November 10, 2009

My 88 matte palette

Hey girlies! So this is just gonna be a quick update.


My dad went to the post office in Seria this morning to get me my 88 matte pallete! I thought I was gonna be super excited today but as it turns out, I'm too busy worrying about my B.Studies Paper 3 to even think about that! haha... I know. Weird.

I think this year's November paper is easier compared with last November's paper 3 because... this year, there's no Network Analysis! Yeah, you're probably going, "WTF is network analysis?!?" Believe me dear, I have no idea too!

Okay, enough with this chit chat. Let's get straight to the point!!

The package. I got it like that because the officer at the post office asked my dad to open it. They wanna make sure that it's not drugs! Or whatever.

Just wanna show you the size of the palette. That's a Brunei 50 cents coin by the way.

Tadaa~ I know the colour looked washed out and boring but trust me, that's not true. My w810i's camera sucked. And I don't have a good camera with me.

Close up. This is much better.

So, what do you think? Is it worth buying off ebay?? :P Can you believe 9 of them broke and 21 of them fell out?! It was a freakin' mess when I got it. My table is literally covered with eyeshadows and so is my hand and clothes. But you probably couldn't see it from this picture. It looks almost perfect. haha

Oh well, the package did stamp a couple of 'Fragile' on it but I guess those mailmen don't give a freakin' damn coz these stuff ain't theirs to play with! Jealous much??! xDD

Oh and one more thing, it took 13 days to arrive from Hong Kong to Brunei.

For those of you who is a customer of Q4Geo, you probably knew that they're now selling these lil' cuties:

Aren't they cute?? :D

The one on the left is mine. Hahaha mine mine MINE!! Omg I love it so much :) The one on the right is Maria's. Hehe sorry ah I take a photo of it...

Go here if you wanna get yourself one. Or two.

Sigh... so close, yet so far away~

Much Love, Shely

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