August 31, 2008

Yawn @.@

I finished using my next week's allowance at bandar today with sharon, shala and ah fung. we went to giant first coz i wanna try the sizzling mee there. man... it makes me miss seria foodstall's kolomee. for those of you who haven't tried it yet, don't. it kinda stinks real bad too..like the burnt smell.. and too salty.. and dry. -.-'' then we just jalan jalan there.. its so crowded man. coz i think this month's salary is out already.

And the grand sale has started too. The things they sell at Ego is quite cheap, including Bingo. Also very crowded. There are so many groups of people wearing all black. Its like someone just passed away or what. -.-'' I know you guys just wanna look cool and stuff but please la.. black is not the only colour you can choose from. So lame.

Went to chong hock again.. muahahaha each of us bought 5dvds so there's like more than 20+ movies waiting for me right now. Please let the holidays come quicker!

Oh yeah. i was praying that there'd be puasa tomorrow but i guess not coz my dad says that its the first day of the month in the chinese calendar. Did you know that you will not be able to see the moon on the first day of the month in the chinese calendar? I'm not sure why but that's how it goes. so.. yeah. i havent do my maths homework and its already 11.43pm. and i need to hand it in first thing in the morning at school. And i haven't do my GP research. tiu..(walao, until that also come out. =P)

why is my life so screwed up? sigh.. i'm going to bed now. and i pray to god that i'll get a good night's sleep. IF i'm able to sleep. SIGH.. ciao.

August 30, 2008


I'm so happie today!! =)

First of all, I only have one hour of class today. Meaning one set, which is maths. Cool right? muahahaha...

Then we found out we have to change to other set. -_- coz Ms.Karen is going already. But then I found out that I need not change along with my other friends. Plus, my dear old old friend is changing to my set! MeiKei...heh heh heh... U better get ready for Ms. Tor!! She's gonna torture u guys like she did us!

Lol...anyways, went to seria to meet up with Sharon after that. So me, Shala and Sharon started out hunt for mobile phones and we found one decent one. Nokia 6120 which only costs $366. Buy tarus. hahaha Its for our dad by the way. He's turning 50 next saturday. Its a 3g phone and have 1gb. Not bad eh? White colour lagi tu!

Nice huh? looks very 'clean'. lol.

And today, I finally changed my template. I've been trying to change my template for years but my damn PC bah... so... yeah. I guess that's about it haha =D

slash my wrist

I have now an official part-time job. I have one every year during the fasting month. No, there's nothing cool about it coz my job is to help my mum. sew clothes. -.- Eventhough i hate it like hell and dread it every year, i ain't complaining coz this boring job actually pays. muahahaha money money here i come! the more clothes you can sew, the more money you earn. its a good thing i grew up around needles =)

I wanna watch the US open but there's something wrong with the damn astro. dammit. Can't believe that Ivanovic, world number 1 in women's tennis, lost in the second round. Embarassing eh.. I like Nadal quite a lot but I'd like to see Federer climb back to the top spot. =/ Its such a shame he lost in 3 of the 4 grand slams this year. Please please let him win this time. As if that'd help >.<

there'd be no GP class for us tomorrow. yay! means that i can go home at 11am.. hehehe (evil laugh) hopefully there's no assembly. its so ridiculous coz basically, we just went down and stood there in rows for 5minutes and went back upstairs. WTF man??!

August 27, 2008


Went to KB chung hwa last Saturday for this 55th anniversary of Chung Lian School. I heard that the ticket was kinda pricey, about $120 each. I was actually asked to perform there with my dear friends as I’m a member of their association. But you know lah, all those homework and stuff. Anyways, it wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be. I’d be going there again on the 6th of September to claim my “Bonus Price” muahahaha…

I did take a few pictures there… Sorry some of the pix are a blur coz I sat quite far away.

Left to right: Xiao Hui, Chen Vun, Li Voon. Aww… I miss em so much!!

Okay, I have to admit. I only recognize Teck kai from here. =P I think Rudny’s behind him though…

Leng Moi Xiao Hui at the front holding the fan and Kaeli behind. ^^ No idea who the aunties are…

These are the teachers who teach at Chung Lian performing Latin dance. I didn’t know Teresa is one of the teachers!

I know it’s a mess. Taken towards the end of the night.

Me and Shala on that night

Overall it was quite fun as I got to see some of my friends whom I haven seen for quite a while. Since Chinese New Year I think.

Cut me open

I fail my eco. T.T Passed the rest though but only barely. sigh.. what a big turn from the first exam. I'd love to hate the teacher but i know I'm the one at fault. so yeah. damned.

I've been watching a lot of movies nowadays. wake up. eat. homework. watch movies. =D i haven't watch The mummy though.. but some say that its kinda dissapointing.

Oyeah.. the june olevel result's out but i heard that many didn't make it. its okay guys.. try, try again.

