January 10, 2012

Moving back to the dorm

I just moved back in to the hostel yesterday morning and decided to write up a blog post last night. So I carried my laptop and stuff from the second floor (My dorm room's on the second floor btw) to the resource room on the ground floor. The air-conditioner didn't seem to be working but obviously I can't do anything about that so I plugged in my laptop and...

The internet is effed up. Again!

Geez guys. Do something about your wifi. I mean, come on! How to be in the Top 50 Universities in Asia when your wifi isn't even working wtf

I had to set my alarm last night in order to wake up early in the morning to shower and walk to the library just to update my blog. Guess where I am now?

Ahh... the things that I do for my blog. :p

Anyways, I decided to spruce up my room this semester. Last semester I printed motivational quotes and stuck 'em all over my room. Things like "Enjoy life." and "Dare to be different." This semester however I used this:

Definitely makes the room less dull! I shall put up more of these next week. ;)

Also went to Giant yesterday as Jessie wanted to get some groceries. Was surprised to find this in Giant!

Circle lenses!

They sold mostly Geo lens, both the normal 14mm and 15mm ones. There are various series that they are selling and I also noticed that they are selling lens with degrees! How bout that?! Some of them are BND$18 and some are BND$10, depending on the brand and I'm assuming these are authentic because they look exactly like those that I bought before. And they also have these 'Authentic stickers'.

I think these were also by Geo. The Mimi Cafe Series.

Geo Mimi Cafe Series in Macchiato. I think they are 15mm wide.

Click to enlarge!

I can't wait to try those out! I'll do a review. Maybe. :)


  1. geo lens for $18? isnt it abit cheap. It might be fake u know. =/

  2. I used to buy them at $20. Can always check at geo's website for the authencity of the lens from the stickers tho. :)

  3. Just realised you removed the annoying chatbox too! Happy New Semester! :p x

  4. Haha yeah. Figured I should remove them once and for all! :p

  5. omg really?? then now me dun need to buy online liao~ wahahha~~ :) so cool~ cant wait to go back brunei and have a look now~!! so many different choices~~

  6. make a review on your circle lens! :D there's another similar shop something like that in mall near iwalk I think.

  7. @pinky: yeah definitely. Go check them out once you're back! :)

    @Rad: Really? I haven't noticed! Will see to it once I go to the mall :) haha yeah I will prob do the review..



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