January 15, 2009

Freaking out here

Wow. When’s the last time I updated? I lost track of time. xD

Actually, I’ve been really busy recently. Too busy to update. Heck I don’t even have the time to scratch my nose. -_-“ I’ve only been getting around 4hours of sleep everyday and I’m damn exhausted. School work, homework, assignments to hand in… Sheesh. Give me a break man.


Anyways, we had the debate meeting yesterday and all I know is that I’m the worst debater that has ever existed. Seriously, I feel like shit when I stood there in front of everyone and I swear I heard someone snoring while I’m standing there with a big ‘L’ stamped on my forehead...=.=

Okay, maybe I exaggerated a lil’ but still… debating is so not my thing. Unless you mean debating with my sis on who’s doing the next house chore. I’d probably lose that one too. T.T Ezzati said I’m like a news reporter….. *crash* (That’s my heart shattering by the way) Plus………. I was chosen for the next debate along with 11 others for next Wednesday. !@#$%^&$*^% shit shit shit!! Might as well send straight me to hell. Dammit.

I think the school library really needs some changes. They couldn’t even get the internet to work and I noticed that some of the desktops still have plastics wrapped around them. Like DUH. Why not just put a bit ‘FOR DISPLAY ONLY’ sign on it. And I think that some students don’t even dare to ask the librarian if they could use the desktop or not. What with her face looking like she’s ……….. whatever. No point complaining.

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