January 31, 2011

Liese Bubble Hair Color, a haul and a New Cam!

Hey people!

I'm so glad I get to write up another post before going back to the miserable Female UBD hostel but luck is with me today when I got this text from my Mandarin class lecturer saying that tomorrow's class has been postponed to next week! EEkkk!!! That's the only class I have for tomorrow so... Nyahahaha

I recently dyed my hair with Liese's Bubble hair color in the shade 'Sweet Pink' which I got last December during my trip to KK. I bought that coz I wanted something different this year by which I meant a different hair color. I always dyed my hair DIY style with the box and stuff and I normally need to use 2 boxes of dye since my hair is kinda long. I guess.

Just to be safe, I bought two boxes of Liese's bubble hair color.

The usual stuff

Me eating my marshmallow while waiting for the time to pass. Pls don't mind the ugly t-shirt. I know you own one too. ;) I probably shoulda removed my eye makeup properly dammit

I didn't know I have this much hair on my head. lmao

I ended up using only 1 box of the dye. Yes, one! For all the yummy bubbles above, one box is more than enough. I'm impressed haha coz my hair isn't exactly short... Special thanks to Sharon who is patient with me and so awesome. Here's how my hair looks like the night after:

Awesome or what?

I didn't expect the color payoff to be this good coz I've read some reviews before trying this out and most reviews mentioned that the color payoff is terrible and that the dye wears off. I have no idea how true this is coz it has only been a day after but I hope that's not true! My hair texture is still the same but I think I will need to really condition it more regularly though...

But please be warned if you wanna try this product out. The ammonia will choke you. That's how strong it is.

Anyway, here's my little haul for today... I don't know what happened, I can't control myself.

I got the seaweed toner again coz mine is at the hostel now and I desperately needed one. Turns out this particular line from the Body Shop is made for me! :P (Oily and Combo skin) so I got the facial exfoliator and cleanser as well (Exfoliator at 50% off). Haven't had a good scrub on my skin for too long... The lip gloss I got at 30% off, and the nail polishes and remover from TFS costs BND9.90 (Combo promotion or something).

Revlon Super Lustrous at Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Aren't they gorgeous???! I really like how they have different shades of velvety and shimmery lipsticks but all which are so creamy and moisturizing!

And my favourite purchase of the day:
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W320

Yay! Never again will I beg from Sharon to borrow her camera just to take some shots for my blog posts. (E.g. My Skin79 BB Cream post) :P Goodbye Panasonic Lumix... *waves*
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January 30, 2011

Weekend fun

Hey guys!

Wow... a week huh? What happened to my new year's resolutions?? Lmao Truth is I was caught up in my own little world... floating around in my safety bubble. :D

Someone (Ehem... you know who you are.. hehe) borrowed me another one of Sophie Kinsella's books, which is starting to become one of my favourite authors of all times just because all the books that I've read written by her are really easy to read. I think they call it 'light reading'. And I love it coz it's so easy to read it took me an average of one day to read each of her books. That's how light it is!

And the latest one that I've read by Kinsella is:

A definite must read. You won't regret it, trust me. ;)

The one my mom got for me, Remember Me? Also by Kinsella's pretty good as well! Totally made me burst out laughing. Actually, all her books made me laugh in one way or the other. :D

Also went shopping yesterday with James and Sharon and we went to Excapade at Times Square! Here's my lunch:

Fish Porridge.

I know it looks yummy. (At least it did to me) But don't let it fool you. Honestly, it ain't that good. I think their fried rice taste better. I guess Japanese porridge means rice drowning in soup.

Haru Maki! One of my favs.

James and Sharon!

And me! cough* The third wheel cough* cough*

Please don't mind my super powdered neck. I'm actually using the antiseptic powder or something. I caught something at the female hostel I have no idea what it was, some sort of rash I guess. One call to my mom and she had my dad sent me home right away. Ahh my mom's awesome! :D

Not a pretty sight. Plus it's damn itchy!
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January 23, 2011

Just living my life

Hey guys!

Ahh... I feel so MIA in the blogging world. No, of course I'm not lazy! (Yea right) I guess I'm just tasting the world where no blogs live. It was harsh I have to say haha Please don't ask me what I have been up to!!! Okay fine I'll tell you :D

We made sushi! :P There are actually 3 other plates of assorted sushi haha It was my mom's idea I have no idea what wind blew her but yeah it was fun! And some of them might look a bit unappetizing but that's coz they're the end part of the sushi... they need some good lovin' too!

Met up with some of my friends as well at the hostel.


Ajim doing the box dance

Ley looking at me with hatred. Awww she's so sweet! (-__-)

Happy sunday people!
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January 16, 2011

My first BB Cream! *SCREAMS*

Hey people!

Today's topic is all about... Skin79's Hot Pink BB Cream. Ehem... I wonder how many of you girls out there has tried BB Creams coz before this, I have never used any of them before. I think I once blogged about wanting the Skin79's Hot Pink BB Cream but I never got around to buy it. So all these times all I used is Foundation... and more foundation.

But look what I got here now!

Hot Pink BB Cream by Skin79! Loves.

Now I don't know about you but the only thing I do know about BB Creams is that they were invented especially for those people who did plastic surgery or have any type of surgery done on their faces and needed some sort of healing cream and somehow, evolution took place and BB Creams are born! Thank Goodness.

Nyahahaha I'm gonna use you, Hot Pink BB Cream!

Yippie! I'm so glad Skin79 opened stores here in Brunei coz now that they are here, I won't have to worry about buying the fake ones or being ripped off by other sellers which I knew will happen if the 'Big boss' ain't here. haha You can easily spot their stores in Seri Kiulap Mall and The Mall, Gadong.

