November 12, 2009

A lil' vain today

WARNING!! All images below is me. Do not stare at it for too long if you got a WEAK STOMACH!!

Heyy people!
So today's post is gonna look a lil' full-of-myself. But what the heck, it's MY blog and I can post ANYTHING I want, right?? RIGHTTTTTT!

So I sat for my Economics paper 4 today and it was HELL!! Especially section A which I have no idea exactly what the hell it expected me to answer. *Curse* Then everything that happened after that turns better haha... coz...

I went to Bandar! Whooo~ going out always cheers me up! :D

Went to pick Shala up from UBD and here's us at Jaya Hypermart waiting for our food:

I look like a boring person... Dang.

Then I got myself a couple of much needed new clothes and a new bag! All for free! Hehe Thanx mum and dad. ( Not that they are ever gonna read this but it makes me feel better :P) Then we went over to HuaHo in Bunut and I saw this cutie and couldn't resist not taking a pic with it:

So cute!! (And of course I meant the giraffe! DOH.)

That's all.






Yeah, right.

Haha xDD And then ah... I think I'm gonna cut my hair tomorrow and HOPEFULLY I'll be able to dye it. Though I don't think it'll happen... I wanna dye the colour reddish brown. Or honey brown. Hm... dunno which is better.

Bye bye bleached hair! Ya going DOWWNN!! I hate you coz you're too dry for my taste!

And I had fun playing tonight with...

These lil' things. Haha... Make up should be considered as a fun game girls play!

I was thinking of the party actually, the venus-mars party or something for the Pre-U. If I'm not mistaken, the 'rule' states that whoever's attending should be at least wearing one thing which is RED or WHITE. So... I tried to come up with something using makeup! Yay! =.="

I know it doesn't look red at all! Aiyah... Do you know how hard it is to find red eyeshadow??!

Close up:

I hate my juling eyes.

The colours I used. It's actually white + cherry pink + dark purple + a lil' bit of black.

Yeah I know... looks very unprofessional. But it's just for fun ma. Come on. Haha... I gotta get me some Sigma brushes!! Part-time job, can you hear me?!

Okay, I noticed that many have started looking for part-time jobs so... GOOD LUCK!! xD

This picture is totally unnecessary but I just wanna post it since Shala has already taken it. Don't sayang bah... :P

Much Love, Shely

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