December 29, 2011

2011's resolutions.

Hey guys!

I was thinking of what to post tonight and remembered that I posted something regarding my 2011's new year resolutions earlier this year. I've forgotten a few of them #epicfail but then again, I'm never big on fulfilling new year's resolutions even though I make new ones every year. Guess we shall see which ones I actually kept to this year!

2011's resolutions:

1) Try to keep my face moisturized daily coz they tend to become dry at some parts and I hate it.
-Did this for the most part! :D Though on some days my skin can be really stubborn.

2) Study hard. Doh

-Can never be satisfied with this no matter how hard/not hard I study. #fail

3) Remember to cut my toenails wtf

-Nope. Didn't fulfill this one either. oops

4) Drink more water

-50/50 on this one. I'm good with this as long as there is always a water bottle laying around which is within my eye sight lol

5) Update my blog as frequently as possible
-Did this one through and through! haha I tried to organize what to post and stuff. I guess the most important part is to have something to blog about then you're ready to go! I've actually been blogging more this year compared to last year so all's good.

6) Smile at strangers more instead of glaring at them
-I tried my best with this one. Hate it when they just stared back fml

7) Be happy consistently
-This one is impossibru so I didn't even try. I'm human I need to feel all the emotions! eseh.

Guess that's about it. This year has been pretty awesome. Somewhat like a roller-coaster ride. Here's to wishing 2012 brings an even more epic year to our lives!

p.s.: Went to 9gag's website for the first time last night. Ended up browsing for hours in the middle of the night. Why I so outdated one?!!? FFFFUUUUU

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December 26, 2011

Christmas and the day after!

Hey guys!

How was your Christmas? Spent mine cooking, dining and watching movies with the family! Secret Santa was a success and mom suggested upping the price of the gifts for next year. This year is actually the first time we played this Secret Santa thing so Shala decided to go for the simplest $10 budget rule. I think everyone got each other awesome gifts!

Listening to mom's stories during dinner. Table was overflowing with food lol

Prepared this just for the fun of it!



Dad and mom

I dunno what is this wtf

Sharon and James sporting similar Santa hats!

Shala explaining what to do next before exchanging gifts. We are that noob.

Dad opening his gift. Purposely chosen pink colored wrapping paper for him with lotsa love lol

My gift for Sharon

Dad's gift for James. Pink again!! HAHA

Shala got a 4gb pendrive!! And it costs less than $10. So awesome!

Love this one! I pick one. *proud*

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas this 2011!!


Earlier we decided to go for some Japanese cuisine with the cousins because new year is approaching and that means... back to school/university/institute for everyone! So I guess this dinner is a symbolic way of preparing ourselves for the year to come wtf :p

I've always had a love-hate relationship for this time of the year because even though it's exciting to mark the end of a year whilst welcoming a new year in life, it does mean another year gone by like *snaps fingers* that. I'm grateful for this year though because I finally got my car license! wtf two years of procrastination... Also a lot of good things happened around me this year so I really appreciate 2011! I guess it's time to write up a new list of new year's resolutions! ;D

Anyways, pictures!

tsk tsk... kids these days aah..

Fried bread with ice cream fillings. I er.. don't recommend this.

Sharon and Stephen

Suicide hair roll inspired by Amy from Karmin!

Fav of all fav!

***Abrupt end of post***
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December 23, 2011

Secret santa & wedding FOTD

Hey people!

How's your week so far? As for me I've been counting down to Christmas ever since the holidays started thanks to Shala who came up with the idea to play Secret Santa in the family! We've decided to exchange $10 gifts on Christmas just for the fun of it! I understand that Christmas is actually a religious holiday and though I'm not a christian or what, we take it as an initiative to celebrate the holidays! Believe it or not we usually cook quite festively during Christmas time!

Enjoy the holidays while it last, people! ;)


Earlier this week I had the opportunity to attend a wedding in KB and I wanted to try something new with my eye shadows. Ended up not doing anything differently -__- but!! I did manage to use Urban Decay's blackout eye shadow *pats self on back* Blackout is an intense matte black eye shadow and thus far, the last time I used a black eye shadow was more than a year ago! I was THAT afraid to use it wtf coz personally I don't think black shadow looks good on mono-lidded eyes like mine :'(

Final look

Also used Revlon Colorstay foundation this time around which I haven't picked up since a long long time ago just because it's pretty thick in comparison to other normal foundations. I thought I preferred the more ehem.. 'natural' look which doesn't conceal as much spots on my face as Revlon Colorstay does. But since I'm going to a wedding dinner, of course must look extra polished!! wtf.. Hence the foundation fml Anyways, my point is, I'm starting to love the full coverage again! hahaha

Urban Decay eye shadow in Blackout w/ swatch

Close up.

On my face:

Laneige Make-up primer
Revlon ColorStay foundation in Early Tan
MAC StudioFix in NC40
MAC bronzing powder in Bronze

On my eyes & lips:

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
The Balm Shady Lady Vol. 2 in Devilish Danielle & Insane Jane
Urban Decay eye shadow in Blackout
Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on eye pencil in Zero
Maybelline Volum' Express mascara in Feline Black
MAC lipstick in Bubblegum
Etude House Peach water gloss in Strawberry Milk

Shala & meeee
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December 19, 2011

MAC Viva Glam Gaga I

Hey guys!

