November 3, 2008

Jia you!

Been kinda busy recently.. Cat the bedroom.. hehee xD dark and light brown. Will definately post some pix soon.

Me, sharon, shala, afung, and one kaypo old friend, kiong -.-'' went to tutong yesterday coz i wanna buy some new stuff for the bedroom. There's lotss that i would love to buy but i dont want my dad slaying my head off. T.T so anyway, we went back home and continue adding the design.. and once again, one kaypo ppl take the brush and start to cat like some expert. but so ugly. T.T ruin my bedroom only.

I wanna thank some people here:
Sharon- for buying me stuff and helping around. (i know u actually lazy help de XP)
Shala- for carrying the heavy stuff and giving wierd opinions lol
A Fung(koko. ew, this is wierd lol)- for helping to cat, very nice, i like. =D and oso allowing me to become the lamp post.. hee paiseh xD

and lastly i wanna thank...
MYSELF! huahahaha i'm the best foreman. xD

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