January 2, 2012

The invisible shelf dilemma and a Book: The White Queen

Hey people!

First of all, Happy new year to all of you out there! Hope you enjoyed spending your first day of 2012 with friends/family!

If there can only be one new year's resolution that I can make, I'd wish that I could read more this year! I have always been fond of books but never found it worth my pocket money before, especially during my secondary years where I really begin to love reading books more and more. Thank God for school libraries which kinda helped me save money + read as much as I'd like. lol I remembered that we can only borrow a max of 2 books per week during secondary school if I'm not mistaken and I'd read and exchange them for different books every few days.

That habit broke last year when I started UBD. I didn't even bother to borrow any books from the library during my first semester because I didn't know how to use the automatic machine which records books that I borrow and I'm too shy to ask for help wtf So I started buying them instead. Good also lah I mean I can buy the book that I actually wanna read rather than browsing and borrowing for books that I 'might' only like.

So for now I have my books stacked up against the wall on my desk. I'm thinking to get a shelf or something and James suggested making this awesome looking 'invisible shelf'.

Up up and away

The awesome-looking invisible shelves

I'm still thinking whether or not to go ahead and do this. Yes it's gorgeous and all but it also means drilling holes into the wall! And I'm not sure if I want holes in my walls... What if I move the furniture around and the shelves needed to be taken down leaving ugly holes?? It does look pretty though... *pulls hair*

On another note, I'm almost done reading The White Queen and I do think it's a better book than The Red Queen simply because the main character in The White Queen is more likable. However both books speak of the queens' lives during the 14th century and the love of power and wealth, obviously as it was during the cousins' war. As much as I hate the chapters describing the war, the rest is pretty remarkable, depending on how much you like books like these.

The White Queen by Philippa Gregory

I think the people in the past lives strange lives. For example, Elizabeth (The White Queen) has to face Warwick (King's cousin) in court and smile and talk to him even though he is directly responsible for her father's and brother's death and everyone knows it. Geez..I feel like I'm reading a book AND learning history at the same time haha p.s.: The books are non-fiction in the sense that all the characters really exist in the past and fiction because there is fantasy in it such as when Gregory wrote of Melusina, a being who is fish from the waist down. Google it :p

Check this book out if you're interested in vintage stories. It makes you think of how much the world has changed and what it would be like if you were to live in that era! ;)
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