January 13, 2011

Hungry for a movie

Hey people.

I just remembered how boring the hostel usually turns out to be. Gahh get me outta here!!

I finished reading 'Thirteen reasons why' and surprisingly a lot of people, I found out, like that book. I have to admit, it's a pretty good one. One of those realistic ones which COULD actually happen to someone somewhere. I actually finished the whole book in 24 hours (technically), that's how good it is!

Anyways... the movie Dinner for Schmucks disappoint me. It got so annoying I actually fast forwarded a huge chunk of the movie just so it could skip to the point. I was so excited about it initially coz Steve Carell was in it and of course, Paul Rudd who I believe I have seen in several movies before but just couldn't remember which ones.


With this new semester, I'm glad I saw a lot of my friends again and I am quite excited to be sharing lectures and tutorials with them although I'm kinda disappointed that I wasn't able to sign up for a particularly important course but ahh the hell with that. I'll just suffer next sem.


I guess that's about it. This year, I wanna be able to ride the flow. Okay, I know I'm not making any sense but I feel like accepting whatever that's coming my way and... that's a good thing right? :P Actually I wanna thank Ain (ehehe you always kana feature at my blog posts ah! ;D) for saying to me earlier before the semester starts...

"Dare to be different."

4 simple words, powerful when combined.

Me this morning trying to look fresh even though I slept at 3am last night.
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