January 25, 2009

Feeling much like giving up


Sorry for the lack of updates. Ever since the debate thingy, I kinda forgot that I actually have a blog. Sad, huh? I worry too much. Lol… anyways, I have a feeling that after this post, it might be a while before another one comes along.

The next debate for us, which is due next Wednesday is entitled ‘This house believes that education is not everything’. And I’m standing on the opposition side. I’m soooo glad I wasn’t chosen to debate!! xD ever since that embarrassing moment when I actually agreed with my opposing team, I doubt that sir Gavaghan would ever let me debate again.-ever. Ah well, lets all hope that it stays that way. So now, I’m just gonna sit back and watch the pros do their thang. Muahahaha… =D

Year of the ox- 2009


Chinese New Year. Yeah… and I’m not allowed to request for a few extra days of holiday. T.T where has all the spirit gone?? I’m definitely not feeling it. Haha… No big, really, coz CNY comes by every year. Same old thing every time; new clothes, new decorations, more hands shaking and even more pouring of drinks and smiling to everyone you see.

I do wish to watch the lion dance though. The lion dance is probably the most enjoyable time of CNY. For me. Coz I’ll know that there would be trucks visiting your home on the first or second day of CNY and there’ll be a short performance. AND… I get to see my friends who I know would be underneath the lion costumes. It has really been a while since I last saw them. xD

You know, I feel like I don’t have a life outside school. Although my friends did invite me to go out and have some fun with them, I’m just not feeling it. Again and again, I’d say no. I bet it won’t be long before they gave up entirely and decide not to invite me out -ever again.

So basically my daily routine is to go to school, come home, take a nap, shower, go to dance class, come home, shower again, do some homework while listening to songs and finally, sleep. Yeah, I do that everyday ever since the school reopens. And come to think of it, I don’t really mind doing that. Coz it’s kinda boring too when all you ever do is hang out with friends every week and watch movies and stuff.

This post is getting long. Haha… I guess I’ll just stop here. Till next time. Adios.

January 15, 2009

Freaking out here

Wow. When’s the last time I updated? I lost track of time. xD

Actually, I’ve been really busy recently. Too busy to update. Heck I don’t even have the time to scratch my nose. -_-“ I’ve only been getting around 4hours of sleep everyday and I’m damn exhausted. School work, homework, assignments to hand in… Sheesh. Give me a break man.


Anyways, we had the debate meeting yesterday and all I know is that I’m the worst debater that has ever existed. Seriously, I feel like shit when I stood there in front of everyone and I swear I heard someone snoring while I’m standing there with a big ‘L’ stamped on my forehead...=.=

Okay, maybe I exaggerated a lil’ but still… debating is so not my thing. Unless you mean debating with my sis on who’s doing the next house chore. I’d probably lose that one too. T.T Ezzati said I’m like a news reporter….. *crash* (That’s my heart shattering by the way) Plus………. I was chosen for the next debate along with 11 others for next Wednesday. !@#$%^&$*^% shit shit shit!! Might as well send straight me to hell. Dammit.

I think the school library really needs some changes. They couldn’t even get the internet to work and I noticed that some of the desktops still have plastics wrapped around them. Like DUH. Why not just put a bit ‘FOR DISPLAY ONLY’ sign on it. And I think that some students don’t even dare to ask the librarian if they could use the desktop or not. What with her face looking like she’s ……….. whatever. No point complaining.

January 7, 2009

I’ve been quite busy for the last couple of days. As expected, Ms.Tor threw a bunch of work at our face on the first day and I can’t seem to have enough time for anything. =(

Thanx to Syeeda, I’ve finished reading Breaking Dawn. I hate and love that book in so many ways. She also gave me stories of ‘Shopaholic’. I haven’t read it though, but I have a hunch that it’s gonna be great. =D

Bugsy on top of Sandler's head. xDDDD

The movie ‘Bedtime Stories’ is just I expected it. I loooove Bugsy!! He’s so cute! I just wished that such creatures really do exist. xD haha… I’m so looking forward to the movie:

1) Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

2) Harry Potter and the half-blood prince

3) New moon

4) The Pink Panther 2

5) X-Men Origins: Wolverine

6) Night at the museum 2: Battle of the Smithsomian

7) Fast & furious

This year’s movies are just mind-boggling! But the A’levels are coming…..DamnDamnDamn….

In just a few weeks, CNY would be celebrated and I felt kinda queasy just thinking about it. One thing I hate about CNY is becoming a hostess. Ugh.. Hope that I won’t have to go through that again this year.

Oyeah, I’ve been thinking… and I really wanna go to Japan! Ms. Emisa(Eco tutor) told us about her wonderful trip last year with the other lucky students. It was snowy then and they had to pick oranges from orchards! Haha.. It really make me wanna go there (and study, hopefully) So eventhough my chances are slim, I’m gonna be looking out for scholarships from the Japanese Embassy haha I’m nuts! No harm in trying right?

January 3, 2009


Cherry Blossoms are my latest craze. Can't help it. They're sooo pretty! ^^ But i prefer the ones with 5-petals. Here's some images i found, betcha like them too. =D

From images.google.com

From images.google.com

I was watching the movie Big Stan’ yesterday when I realized that there’s this guy who really looked like Jasper Hale from ‘Twilight’. And I found out it’s really him. Haha… Coz his face is hard to miss in ‘Big Stan’. He’s the best-looking guy there. =P So, here’s a few shots of him from the movie.

He looks wierd here with that hair! His eyes are beautiful though =)

yea, u rock baby! (pronounced baybei =D)

Cute, huh? I know, I know. xD

Anyways, me and my family went to Bandar a few days ago for some last minute shopping since school’s bout to reopen. Here’s what happened… (Like how ‘Monk’ used to say xD)

Yeah, i know. How unfortunate can u get -_-"
Expert at work. haha...

Here’s some other random shots of the last few days of 2008

Sparkling things #_# from pizzahut

Shala looking out for hunks! xD
Bored while waiting for dad to fix the car....

A new beginning

2 more days left before school reopens... T.T it felt like my holidays haven't started yet though. i wonder if i could keep up with all the school work which would be thrown in my face sooner than i thought.

oh well... you gotta do what you gotta do, right?
And by the way,

Crap. =.=


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