November 1, 2009

What's new?

There are so many products that I wanna try in the future and some of em are these fragrances. These aren't new by the way. =/


They are Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers. I think I've seen them being sold at the mall on the 3rd floor I believe. But I wasn't aware they were Gwen Stefani's. Ah well, who cares? They look so adorable!! And if I remember it correctly, they smell pretty good too! Gotta try those out!

*Adding Harajuku Lovers to my wishlist* Nyeh heh heh... xDD

Oh and... Anna Sui released a new fragrance too! It's called Rock me!


The packaging is so Anna Sui! But I love it. :D I wonder whether it smells as good as the rest of Anna Sui's fragrances...

Silky Girl released their own collection not long ago.

Sporty, Cool, Stylish and Funky. Click image to enlarge.

P.S.: These pics do NOT belong to me. Got them from their official website here.

On a totally different note, look at these heels!


Totally crazy heels! It looks like it's gonna snap off any minute but hey, it's Louis Vuitton's Fall collection of 2009. Never underestimate the power of heels! Haha... wth am I saying...

Another pair of their boots from the Fall collection.

It's always fun to see what these fashion people come up with every season coz originality is their top priority and trying to come up with originality every single time is just brain wrecking. Brain wrecking. hm.. *Googling brain wrecking...*

OK fine. It's brain RACKING. hahaha whatever.


So Hot.

Anyways, I'm still waiting for my package. I actually told my sis, Shala to drive me to the post office yesterday just to check if my item has arrived. And I went home sad. and EMPTY HANDED. Erggghhh what is wrong with the people huh? BOOOO!! It's been almost a week!

ehem... Maybe I should learn to be a lil more patient.

Much Love, Shely

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