It's confession time... I have a thing for lipsticks wtf Anyways, I've always wanted to try the MAC Viva Glam Gaga I when it first came out a couple of years ago but I never got the chance to get it and somewhere along the way I've kinda forgotten that I even wanted it. To my pleasant surprise I realized that the color is quite similar to one of Etude House's lip glosses! So if you don't wanna go the extra mile just to get yourself the lipstick you can just pop in to Etude House and purchase the lip gloss instead!

MAC Viva Glam Gaga I (Light blue pink -Lustre)

MAC Viva Glam Gaga I

Pretty similar eh? ;D

I have on Etude House's Strawberry Pink lip gloss on top of the MAC VGG.

I don't know why but I tend to go for light colored lipsticks and sometimes wearing them made me look sick but I still wear them. (stubborn much?) However one of my favourite things to do is to pair them with heavy eyeshadows. :D or as heavy as I can get them to be...

Love the packaging!
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December 15, 2011

Winner of my blog holiday giveaway!

Hey guys!

The holiday giveaway on my blog has been going on for over two weeks now and had closed just 5 minutes ago! Are you as excited as I am as to who the winner is??!

Using random.org



You have just won yourself 10 makeup items! Have fun! :D

P.S.: I wanna thank everyone who has supported and joined this giveaway. I'm really happy with how it turned out because I wasn't sure at first if many people will like what I have to give away. Hopefully I'll be able to host another giveaway in the future and may the prizes be even better! ;D
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I have to pick another winner as the email address provided by Erra is an invalid email. Hence I generated another winner. Congrats to Ana! Please reply my email asap! :)


Unfortunately Anna isn't from Brunei so congrats once again to Tiera Affandy who won! Third time's a charm eh? ;D

December 14, 2011

Skin79 New Vital Orange BB Cream

Hey people!

If you don't already know, Skin79 Brunei launched their new Vital Orange BB Cream a few weeks ago which was also in conjunction with their 1st year anniversary and there was this crazy sale going on and people were buying, browsing and everything. It was huge! I was also given the chance to try out their new and improved Vital Orange BB Cream!

Vital Orange BB Cream

New Vital Orange BB Cream and the original version, Hot Pink BB Cream


Mmm... Liquid gold!

Just to compare the bottles, both look similar except for the colors (Doh) as well as the metallic color at the top. Vital Orange has a liquid gold pump whereas Hot Pink has the silver pump. Personally I preferred the liquid gold. ;) Makes the product look richer! Also, I noticed that the lettering on the Hot Pink tend to wear off over time. Hopefully the lettering on the new packaging of Vital Orange wouldn't!

I first tried this product during the sale and the first thing I noticed about the Vital Orange BB Cream was that the color pleasantly look more similar to that of a foundation. If you are an avid user of both BB Creams and regular foundations, you would have noticed the colors between the two varies in the sense that BB Creams tend to appear a little more grey-ish. Good thing is that Hot Pink oxidizes and will blend into the skin nicely after a short while.

From above, Vital Orange appears to have the color of a regular foundation, meaning to say we wouldn't need to wait as long for the BB Cream to oxidise to our skin tone and will not look as grey-ish as the Hot Pink when you first put it on! Amazing or whaaaatt?? Honestly I was quite surprised at how dissimilar these two products are based on the color alone!

As for the texture, it is extreeeeemeeely creamy and super easy to blend! And you don't need much trust me!! The first time I used it I pumped out the same amount as I would have when I used the Hot Pink BB Cream but as it turns out, it was too much I looked like a ghost! Vital Orange is very pigmented and the coverage can be medium to Ultra FULL depending on how much you use. It covers redness around my nose and lips as well as the visible veins on my face effortlessly! (P.s.: My face is not as scary as you think...)

Before and after Skin79 Vital Orange BB Cream

My face's skin tone has always been darker than my neck and I always find it hard to find a suitable foundation shade because I don't want the color between my face and my neck to be even more different that it already is. Vital Orange is a fairly light color so it helped even out my skin tone nicely! Unfortunately I don't think Vital Orange suits people with darker skin tone because the shade is simply too light for darker skin.

Before and after Skin79 Vital Orange BB Cream

Vital Orange also has an enhanced SPF50+ in comparison to Hot Pink which has SPF25. I usually put on sunscreen under BB Creams for extra protection so I guess that's even better lol Overall I'm very happy with Vital Orange BB Cream! It doesn't smell weird; in fact I think it's fragrance free? It blends good, covers good and is an overall excellent quality BB Cream. Only downside is that it might not suit darker skin-tone individuals.

Skin79 Vital Orange BB Cream retails for BND$53.90. It is by far the most expensive BB Cream I have ever owned! However if you know me, the price of a face product should not really matter even though it may be expensive as long as the quality of the product lives up to the price because remember people, we are putting this on our face! But of course, if you are still a student or if you think the price is a little out of your budget, you can always try the Hot Pink version which retails for BND$39.90. I'm actually quite surprised at the difference between the two prices! (Difference of BND$14!!) Vital Orange also comes with elements that protect our skin from the harsh environment and you can click here to find out what they are. ;D

Of course, as with any other products, make sure you remove them properly by the end of the day before bed! I normally double-cleanse. :)

Be sure to check out Skin79 Brunei's facebook HERE!

Skin79 Vital Orange BB Cream
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