December 29, 2011

2011's resolutions.

Hey guys!

I was thinking of what to post tonight and remembered that I posted something regarding my 2011's new year resolutions earlier this year. I've forgotten a few of them #epicfail but then again, I'm never big on fulfilling new year's resolutions even though I make new ones every year. Guess we shall see which ones I actually kept to this year!

2011's resolutions:

1) Try to keep my face moisturized daily coz they tend to become dry at some parts and I hate it.
-Did this for the most part! :D Though on some days my skin can be really stubborn.

2) Study hard. Doh

-Can never be satisfied with this no matter how hard/not hard I study. #fail

3) Remember to cut my toenails wtf

-Nope. Didn't fulfill this one either. oops

4) Drink more water

-50/50 on this one. I'm good with this as long as there is always a water bottle laying around which is within my eye sight lol

5) Update my blog as frequently as possible
-Did this one through and through! haha I tried to organize what to post and stuff. I guess the most important part is to have something to blog about then you're ready to go! I've actually been blogging more this year compared to last year so all's good.

6) Smile at strangers more instead of glaring at them
-I tried my best with this one. Hate it when they just stared back fml

7) Be happy consistently
-This one is impossibru so I didn't even try. I'm human I need to feel all the emotions! eseh.

Guess that's about it. This year has been pretty awesome. Somewhat like a roller-coaster ride. Here's to wishing 2012 brings an even more epic year to our lives!

p.s.: Went to 9gag's website for the first time last night. Ended up browsing for hours in the middle of the night. Why I so outdated one?!!? FFFFUUUUU

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