August 22, 2008


Its been a while since I last updated. Been really busy nowadays. Assignments keep attacking me non-stop. -_-“ Come to think of it, I haven’t hung out with my friends for nearly a month now. And no, I don’t wanna be anti-social. I’m sorry I kept rejecting your offer to hang out. (yikes) Please let the holidays come faster… T.T By the way, the only paper that I got back so far is only math. And my results sucked big time so I’m not gonna tell.

A few weeks ago, I went to this talk at chung hwa. There’s this guy who lost his arms in an accident when he was younger and man…he’s a damn good artist.

Drawing fishes with his lips.

In the car otw home

These are taken during the exam season… bored to hell I guess

I went to St. Margeret’s for the family fun day too. It was so crowded then. I think that’s because the school is kinda small.

Lol, managed to get this one after a lot of trial and errors

She's singing take a bow, by the way =P

Girls dancing to Whine up

Colourful! =D

Tagged by mich =)

Three Rules to follow. No breaking or even bending of rules.
~ List 15 weird things / habits / little known facts about yourself
~Tag 10 people you know and they are to follow your footsteps and write their own list of 15 weird things / habits / little known facts.
~ No tag backs
1) I use my blanket upside down. I don’t know why…

2) I’m a lil’ afraid of bald people. Especially those shiny ones. They look like bad people =P

3) I never bite my nails. (Is that weird??)

4) I listen to techno songs when I’m pissed. With the volume way up.

5) My eyes are very unbalanced. One is higher than the other.

6) I once pierced my lips. I wasn’t me when I did it.

>7) I’m left handed but I use the scissors with my right hand. (The structure of the scissors gave me no choice.)

8) I never spent a day without music.

9) My dream is to go to China and shop till I drop.

10) I never liked studying and would like to start working asap.

11) I hate the football jersey.

12) I don't think surgery makes a person fake. It just makes a person more confident.

13) I am not a good friend. but i try to be one.

14) I drink coffee less than 10 times a year. (I've tried coffee+water. It wasn't as bad as I thought!)

15) I used to be the worst child a mother can have. I think.


August 15, 2008

Plastic surgery

I've looked up some photos of korean people who does surgery. The change is UNBELIEVABLE... I know that most of the korean artists nowadays do it though...Its kinda common for them. Here's some pix to prove it.

Honey lee, former miss koreaPark Shi Yeon with repeated nose jobs

Don't worry, I'll start saving for my flight ticket to Korea and the cash for the plastic surgery starting tomorrow. Jia You!! =P

August 12, 2008

Why should I?


An Enemy knows no boundary. They take away things that belong to us. Yet, sometimes the true enemy could end up being one of your closest families. Today, I’m going to write a lil’ something based on a true story which happened more than a decade ago.

He was described as polite and well-mannered. Like a real gentleman. Unlike the usual man who talks too loud or tell lame jokes. She, on the other hand, was just an ordinary teenage girl who lives an ordinary life.

The story starts in a simple Chinese school in Belait. He was her best friend and she was his. They were inseparable and no one has ever seen him without her or her without him. They could be seen hovering over home works or assignments in the morning, walking and eating together in the school canteen and the girl would always go to his house just to hang out with him.

Over at his house, there is also, obviously, his family who lives there. Which include his brother. She was practically like family to him and his family. Naturally, she would chat away with his brother too.

Nevertheless, constant visits from the girl started to stir up some feelings from deep within the brother’s heart as he found himself strongly attracted to her. She too, felt the same way about him. Slowly but surely, the regular exchange of words between the brother and the girl would be accompanied by hints of flirt.

What the girl did not know is that her best friend is also in love with her. Being her best friend makes him happy but he knew that it wasn’t enough. He wanted it to be more than that. Can you picture a love triangle forming? I thought it was like that too.

Sure, he loves her unconditionally. But as he stared into the girl’s eye, he saw that twinkle which would only appear when you are in love. Yes, she’s in love. But not with him. She had fallen in love with his brother. He knew that his brother also have a thing for her. So, with a heavy heart, he decided not to trouble her again. The two best friends then started to drift apart. And not long after, his brother confessed to the girl and they became a couple.

He knew that he won’t be able to face them without breaking his heart all over again. He then lied to his family and friends that he wanted to go overseas to continue his studies. When the truth is that he wanted to get as far away as possible. So far away so that he won’t be able to see the girl of his dreams in the arms of another man. His brother, being the man, makes it even harder for him to bear.

So off he goes, to the other side of the world where he now became part of a religious group. He considered his home country a place where his heart shattered forever. And till this day, he never came back.


You know, I nearly cried when someone told me this story. I noticed that falling in love with your best friend can be expected but you would never know whether he/she, likes you the same way or not. Take this story for example, the guy backs off and let his brother be with her coz he can see that the girl is also attracted to him and he just let her. Some people would just seize the girl before their brother could take hold of her. Know what I meant?

