November 11, 2008

Floating~ sigh...

Akay, i think i'm nearly finished with my to-do list. Lets see...

1. Clean my wardrobe (CHECK)
2. Clean my cupboard (CHECK)
3. Clean sharon's room (half a CHECK)
4. Clean shala's room (half a CHECK)
5. Do the laundry.

hmm.. so far so good. Oyeah, i heard the trip to temburong costs around $75, but its not confirmed yet coz our school might decide to subsidise too. it would be from the 8th to 10th december. I've never really been to such remote places so i have no idea what i should bring. T.T

Having maths extraclass for my 3-days break. Nooo!! -.-'' 2hrs of puremathematics torture for 3days in a row. sad, huh?

Guess what? Roger federer lost to Gilles simon! again! T.T why oh why is he doing this to me... sigh.. oh well, i still support him though xD

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