November 30, 2009

First day of work

Heyy people. Sorry for the lack of enthusiasm but my first day of work just sucked the life out of me.


There's a lot of things that I don't understand. Heck, I don't even know how the phone works there. Luckily I wasn't expected to pick up phone calls today. Coz I sure as hell won't know what to do or say. Like, "Hello?? Help me!!" I really wish I could say that to whomever calls.

Everyone's pretty busy, considering that the holidays are already upon us. Which is why I should work harder as they won't have time to really teach me these things coz they're busy themselves.

Have I told you? I'm working in a travel agency.

Oh yeah, I had Sushi. Again. But it was fun while it lasted. =P Then Sharon picked me up and we went to James's house and I tried out his massage chair. It felt pretty good! But it makes me sleepy and I vaguely remember Sharon chatting away to herself in the car while I snoozed.

And guess what? Sharon found a strand of white hair on my head! Like wtf man... It goes from yellow (bleached hair) from the tip to brown (my natural colour) to white!! Most likely to start growing from the past 2 months. A'level. And now this!! I think work is more stressful than studying.

Because I'm constantly under stress the whole day.

And now I'm tired.


Spartans get tired too, don't they? Well I guess this spartan has had enough for today. Till next time people.

Much Love, Shely

November 27, 2009

A day in my shoes

Hey people. Let's get straight to the point, shall we? =)

I went to Bandar today. Thian Hao, driver. Then there's me, Amy and Wei Kang. Met with Sheau Hui, Maria, Jessyana and Nicole at the Mall but they've already booked tickets for 'Christmas carol'. So long story short, we ended up watching Ninja Assasin.


Lots of sound effects, CGs, rain, and blood.

I only knew that we walked around a lot. Both my feet were skinned badly. It hurts. Doh! Haha... I was to blame coz I used high heels. Then I noticed that the more I walk, the more I get used to it and I guess it felt pretty okay. Pain is sometimes good too.

Hm... I went out at 11am and just got back at about 8.30pm? There's nothing to do really. And I've spent a total of about $45. Not bad, considering that me and Amy had to pay for both ours' and Thian Hao's + Wei Kang's food at excapade Sushi. The boys are too 'manly' to pay for theirs. =.="

And surprisingly, I didn't buy anything!! Told ya I'd save as much as possible! =)

Sorry no pictures. I'm not the type. I did manage to take one picture at the cinema before the movie starts:

By the way, avatar seems interesting!

We did not watch 2012 because Amy had seen it 3 times and she sulked whenever we mentioned that 4 numbers. =/ I really wanna watch that though... =(

I just remembered how painful it can be to let water and soap run down skinned feet. Now it looks red and raw. Sigh... I gotta do something about it before next monday coz I really need my feet! xD

Gonna be off to bed soon. My eyes looked messed up huh? =P

By the way, let me just retweet this.

RT @pinkydiamonds LOL HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! well it's not like I read your blog anymore anyway... XD

Thanx a lot Jim. Wahhhhh so sad aa... =(

I'll post my most 'manly' post soon. Still need to think about it. Great idea though!

"If I were the sun,
Could I connect with someone's heart,
As the rain unite,
The eternally separated earth and sky?" - Bleach

Much Love, Shely

November 23, 2009

Essence of beauty brushes

Guess what, Girlies? I ordered my first set of REAL brushes! Haha... If you've read my older posts, I've told you that all this while I've been using very cheap brushes. Like... very. HAHA :P

They're CVS's brushes. If you didn't know, CVS is like... Guardian. Except CVS produce their own makeup brushes called Essence of beauty. It's quite cheap really, but our Brunei currency is weaker against the US's so it makes them look a lil' more expensive. And don't forget the shipping and handling costs. =(

Here's some pictures of the ones I ordered:


I have to say though, I couldn't find any nicer pictures than the above ones. I mean... shouldn't they at least take better promo pictures for their products. =/ Ah well, not my place to argue but it makes my post looks untidy today.

And of course mummy hasn't forget about you, my baby Sigma brushes! (Okay, I totally sound like I'm outta my mind =.=")

I'll definitely order this. In a month or two. Teheehee~

Omg I'm so freakin' GREEDY!!

And I won't order directly from their website here. Because that would cost me BND 120. Instead, I'll just order from this pretty lady who orders them in bulk. By bulk, I mean 30 sets.

The reason is because...

It would cost me BND 15 less!! You get me?! Which means that I would have to pay only BND 105 instead of BND 120!

Awesome, right? I know~

Okay, you're probably going, where the hell is this pretty lady?!? I gotta find her NOW!!! Nyeh heh heh...

Click HERE to order from her. If you want to, of course. =)

So, that's about the brushes... Anyways, I went to Bandar last weekend and got myself this pretty elastic belt from Bingo. And the saleslady told me that I only need to purchase BND50 to get their permanent membership card! Sigh... next month, hopefully. :P

Costs BND 12.90.

