January 30, 2011

Weekend fun

Hey guys!

Wow... a week huh? What happened to my new year's resolutions?? Lmao Truth is I was caught up in my own little world... floating around in my safety bubble. :D

Someone (Ehem... you know who you are.. hehe) borrowed me another one of Sophie Kinsella's books, which is starting to become one of my favourite authors of all times just because all the books that I've read written by her are really easy to read. I think they call it 'light reading'. And I love it coz it's so easy to read it took me an average of one day to read each of her books. That's how light it is!

And the latest one that I've read by Kinsella is:

A definite must read. You won't regret it, trust me. ;)

The one my mom got for me, Remember Me? Also by Kinsella's pretty good as well! Totally made me burst out laughing. Actually, all her books made me laugh in one way or the other. :D

Also went shopping yesterday with James and Sharon and we went to Excapade at Times Square! Here's my lunch:

Fish Porridge.

I know it looks yummy. (At least it did to me) But don't let it fool you. Honestly, it ain't that good. I think their fried rice taste better. I guess Japanese porridge means rice drowning in soup.

Haru Maki! One of my favs.

James and Sharon!

And me! cough* The third wheel cough* cough*

Please don't mind my super powdered neck. I'm actually using the antiseptic powder or something. I caught something at the female hostel I have no idea what it was, some sort of rash I guess. One call to my mom and she had my dad sent me home right away. Ahh my mom's awesome! :D

Not a pretty sight. Plus it's damn itchy!
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