November 13, 2008

Icienso y vela

Stomach's doing summersaults...
Leg's aching like hell...

Dance classes were sizzlin' recently. Me and kaeli thought it'd be fun if we booked the night classes for ourselves.. muahahaha its like we can choose whatever music we like and the dance tutor will be the choreographer and she'll make up some moves for us. Then we'd have a complete song and a complete dance for it. Much much easier than having to choreograph for ourselves.

if u don't watch tennis, you can stop reading.

Roger won! xD He's damn lucky coz stepanek wasn't using his own racquet, socks and even contact lenses! lol... i kinda feel sorry for him though, coz he's vacationing at Thailand when he got the call. ah well, i guess one should always expect the unexpected. The way i see it, i think roger ain't playing his top game. i know he could do so much better. dunno lah.. i don't think i'll ever understand.

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