I bought like a few pairs of shoes too from Cartino Sonea. As usual. And got the membership card! :D But to get that, you have to pay another BND 5. =.=

This one costs BND 30 +. Don't remember exactly how much. I know my legs look super awkward! You know how hard it is to take pics of your own feet?? Sigh... I need more practice.

LOL. This one is even worse!! Hahahaha I sucked at this!

Oh and this one is in the section where they wanna clear off the stocks so it costs only BND 20! Great find, eh? hehe

But I feel like MANY people buy their shoes from Cartino Sonea so I bet there are hundreds out there with the same pair of wedges as mine! T.T

Shala told me about this website which ranks your blog/website on a rank of 0-10. My blog got a 2/10!! I know that it's pretty low but heck, Ryan Seacrest's ranked 6/10! So I'm pretty happy about mine. haha... Get yours ranked too HERE~! Oh and don't worry, it's free.

As you can see, I applied for Google Adsense already. I hope it works. =)

Much Love, Shely

November 20, 2009




I didn't know freedom taste this sweet. :)

Now all there's left to do is enjoy. Before Hell starts again.

Much Love, Shely

November 18, 2009

A haircut and rojak post

Time for an update I guess.

Hi Girlies!! So a lot has been happening to me this couple of weeks and I don't know whether to be happy or regretful... I should be happy coz the problem about my bank book has been solved! Yes dear, there's something wrong with my bank account and this has been going on for about a year now and I finally found the courage to face it. A big thanx to those who helped me and gave me advice! Though I didn't listen to you... at all... :P

It's... PICTURE TIME!! yay~

Me and Sharon before my haircut. There's actually someone else beside me but I dare not post it here coz that someone would kill me if I did.

Yes, you're right. It's Shala. hahaha xDD

Taken when the Saloon girl/hairdresser is working on my hair... OMG... Eyebags!!

Sharon, Me, Mum and Shala

Oh and have I told you I had a stalker following me around?? I was hunting at Guardian while this creepy person took a photo of me and I didn't even realise it!

If you look closely, I was actually drooling hahaha xDD

And I also bought these last night. Aren't they cute!!? OMG I'm so gonna bling something! (Have no idea what yet but still...) The colours are just so babyish and girlish. :D

My mum got me the blinged sticker. Still have no idea where to stick it...

If you followed me on twitter, I mentioned something about my mum interested in makeup once again. She said it was really fun shopping for them xDD You go Mum! hahahaa... I recently bought a liquid eyeliner and she really liked it and wanted to get one too but it's out of stock at the mo. So she got this really awesome Gel liner!

Maybelline's Gel liner and L'oreal's liquid liner. Maybelline's cost about BND20 and mine's a few dollars cheaper. But I think I like hers more than mine... =(

Here's the swatch.

L'oreal's on the left and Maybelline's on the right. The Gel liner creates a thicker line and it smudges really nicely, perfect for a smokey touch of eye makeup. Mine creates a really thin and precise line but I sucked at using it so it's not really precise for me. More like all over the place.

Maybelline's Gel liner comes with a brush too!

Front view

Side view

It's quite flat and thin so the application is quite easy. The downside of this product is that Gel liner gets dry after awhile and so we have to clean it after every use to prevent the brush from getting dry and hard. Just like a paint brush when you didn't wash it.

Anyways, if you girlies are thinking of buying one of these, I recommend the Gel liner! :P Just don't forget to buy a bottle of brush cleaner too!

I've been visiting eBay again lately and I think Imma get the NYX Jumbo pencils in Milk, Pots & Pans and also Black Bean.


Anyone interested can order it from eBay here.

I've posted this before but... I just wanna show you guys another product I've been wanting to try:


Anyone interested can order it from eBay here.

Last but not least... falsies!!


It's cheap! USD 1.19 for 10 pairs! Order it here.

See? I'm such a good person, sharing. :P

Much Love, Shely

November 12, 2009

A lil' vain today

WARNING!! All images below is me. Do not stare at it for too long if you got a WEAK STOMACH!!

Heyy people!
So today's post is gonna look a lil' full-of-myself. But what the heck, it's MY blog and I can post ANYTHING I want, right?? RIGHTTTTTT!

So I sat for my Economics paper 4 today and it was HELL!! Especially section A which I have no idea exactly what the hell it expected me to answer. *Curse* Then everything that happened after that turns better haha... coz...

I went to Bandar! Whooo~ going out always cheers me up! :D

Went to pick Shala up from UBD and here's us at Jaya Hypermart waiting for our food:

I look like a boring person... Dang.

Then I got myself a couple of much needed new clothes and a new bag! All for free! Hehe Thanx mum and dad. ( Not that they are ever gonna read this but it makes me feel better :P) Then we went over to HuaHo in Bunut and I saw this cutie and couldn't resist not taking a pic with it:

So cute!! (And of course I meant the giraffe! DOH.)

