January 16, 2011

My first BB Cream! *SCREAMS*

Hey people!

Today's topic is all about... Skin79's Hot Pink BB Cream. Ehem... I wonder how many of you girls out there has tried BB Creams coz before this, I have never used any of them before. I think I once blogged about wanting the Skin79's Hot Pink BB Cream but I never got around to buy it. So all these times all I used is Foundation... and more foundation.

But look what I got here now!

Hot Pink BB Cream by Skin79! Loves.

Now I don't know about you but the only thing I do know about BB Creams is that they were invented especially for those people who did plastic surgery or have any type of surgery done on their faces and needed some sort of healing cream and somehow, evolution took place and BB Creams are born! Thank Goodness.

Nyahahaha I'm gonna use you, Hot Pink BB Cream!

Yippie! I'm so glad Skin79 opened stores here in Brunei coz now that they are here, I won't have to worry about buying the fake ones or being ripped off by other sellers which I knew will happen if the 'Big boss' ain't here. haha You can easily spot their stores in Seri Kiulap Mall and The Mall, Gadong.

I was actually planning to take some pictures and just blog about the product when Ain came over to my house to hang out and I thought; Hey, Why not?! So let me present to you...

Super combo Hot Pink BB Cream models! wtf lolol (Pls don't mind my eyebags fml)

So, here we are before...

Ain observing my naked skin which is flawed with uneven skin tone, acne scars, more acne, discoloration with veins visible beside my chin and of course, eye bags. Ugh

Here's to give you an idea about the texture and colour of the BB Cream. As you can see, it blended perfectly even when I applied it to my hand! Awesomeness.

Time to test the product out on our pretty faces... hehe...

"A little bit for you..."

"And more for me... *evil laugh*"

"Must put nice nice so can look hot."

The finished product:

Okay so maybe we over posed a little bit but as you can see, the BB cream blended with our skin perfectly! Now for those of you who has seen us in real life before, you know that Me and Ain both have VERY VERY different skin tones. I'm at least 2-3 shades darker than Ain. But I still think the BB Cream worked well on both of us! Awesomeness.

More pictures:

Did you noticed our dark circles are gone?

Or that our skin look flawless? Nyahahaha!! Behold, the power of Skin79's Hot Pink BB Cream! (I think this particular BB Cream is the most popular one among the rest.)

Gone is the uneven skin tone, gone is the acne scars, gone is the discoloration. GONE GONE GONE! *screams*

Needless to say, I'm very impressed. What I like about it is also the fact that it felt really light on my skin in comparison to the usual foundation that I use and that makes me feel good about myself coz it makes me think that I'm letting my skin breathe. :P

Ain likes it too. :D

Now of course, you might think "Is this product really all that good?!" For one, my skin is extremely oily and I did try using the product once without any powder on top of it to set it as I thought since this product is meant for combination/oily skin, it should be alright if I just use it alone.


You NEED the powder to set it. When I use it alone, about an hour later my face is extremely greasy! Skin79's Hot Pink BB Cream tend to leave your skin looking dewy after you applied it which I'm not a big fan of. I like the Matte. So what I do is set it with a mineralized MATTE loose powder and Voila! Problem solved. :D

I wouldn't say this BB Cream is full coverage though. I think it's medium coverage but that's alright for me coz a girl is allowed to be seen a little flawed. ;)

P.S.: Yes, it was really on my head. And by the way, I didn't edit ANY of the photos I took above k!

If any of you girls uses the Skin79's Hot Pink BB Cream as well, do let me know how it works out for you yeah. :D

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  1. I wanna try one! Maybe when I get back during the summer. hehe.. But then again, I'm not much of a fan of bb creams.. will this one change my mind?

  2. Honestly, before I tried this one I was kinda skeptical about BB creams as well coz I've heard from reviews that some may look greyish on the skin or whatnot but this particular one changed my perspective on BB creams forevarrr!! Hahah over. :P But if ure doubtful you can always try the sample one first before actually deciding if you want to buy the full size one. :D



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