I was actually planning to take some pictures and just blog about the product when Ain came over to my house to hang out and I thought; Hey, Why not?! So let me present to you...

Super combo Hot Pink BB Cream models! wtf lolol (Pls don't mind my eyebags fml)

So, here we are before...

Ain observing my naked skin which is flawed with uneven skin tone, acne scars, more acne, discoloration with veins visible beside my chin and of course, eye bags. Ugh

Here's to give you an idea about the texture and colour of the BB Cream. As you can see, it blended perfectly even when I applied it to my hand! Awesomeness.

Time to test the product out on our pretty faces... hehe...

"A little bit for you..."

"And more for me... *evil laugh*"

"Must put nice nice so can look hot."

The finished product:

Okay so maybe we over posed a little bit but as you can see, the BB cream blended with our skin perfectly! Now for those of you who has seen us in real life before, you know that Me and Ain both have VERY VERY different skin tones. I'm at least 2-3 shades darker than Ain. But I still think the BB Cream worked well on both of us! Awesomeness.

More pictures:

Did you noticed our dark circles are gone?

Or that our skin look flawless? Nyahahaha!! Behold, the power of Skin79's Hot Pink BB Cream! (I think this particular BB Cream is the most popular one among the rest.)

Gone is the uneven skin tone, gone is the acne scars, gone is the discoloration. GONE GONE GONE! *screams*

Needless to say, I'm very impressed. What I like about it is also the fact that it felt really light on my skin in comparison to the usual foundation that I use and that makes me feel good about myself coz it makes me think that I'm letting my skin breathe. :P

Ain likes it too. :D

Now of course, you might think "Is this product really all that good?!" For one, my skin is extremely oily and I did try using the product once without any powder on top of it to set it as I thought since this product is meant for combination/oily skin, it should be alright if I just use it alone.


You NEED the powder to set it. When I use it alone, about an hour later my face is extremely greasy! Skin79's Hot Pink BB Cream tend to leave your skin looking dewy after you applied it which I'm not a big fan of. I like the Matte. So what I do is set it with a mineralized MATTE loose powder and Voila! Problem solved. :D

I wouldn't say this BB Cream is full coverage though. I think it's medium coverage but that's alright for me coz a girl is allowed to be seen a little flawed. ;)

P.S.: Yes, it was really on my head. And by the way, I didn't edit ANY of the photos I took above k!

If any of you girls uses the Skin79's Hot Pink BB Cream as well, do let me know how it works out for you yeah. :D

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January 13, 2011

Hungry for a movie

Hey people.

I just remembered how boring the hostel usually turns out to be. Gahh get me outta here!!

I finished reading 'Thirteen reasons why' and surprisingly a lot of people, I found out, like that book. I have to admit, it's a pretty good one. One of those realistic ones which COULD actually happen to someone somewhere. I actually finished the whole book in 24 hours (technically), that's how good it is!

Anyways... the movie Dinner for Schmucks disappoint me. It got so annoying I actually fast forwarded a huge chunk of the movie just so it could skip to the point. I was so excited about it initially coz Steve Carell was in it and of course, Paul Rudd who I believe I have seen in several movies before but just couldn't remember which ones.


With this new semester, I'm glad I saw a lot of my friends again and I am quite excited to be sharing lectures and tutorials with them although I'm kinda disappointed that I wasn't able to sign up for a particularly important course but ahh the hell with that. I'll just suffer next sem.


I guess that's about it. This year, I wanna be able to ride the flow. Okay, I know I'm not making any sense but I feel like accepting whatever that's coming my way and... that's a good thing right? :P Actually I wanna thank Ain (ehehe you always kana feature at my blog posts ah! ;D) for saying to me earlier before the semester starts...

"Dare to be different."

4 simple words, powerful when combined.

Me this morning trying to look fresh even though I slept at 3am last night.
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January 9, 2011

Back at hostel

Hey people.

Yes, I am currently back in the female hostel tonight. I don't have much time to blog but I figured I should do it anyway, as part of my new year's resolution. *ehem* haha so anyways, I knew I will be bored in the hostel and instead of staring at the ceiling like I always did in the past, I brought a storybook with me!

My mom just got me 'Remember Me?' by Kinsella when we did a little shopping earlier 'in order to encourage her children to read'. Thanks mom, you're the best. ;D HAHA and look what I got myself to accompany me through all the lonely nights in the hostel. Say hi to... '.....' Okay I'm thinking of giving it a name... HAHA haven't thought of any yet :P

As if the hostel needs any more monkeys :P

A super cute beanie beads (or something like that) monkey!! So fucking cute! AAaaaahhh

My favourite part of the room. loves. Hm... I should've removed the price tag lmao

A random pic I took of Stephen at HuaHo Bunut.

Bye people.
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January 8, 2011

The start of another semester

Hey guys. Just a short post tonight.

I slept at about 3.30am last night and woke up at 6am this morning. So... that's 2.5hours of sleep right there. I feel like a zombie as I drag my feet across the cold mosaic floor towards my bathroom.

After showering I dragged myself back to my room and got ready and put on some makeup. Yes I can't believe I even had the energy to put on makeup. I didn't realize this but it struck me when I camwhored. Haha sampat...

My eyes mad swollen. And I looked awesomely horrible.

Blame it one the late night skyping with Shala and tweeting with Ain and Jim! :P Okay I did read a really good book too... haha and I did some last minute packing for the hostel at 2am fml

Some of my stuffs.

Let's hope next week's gonna go well for me. I NEED IT TO. Oh, and my new year's resolution to be happy consistently? It can go to hell. Been having a bit of problem with my modules right now. Seriously, what's wrong with the old system prior to GEN NEXT?
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