That's all.






Yeah, right.

Haha xDD And then ah... I think I'm gonna cut my hair tomorrow and HOPEFULLY I'll be able to dye it. Though I don't think it'll happen... I wanna dye the colour reddish brown. Or honey brown. Hm... dunno which is better.

Bye bye bleached hair! Ya going DOWWNN!! I hate you coz you're too dry for my taste!

And I had fun playing tonight with...

These lil' things. Haha... Make up should be considered as a fun game girls play!

I was thinking of the party actually, the venus-mars party or something for the Pre-U. If I'm not mistaken, the 'rule' states that whoever's attending should be at least wearing one thing which is RED or WHITE. So... I tried to come up with something using makeup! Yay! =.="

I know it doesn't look red at all! Aiyah... Do you know how hard it is to find red eyeshadow??!

Close up:

I hate my juling eyes.

The colours I used. It's actually white + cherry pink + dark purple + a lil' bit of black.

Yeah I know... looks very unprofessional. But it's just for fun ma. Come on. Haha... I gotta get me some Sigma brushes!! Part-time job, can you hear me?!

Okay, I noticed that many have started looking for part-time jobs so... GOOD LUCK!! xD

This picture is totally unnecessary but I just wanna post it since Shala has already taken it. Don't sayang bah... :P

Much Love, Shely

November 10, 2009

My 88 matte palette

Hey girlies! So this is just gonna be a quick update.


My dad went to the post office in Seria this morning to get me my 88 matte pallete! I thought I was gonna be super excited today but as it turns out, I'm too busy worrying about my B.Studies Paper 3 to even think about that! haha... I know. Weird.

I think this year's November paper is easier compared with last November's paper 3 because... this year, there's no Network Analysis! Yeah, you're probably going, "WTF is network analysis?!?" Believe me dear, I have no idea too!

Okay, enough with this chit chat. Let's get straight to the point!!

The package. I got it like that because the officer at the post office asked my dad to open it. They wanna make sure that it's not drugs! Or whatever.

Just wanna show you the size of the palette. That's a Brunei 50 cents coin by the way.

Tadaa~ I know the colour looked washed out and boring but trust me, that's not true. My w810i's camera sucked. And I don't have a good camera with me.

Close up. This is much better.

So, what do you think? Is it worth buying off ebay?? :P Can you believe 9 of them broke and 21 of them fell out?! It was a freakin' mess when I got it. My table is literally covered with eyeshadows and so is my hand and clothes. But you probably couldn't see it from this picture. It looks almost perfect. haha

Oh well, the package did stamp a couple of 'Fragile' on it but I guess those mailmen don't give a freakin' damn coz these stuff ain't theirs to play with! Jealous much??! xDD

Oh and one more thing, it took 13 days to arrive from Hong Kong to Brunei.

For those of you who is a customer of Q4Geo, you probably knew that they're now selling these lil' cuties:

Aren't they cute?? :D

The one on the left is mine. Hahaha mine mine MINE!! Omg I love it so much :) The one on the right is Maria's. Hehe sorry ah I take a photo of it...

Go here if you wanna get yourself one. Or two.

Sigh... so close, yet so far away~

Much Love, Shely

November 6, 2009

James Jean

Okay I've been obsessed with James Jean's art recently. He's like the most freakin' A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. artist Evarrr!! And I came to know about him from googling Prada's fairy bag, which is actually one of James Jean's creations. It's not new, it's actually released last year. And I've also posted the pictures of the bag before.

But let me show you again so we can be clear about how AWESOME he is! (Isky bah..)


Sigh... I swear Imma get my hands on em someday. loves.

Naturally, I'd wiki this James Jean person to find out more about this James Jean person... I guess. Haha =,= And much to my pleasant surprise, he's a Taiwanese-American living in LA, USA. Judging from his art, he's abviously an award-winning artist!

And all the pretty Fables comic covers you've seen before? James Jean too! :D

Here's some of his art. They're wallpapers so go ahead and help yourselves I guess, if you want to.





Hm... I noticed that I haven't post anything about my life recently. It's all these jumble of things which I love. Well since you're already here let me give you an update.

1) I have yet to sit for 4 more papers for my A' level. Pure TORTURE!!

2) My nose itch.

3) For some reason, so does my elbow. Weird. =.=

4) I'm still waiting for my item. It's been 10 days. Damn the lousy service!

5) Uhh... I'm bored.

6) I want the latest Blackberry tour, no want Blackberry Bold 9000 anymore :P

7) I want to watch Jennifer's body and 2012 and New moon. (Just to see the difference between that and twilight.)

8) I dislike the song Only you by 2pm.

9) I am scared of next Friday.

10) Cya bitches!! loves.

Much Love, Shely


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