December 26, 2011

Christmas and the day after!

Hey guys!

How was your Christmas? Spent mine cooking, dining and watching movies with the family! Secret Santa was a success and mom suggested upping the price of the gifts for next year. This year is actually the first time we played this Secret Santa thing so Shala decided to go for the simplest $10 budget rule. I think everyone got each other awesome gifts!

Listening to mom's stories during dinner. Table was overflowing with food lol

Prepared this just for the fun of it!



Dad and mom

I dunno what is this wtf

Sharon and James sporting similar Santa hats!

Shala explaining what to do next before exchanging gifts. We are that noob.

Dad opening his gift. Purposely chosen pink colored wrapping paper for him with lotsa love lol

My gift for Sharon

Dad's gift for James. Pink again!! HAHA

Shala got a 4gb pendrive!! And it costs less than $10. So awesome!

Love this one! I pick one. *proud*

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas this 2011!!


Earlier we decided to go for some Japanese cuisine with the cousins because new year is approaching and that means... back to school/university/institute for everyone! So I guess this dinner is a symbolic way of preparing ourselves for the year to come wtf :p

I've always had a love-hate relationship for this time of the year because even though it's exciting to mark the end of a year whilst welcoming a new year in life, it does mean another year gone by like *snaps fingers* that. I'm grateful for this year though because I finally got my car license! wtf two years of procrastination... Also a lot of good things happened around me this year so I really appreciate 2011! I guess it's time to write up a new list of new year's resolutions! ;D

Anyways, pictures!

tsk tsk... kids these days aah..

Fried bread with ice cream fillings. I er.. don't recommend this.

Sharon and Stephen

Suicide hair roll inspired by Amy from Karmin!

Fav of all fav!

***Abrupt end of post***
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