November 23, 2009

Essence of beauty brushes

Guess what, Girlies? I ordered my first set of REAL brushes! Haha... If you've read my older posts, I've told you that all this while I've been using very cheap brushes. Like... very. HAHA :P

They're CVS's brushes. If you didn't know, CVS is like... Guardian. Except CVS produce their own makeup brushes called Essence of beauty. It's quite cheap really, but our Brunei currency is weaker against the US's so it makes them look a lil' more expensive. And don't forget the shipping and handling costs. =(

Here's some pictures of the ones I ordered:


I have to say though, I couldn't find any nicer pictures than the above ones. I mean... shouldn't they at least take better promo pictures for their products. =/ Ah well, not my place to argue but it makes my post looks untidy today.

And of course mummy hasn't forget about you, my baby Sigma brushes! (Okay, I totally sound like I'm outta my mind =.=")

I'll definitely order this. In a month or two. Teheehee~

Omg I'm so freakin' GREEDY!!

And I won't order directly from their website here. Because that would cost me BND 120. Instead, I'll just order from this pretty lady who orders them in bulk. By bulk, I mean 30 sets.

The reason is because...

It would cost me BND 15 less!! You get me?! Which means that I would have to pay only BND 105 instead of BND 120!

Awesome, right? I know~

Okay, you're probably going, where the hell is this pretty lady?!? I gotta find her NOW!!! Nyeh heh heh...

Click HERE to order from her. If you want to, of course. =)

So, that's about the brushes... Anyways, I went to Bandar last weekend and got myself this pretty elastic belt from Bingo. And the saleslady told me that I only need to purchase BND50 to get their permanent membership card! Sigh... next month, hopefully. :P

Costs BND 12.90.

I bought like a few pairs of shoes too from Cartino Sonea. As usual. And got the membership card! :D But to get that, you have to pay another BND 5. =.=

This one costs BND 30 +. Don't remember exactly how much. I know my legs look super awkward! You know how hard it is to take pics of your own feet?? Sigh... I need more practice.

LOL. This one is even worse!! Hahahaha I sucked at this!

Oh and this one is in the section where they wanna clear off the stocks so it costs only BND 20! Great find, eh? hehe

But I feel like MANY people buy their shoes from Cartino Sonea so I bet there are hundreds out there with the same pair of wedges as mine! T.T

Shala told me about this website which ranks your blog/website on a rank of 0-10. My blog got a 2/10!! I know that it's pretty low but heck, Ryan Seacrest's ranked 6/10! So I'm pretty happy about mine. haha... Get yours ranked too HERE~! Oh and don't worry, it's free.

As you can see, I applied for Google Adsense already. I hope it works. =)

Much Love, Shely

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