahaha i'm the best foreman. xD

November 1, 2008

Fail to plan, plan to fail

I'm so easily distracted. Each little things i see distract me from what's in front of my eyes.

I hope there's still enough tickets for me for ccms's promnight... i heard only around 100 tickets are sold but the bands already used up 20 of em. sigh.. well, its not like i'm from ccms but some of my friends are going... so.... haha u know la the rest of the story. However, i do think the school seems pretty fun. way better than my LAME ex-school. i still hate it.

By the way, i'm getting my bedroom back! i've been waiting for this day to come and after 8 long years, i succeeded! (aplause, aplause. thank u xD) Anyway, my mum told me i could give it a brand new colour. 2new colours actually. Also, i have my own bathroom. And its the 2nd biggest in my home. Why do i sound like a 5-year old kid show-offing? -.-'' whatever, thats not the point. The point is, i'm getting my room back! I'm so gonna pimp it huahahaha xD


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