August 5, 2008

Through my eyes


Life for me during my lower secondary years was very uneventful. During form 1, I had to swat mosquitoes from time to time in my classroom early in the morning as my class back then was on the ground floor and the mosquitoes were practically all over the place. Form 2 come and go quickly, but it’s the year where I have this crush on a senior. (Now that I think of it, I have no idea why I like him in the first place -_-“) Sat for the PMB examination in form 3, it’s the year when I had a long-distance online relationship with this guy from Taiwan. (Have no idea where the hell he is now.) I guess we were just trying it out for fun =_=. My family bought me my first hp when I was in form 4. I was so happy then. Form 5 was a blast! I became closer with my childhood friend a.k.a Fatin (I remember playing skipping with her back in primary 2! =D), along with a few of the rest.lol.. Its also the year where I bought my second hp, and… achieve acceptable O’level results! Damn… miss those moments most. =)

Nevertheless, it wasn’t perfect. Just like any other person’s life, my life has been stained by people who ruin other people’s life. Just for the laughs of it. Yeah, believe me, such people do exist. And believe it or not, she’s been around since forever and she’s still here. Sometimes I got so sick of her I get bored. If one day you’re walking and you heard someone laughing (at people) behind you, then it’s her. No one else mocks people the way she does.

I bought Stephen another gift. (Other than the one you use to scratch your back). Haha… cause the more I think of it, that pressie really sucked- big time. So…yeah. Another gift it is.

I don’t think that I’ll be able to cope with maths anymore. Mechanics… man…just not my thing. Ugh, I hate it! Plus, there’s also the fact that I didn’t take Physics this year. My sis told me Pre-u math is a piece of cake. Ms.Tham was her teacher back then and she used to sleep during her class. And here I was hoping that “Great minds think alike”. But I guess not.

August 4, 2008

Creative blogger

(I wonder who create this image)

-The Winner May Put The Logo On His/Her Blog
-Put A Link To The Person You Got The Award From
-Nominate 6 blogs
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-Leave A Message For Your Nominees

The nominees are..

1. Dominique
2. Michelle
3. MoMo
4. Saroja
5. Shala
6. Vance Tan

Extra time

Sharon tied my hair last night. Its not bad but it kinda makes me feel like a dog. Lol. As usual, we started snapping away…

See? What did I told u? =P

Me and my bro. This is actually the 2nd time we took pics together this year.

Shala acting sweet. =D

Me and Sharon..

After taking those pictures, this is the last one I took. Yeah. Bored already.

I looked up some pictures from the internet about animal cruelty. Man… Humans are cruel! Here’s some pictures to show you what I meant


I believe we are the seals here and the baby is the animal we hurt


August 1, 2008

Just believe

''Cause i want to learn, how you save yourself
for someone who loves you for you
so many times we just give it away, to someone who
couldn't even remember your name.''
-lyrics from save yourself by sense field.

This august is gonna be a busy month for me. I hope that i'll go through this month in one piece. T.T

Stephen's birthday is coming up and i really have no idea what to get him... so, i bought this plastic hand thingy which old people usually use to scratch their back. haha.. sorry dude.. but i'm broke right now. look at the bright side, at least you can now scratch your back with ease. =D man, i'm an evil sister haha

i wanna watch 'my bestfriend's wedding'. its kinda an old movie by julia roberts. very sad one.. that's why i love it. =3 falling in love with your bestfriend can either be a good thing or a very bad thing. cause if he think you only as a buddy and nothing else, you're doomed forever. okay, maybe not forever but come on, i bet the feeling sucks. =P

Nasi kangkang

I think i'll be talking about black magic today. yeap. nasi kangkang. me and my friend happen to stumble upon this topic when we were 'nattering'. uiseh, i'm using a new vocab! =P anyways, here's how it works:

usually used by wives with bad intention who wanted to control her husband. by using this nasi kangkang thing, the husband will listen to whatever orders given by the wife. this could lead to the husband being a dumb and stupid person (direct translation from malay)

in order to make nasi kangkang for the husband, the wife would squat over freshly cooked rice, letting the wap reach her private parts (this is the MOST disgusting thing i've ever heard) and would then sweat and the vapour would fall back onto the rice. meanwhile, a bomoh would continuously recite some stuff. the nasi kangkang is then served to the husband.

amazing, huh? i mean, who the hell invented these kinda things?? they're so desperate! and disgusting! i cant help wondering though.... what if the wife is having her period... would the rice be red? yuck! LOL

anyways, i finally went to the perayaan. haha and its about time they close down their stores. i think this year is worst than last year.. they shouldn't separate the stalls. for me lah.. XP saw some smsaians, as usual.. and there's this 'gang' of guys who wore ALL black and caps. there's about 10+ of them. its really funny seeing them coz they seem to think that they are the coolest thing around. the way they walk and stuff. haha..


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