January 12, 2012

The Suicide Hair Roll

When I first saw Karmin's cover of 'Look at me now' by Chris Brown featuring Lil Wayne, all I remembered thinking was: Damn... that voice!... Damn... that HAIR!!

If you don't already know, Karmin is a band. More like a music duo really, of two awesome people; Amy and Nick. And most of the time you will be able to spot Amy wearing the Suicide Roll which looks really pin-up-ish and extremely cute on her! Her being super gorgeous helped too, of course. :p

Amy from Karmin (source)

She posted up a tutorial on youtube as well explaining to us the step-by-step for this hair style!
Here's the video:

I tried it out coz when I watched it she made it seems so easy! Took me a good 4-5 tries and much frustration and swearing later I managed to make it look at least 1/100 similar to hers wtf

I tried it out that night after Christmas last year. Read about it here.

What I noticed was that she meant it when she said you need a lot of hair spray. And also a lot of hair lol My hair is very fine so it's definitely a lot harder to make it look as voluminous as hers did! Even after teasing it doesn't really work fml

Try this out if you haven't already! It's a ton of fun especially since you can basically wear this on an everyday basis if you want to. It's not too much and it's not boring!


  1. looks great! can't tell you used a lot of spray, don't think i would be able to do it with my hair since my hair is really really fine.

  2. Yeah i guess for us with fine hair we'll need more hair to create the same effect! :/



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