November 6, 2009

James Jean

Okay I've been obsessed with James Jean's art recently. He's like the most freakin' A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. artist Evarrr!! And I came to know about him from googling Prada's fairy bag, which is actually one of James Jean's creations. It's not new, it's actually released last year. And I've also posted the pictures of the bag before.

But let me show you again so we can be clear about how AWESOME he is! (Isky bah..)


Sigh... I swear Imma get my hands on em someday. loves.

Naturally, I'd wiki this James Jean person to find out more about this James Jean person... I guess. Haha =,= And much to my pleasant surprise, he's a Taiwanese-American living in LA, USA. Judging from his art, he's abviously an award-winning artist!

And all the pretty Fables comic covers you've seen before? James Jean too! :D

Here's some of his art. They're wallpapers so go ahead and help yourselves I guess, if you want to.





Hm... I noticed that I haven't post anything about my life recently. It's all these jumble of things which I love. Well since you're already here let me give you an update.

1) I have yet to sit for 4 more papers for my A' level. Pure TORTURE!!

2) My nose itch.

3) For some reason, so does my elbow. Weird. =.=

4) I'm still waiting for my item. It's been 10 days. Damn the lousy service!

5) Uhh... I'm bored.

6) I want the latest Blackberry tour, no want Blackberry Bold 9000 anymore :P

7) I want to watch Jennifer's body and 2012 and New moon. (Just to see the difference between that and twilight.)

8) I dislike the song Only you by 2pm.

9) I am scared of next Friday.

10) Cya bitches!! loves.

Much Love, Shely

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