November 19, 2008

itsy bitsy

I think i'm going for a checkup tomorrow at seria with ame and nyetchee. This trip to temburong thingy has brought me nothing so far... unless u mean trouble, inconvenience and cost. sigh. it better be worth it. -.-''

Oyeah, ive been watching gossip girl recently... hehe... so nice oh, can say its one of my favourite. the bitchy people, innocent people and not to mention the hot people... very very interesting. =D haha... the plot is good too. Sharon bought supernatural dvd yesterday. finally, man! ive been waiting for years lol... sam... sigh...<3s... haha

I started to play this game again, goldensun2: the lost age. i know it aint the latest game around but i like it. thanx, siong! for lending me ur pendrive twice just coz i dont geddit the 1st time. you just made my holidays brighter! xD Huahahaha... so many things to do, so little time. which is kinda why i didn't do my maths homework. and dont forget the dance classes everyday.

about that, at first i thought that dance class is totally fun. but now that i'm going there everyday, it feels kinda boring. you know the feeling when its about time u have to attend tuition class? the dread? yeah.. kinda like that. like im going to tuition or what. haha..

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