August 22, 2008


Its been a while since I last updated. Been really busy nowadays. Assignments keep attacking me non-stop. -_-“ Come to think of it, I haven’t hung out with my friends for nearly a month now. And no, I don’t wanna be anti-social. I’m sorry I kept rejecting your offer to hang out. (yikes) Please let the holidays come faster… T.T By the way, the only paper that I got back so far is only math. And my results sucked big time so I’m not gonna tell.

A few weeks ago, I went to this talk at chung hwa. There’s this guy who lost his arms in an accident when he was younger and man…he’s a damn good artist.

Drawing fishes with his lips.

In the car otw home

These are taken during the exam season… bored to hell I guess

I went to St. Margeret’s for the family fun day too. It was so crowded then. I think that’s because the school is kinda small.

Lol, managed to get this one after a lot of trial and errors

She's singing take a bow, by the way =P

Girls dancing to Whine up

Colourful! =D

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